TIP 6: Lists don't do you any good.

Things I Love About Her

1) Her quintessential beauty; the fact that she can walk into a room with sweats, no make-up and her hair tied back, and still look like the most beautiful thing in the world.

2) How tough and strong she is; how she seems to brave everything with a held head and a broken smile.

3) How charismatic she is with everyone she meets; how she acts like a grown-up, even when she's upset.

4) How she'd do anything for a friend, even if it meant total social ridicule.

5) The little things, hidden in nooks and crannies, tucked far into forgotten creases.

6) There's an image of her at summer camp in the 7th grade, sitting at the dock alone and documenting into a small notebook, while everyone else is jumping in the ocean.

7) There's that time, moments after Suzie and I broke up, that I rested my head on the crook of Moze's shoulder as she held me around my waist, and I realized that nothing felt safer or truer than being in her arms.

8) There's that moment when she slipped at the ice rink and quickly pulled herself up, smiling and blushing as she skated the rest of the way to me.

9) Then there are her most vulnerable moments; moments I think make me love her because I'm the only one who gets to see them.

10) Moments like when sometimes after school, she would turn up the volume of her favorite Radiohead album, close her eyes tight, and breathe in and out, finding rhythms within the gaps.

11) Moments like when, after being hurt again and again, she suddenly lifts her face up and gives me a slight, as if to assure me that she'll be okay.

12) Moments like when her parents are fighting, and she presses her back against the wall of her door and squeezes her eyes together and wills herself not to cry, and suddenly, I realize that when she hurts, I'm the one who's bruised.

13) Moments like this: when she leans her head on my shoulder, squeezes my hand, and I wonder what on earth makes me feel like I deserve every bit of it.