Tiny Kong's Farting Problem

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: ...again, why didn't I make this years ago?

"Yay! We beat King K. Rool for good!" The young and eager Tiny Kong exclaimed with glee as she took a skip and a hop. She was with the three other Kongs, on the beach of Donkey Kong Island after having beaten King K. Rool again.

Lanky laughed as he hit himself on the head several times. "Heh heh, yeah, dat Kuh rule is deadah dan dead!"

Chunky chuckled as he rubbed his hands together. "Yeah, I'm glad this adventure is over. Let's go back home and relax..."

Tiny Kong's stomach growled loudly, catching Chunky and Lanky off guard. Chunky screamed in horror as he held onto Lanky, who fell on his back. Tiny gasped as she placed both of her hands on her face.

"Oh, why is my tummy making all these noises?" She asked as she blinked several times.

Donkey Kong chuckled as he was holding his coconut gun. "Heh, you know, for a tiny girl, your stomach sure is loud!"

Tiny Kong turned to DK. "Well, I do like eating a lot for a young girl..."

Suddenly out of nowhere, Tiny Kong farted loudly, causing the back of her overalls to be a bit darker. Chunky screamed as he began running towards the ocean in fear. Lanky laughed as he pointed at Tiny, with DK having a shocked expression on his face.

"Where have I seen this before..." DK muttered to himself, referencing another certain fanfic.

Tiny flustered in embarrassment as she placed both of her hands on her butt, letting out another tuba toot. "Oh gosh, I didn't expect this! Excuse me!"

"You know, IN THE BATHROOM!" Lanky exclaimed as he was rolling on the wet sandy shore, laughing his head off louder.

Chunky poked his head out of the ocean's waves. "Did Tiny really let out that loud blast of gas?" He asked as he trembled with fright.

Tiny shook her head as she farted loudly again. "I don't know what's up with me, but all this flatulence must be build up from all the gas I held in the entire adventure!" She sighed as she shook her head, farting again as she closed her eyes. "I knew having the saxophone as my main instrument would backfire on me..."