Chapter 3: Flip of the Coin

Spider-Man entered the next room, with Catwoman following closely behind him. On the floor was a drawing of a coin. The left side resembled an American quarter's 'heads' side, while the right side was similar to the 'tails' side of the coin.

"Two-Face." Catwoman mumbled.

"He sounds pretty bad." Spider-Man glanced over at her.

She smirked. "He looks worse than he sounds."

"Oh, do I?" A voice echoed from in front of them.

Peter raised his head to find Harvey Dent standing in front of them, pointing a pistol in their direction. The left side of his face was mostly charred skin and bone, while the other side seemed somewhat human.

"Harvey." Selina smiled at him.

Hey, she was right about him looking pretty bad.

Spidey quickly fired web at Two-Face's gun and pulled it out of his hand without a shot going off.

"Well, that was easy." Peter said as threw the gun in the air, webbing it to the ceiling.

"Damn it!" Dent shouted.

Peter looked back at Two-Face. "That must have been really painful. Do you have problems drinking and eating? I mean, with missing half your face and all everything must just fall right out."

Harvey ignored his comment, pulling a quarter out of his pocket. He smiled, with half of his face, and flipped the coin in the air.

"Heads." He said.

"What does heads mean exactly?" Peter asked curiously.

Two-Face continued smiling. "The League of Shadows."

Peter's spider sense went crazy as he leaped out of the way, barely dodging a razor sharp blade. Catwoman, however, wasn't as quick as she received a wound in her side and fell to one knee.

"Are you okay?" Peter asked as he reacted to the situation, rolling towards Selina.

"I'll live." Catwoman grunted as she pushed herself back onto her feet.

Surrounding the two of them were about ten ninja assassins from the League of Shadows.

"I am Ra's al Ghul, leader of the League of Shadows. And you, Spider, are my newest enemy."

Spider-Man hesitated. "Why can't we just be friends?"

"Greater powers have told me what my duties are here. And I will complete them."

Several enemies tossed throwing stars at Peter, but he dodged them in various fashions while returning fire with webbing. The remaining enemies ran at him with more sharp objects, swinging them in his generally direction.

Spider-Man tumbled over the first attacker, leading into a kick in another's chest. Peter then performed a leg sweep on two charging assassins. As another one swung a katana downwards, Spidey rolled to his right, only to find Ra's lifting a scimitar to swing at him. Luckily for Peter, a snapping whip grasped Ra's wrist and pulled him backwards.

"'t." Catwoman struggled to speak as she clenched at her wound with her off-hand.

No time to thank her. Better get back into the fight.

Spider-Man quickly hopped back to his feet. He dodged several more attacks while delivering solid counter blows, leaving Ra's as the last man standing.

"You're a much more worthy opponent than the detective." Ra's calmly stated.

"Why, thank you." Spider-Man replied, taking several deep breaths.

"Tell me, where did you acquire such powers?"

"Eh, you know, radioactive spider bite mixed with a little bit of black alien symbiote." Peter replied.

"Interesting. We shall meet again, Spider." Ra's then dropped a smoke pellet, somehow disappearing from the room.

Now the only person left in the room, aside from Peter and Selina, was Harvey Dent.

"Ah, damn it." Two-Face said, looking at his two foes.

"Hey, Dent. I have a question that has just really been bugging me during my near death experience with the League of Shadows." Spider-Man paused as he slowly walked towards Two-Face. "Can you whistle?"

"What's with all of these jokes? What kind of hero are you?"

"One that likes to somewhat enjoy my extremely dangerous job." Peter replied as he incapacitated Dent with some webbing.

Once Two-Face was no longer moving, both Spider-Man and Catwoman took a moment to catch their breaths. The encounter with the League of Shadows had taken a lot of energy out of them, leaving them both tired and injured.

"Do we ever get a break? I'm getting kind of thirsty." Peter said as he took a seat on the ground.

"That was pretty impressive." Catwoman slowly walked towards him, still covering her fresh wound with her hand.

"Well," Spider-Man looked up at her, "You did save my life. So, without you, there wouldn't have been much impressing. Just a mess to clean up."

Once again, the Beyonder entered Peter's head. "Move on."

"Fine." Peter mumbled as he got back to his feet, noticing a door to his right.

Catwoman followed behind him. "I wonder what's next."

"Surely another bunch of psychopaths ready to kill both of us." Peter used his web to propel himself towards the door.

"Most likely."

Spider-Man landed in front of the door with Catwoman close behind. He slowly pushed it open to find two familiar faces on the other side.

"Spider-Man, I presume." The Dark Knight glared at him with Black Cat standing by his side.

"That would be me. However, you're going to have to help me out with what you go by." Peter stared back at the Bat.

"Spidey, this isn't the time for jokes." Black Cat calmly said.

"Hey, Bats." Catwoman smiled as she walked towards him.

"Well, what comes next?" Peter asked the group.

Batman was the first to reply. "I'm not sure. I assume we will shortly be given further instructions."

And right on cue, the Beyonder answered. "All of you, move on."

"And there's another door." Peter disappointedly said as a door appeared.

"What's the point of all of this?" Felicia, the Black Cat, asked.

"You know, the eternally struggle between good and evil across different dimensions. The Beyonder likes to play with his toys."

"I don't enjoy being anyone's toys." Catwoman replied.

Felicia answered. "None of us do, but we have to press on to get out of this mess."

"Who have you had to face-off against?" Bruce asked Peter and Selina.

"Well, my first test was against a giant crocodile and an enhanced version of your pal Bane. That was before I met up with Catwoman."

"And then," Selina continued, "came Scarecrow, Two-Face and the League of Shadows."

"I'm impressed you're still alive." Batman plainly said.

Peter then asked Bruce the same question. "And who have you battled?"

"A rhino, a scorpion, an octopus and a vulture."

Spider-Man laughed. "So, basically every animal there is?"

Bruce nodded in response as the group of four reached the next door.

"So, since we're all together now, does this mean that we're nearing the end?" Felicia asked.

"Hopefully." Selina chipped in.

Bruce Wayne took lead as he grasped the door's handle and opened the door.

And here...we...go.

This was a slightly shorter chapter and took a lot longer than the first two. Hopefully I can get the fourth one out more quickly. It's just tough because I'm working on several stories at once, so bare with me. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed.