Dixie Kong was trying to explain her gassy plight to Donkey Kong, who was laughing his head off. Dixie was feeling embarrassed as she continued to fart, unintentionally stinking up the tropical jungle.

"DK, this isn't the time to be laughing at me!" Dixie exclaimed as she shook her arms, shaking her head as she tried to reason with DK.

Donkey Kong continued laughing, placing his left hand over his face as he couldn't contain himself. "I'm sorry, Dix, but I can't help it..." He replied in his Scooby Doo voice while still laughing, "The thought of you farting is too hilarious!"

Dixie blushed more in embarrassment as she held her pink dress down, letting out a loud, deep pitch poot. "Oh gosh, I knew I shouldn't have had those bunken berries Funky warned me about..."

DK stopped laughing as he glanced back down at Dixie, placing his hands on his hips. "Bunken berries? We actually have those on the island?"

Dixie nodded as she continued holding down her shirt. "Yeah, didn't you know? Candy brought a fresh batch a couple of months ago and they started to spread all over the island!" She tooted again as she whimpered, closing her eyes as she began to cry. "Oh, how will I explain this to everyone, let alone Funky... sniffle..."

Donkey Kong tried his best to comfort Dixie as he wrapped his right, hairy brown arm around Dixie, who was crying softly as she farted loudly again.