I did this for three different challenges. WitAngerandBravery's Hunger Games Quote Challenge: the quote I used here is "Anything else?" "While I was waiting... I ate your lunch." Think My Name Is Funny Do You's ABC Fanfic! No Deadline! I got Prompts: "Morning" "Aftermath" "Yummy"

Character: Neville

Place: Kitchen
Lastly I did this for willowscribe's Quotes Challenge. I used, "Free advice is worth the price." This is kind of short for me but I couldn't think of much. I added a OC named Myra. Enjoy!

Neville Longbottom sat in his kitchen in the flat he lived in. He did not expect her to be awake that morning due to working late the previous night. She was an Auror who asked to stay with him while she was trying to find a place to live in Great Britain. Myra was like the aftermath of a tsunami, a mess. Myra like doing things her own way The way she did things were quite disorganized and sometimes it would annoy Neville when he saw her doing things that concerned him. He decided to go outside and tend to his garden that had begun to flourish from his care, his garden was small but that didn't matter to him and size garden was fine to him. When he came back in he sat down to eat a particularly yummy piece of cake from a birthday party he went to the other day.
Later that day he came into the kitchen and made lunch enough fro Myra and himself. A couple minutes into making lunch a owl tapped at the window. W hen he opened the window the owl stuck out it's leg to show a letter, when he got it off the owl's leg he gave the owl a piece of bacon before it flew off in a hurry. He finished making the lunch before he sat down to eat the letter next to his plate. While he took a bite of his food his looked down at the letter, it was for Myra. Neville could guess it was from the Ministry who constantly hounded the girl to attend to certain things.
Some minutes Myra walked into the kitchen, rubbing her eyes sleepily. Myra's long black hair was messy and loose as it rested against her back. "Myra, you have a letter from the Ministry."
"Anything else?" Myra said sleepily, continuing to rub her eyes she sat down.
"While I was waiting... I ate your lunch." Neville told her calmly.
Myra's went wide, "You're kidding! I want something to eat." She stood up ready to get something to eat.
"I was kidding," he said, with a smile. "Your lunch is in the oven." Myra opened the oven to find a melted mess, she looked at him and shook her head.
"Here's some advice," Myra said. "Next time turn off the oven so this won't happen to you." She took her wand out and quickly cleaned up the mess before she made herself lunch laughing about what Neville did. It must have been the fifth time Nevil did this, free advice is worth the price when it came to Neville. Yet everytime he did this it made her smile.

Hope you liked it! ^^