Tiny Kong farted bassy toots as she was in the tropical dense DK Jungle inside the giant Donkey Kong head on DK Island, still unsure on why she was gassy. She headed right towards Cranky's lab, still letting out loud, deep pitch poots that puffed up the back of her blue overalls, with them not being so light anymore due to how much flatulence it contained within, making them very stinky.

"Oh my gosh, I may be a small monkey, but I got a whole lotta gas! I didn't know I can fart this much for a young lass!" Tiny commented in rhyme as she glanced at her farting butt, her tuba like poot echoing throughout the jungle as she finally reached Cranky's lab.

Cranky Kong was tinkering with his various different potions as he noticed the gassy Tiny Kong entering. He rolled his eyes, having heard Tiny's farts from afar. "Oh, if it isn't the sax player. You couldn't get enough sax from your instrument, so you went and turned your butt into an extra one!"

Tiny Kong farted loudly twice as she blushed in embarrassment, wrapping her arms around the back of her head as her yellow ponytails were blowing from her flatulent outbursts. "Oh come on, Cranky, don't be so cranky. I really need some help!" She exclaimed, her high pitched voice contrasting with her deep pitched flatulence.

Cranky murmured as he rubbed his chin with his right hand after adjusting his white lab coat, slowly nodding his head while thinking of something that would benefit him. "Hmm... I can help, but you'll have to pay, of course..."