Summary: When Tanya goes for her first treatment, she meets a lovely young nurse. But, after they open up to each other, Tanya figures out that there is a whole lot more there that meets the eye. That Hannah, the lovely young nurse, is actually the baby she gave up for adoption 21 years ago.

Disclaimer: I do not own Eastenders or anything else that is Public Domain in this fanfiction. The only thing I own is Hannah, at the minute.

Authors Note: Yes! I know Tanya never had a baby before Lauren. This is a fanfiction I came up with after watching whats going on now with the whole Ava thing. Hannah is my own original character.

Chapter Two

The months went by and Tanya continued with her treatment. Her and Hannah grew to be good friends over the course of her treatment. Her lunch break usually fell around the time she was in, so she'd go over and have a chat before grabbing something to eat. Siobhan too, and Lauren when she could come. The three of them, when they were together, had to be told to be quite some times because they were making too much noise and were disturbing the other patients in. It was just like any other day. Siobhan wasn't in and Lauren was busy, so it was just Tanya and Hannah chatting, and joking around with Sam when he came around to check on her. Hannah felt her phone vibrate in her pocket and pulled it out. She quickly replied to the text from her mum before slipping it back in.

"Is everything alright?" Tanya asked "You don't have to be somewhere, or anything?"

"No, not for another while" Hannah said leaning back in the chair "I'm getting off early today. Me and mum's collecting Alex from the train station in a while. He's got the week off so he's coming home"

"That's fantastic" Tanya replied. Her and Hannah continued to talk about whatever the conversation lead to for the next while. At first it was last weeks Coronation Street, but somehow the conversation led to Fireman Sam. No idea how it ended up there, but they both ended up giggling like little school girls.

"Ah, there you are" A tall woman with shoulder length blonde hair, wearing mum jeans and a coat appeared in front of them "Come on, Alex's train will be here in no time"

"Is that the time?" Hannah said getting up "I better be going. Oh, right. Tanya this is my mum, Kathy. Mum this is one of the patients, Tanya"

"Hi" Tanya said extending her hand to the woman. Kathy quietly shook her hand, her eyes scanning over Tanya's face. Tanya uneasily pulled her hand away once Kathy released it.

"Nice to meet you" Kathy said not taking her brown eyes off Tanya. Her head suddenly snapped to her daughter "We better be going now. Best not leave Alex waiting"

"Yeah, best not" Hannah said grabbing her coat from the back of the chair "I'll see you next time, then"

"Yeah, see you" Tanya said, smiling weakly.

"Alright, let's go" Kathy said putting a hand on her daughters back and leading her out of the ward. Kathy couldn't get the blonde woman out of her head. She knew she seen her somewhere before. It wasn't until they were nearing the lifts that it finally clicked where she had known her from "Hannah?" Hannah turned her head to the right to face her mum, spending her ponytail flying over her left shoulder "Why don't you go down and get some coffees, I just need to nip to the loo"

"You're the one who was saying we're going to be late" Hannah said as the lift doors opened.

"Just do as I say. I'll meet you down at the car" Kathy said turning on her heels as Hannah entered the lift.

"Alright" Hannah agreed, clicking the floor which housed the canteen. Kathy had no intention of going to the bathroom. She headed back to the Chemo ward. She walked back down to where she was just minutes ago to find the blonde woman flicking through a magazine.

"I knew I knew your face" Kathy said, making Tanya aware of her presence.

"Excuse me?" Tanya asked, looking at her confused.

"It's Tanya...Cross, right?" Kathy asked, crossing her arms over her body.

"Jessop, now actually" Tanya answered "What's it to you?"

"You don't remember me do you?" Kathy asked and Tanya shook her head "Well, I suppose that's understandable. It was almost...22 years ago" Tanya looked at her confused for a moment before the realization came to her.

"Hannah?" She questioned, staring at the woman in front of her, wide-eyed. She was 14 when found out she was pregnant. She was far too young to have a baby, and she was still all mixed up with the wrong crowd. So she gave the baby, a girl, up for a adoption, shortly after her birth on 17th April 1990. She did have second thoughts right before she'd given her up. She even caved in and named the baby Elle. But, she convinved herself it was the right thing to do. That was it. She met Kathy and David Peters once when they came in to take her. It never clicked with Tanya that Hannah. The lovely, smart girl that she had grown close to over the past almost two months was her long-lost daughter.

"Yeah" Kathy said "And you're not going to tell her"

"Why?" Tanya asked curious.

"Because she doesn't want to know" Kathy said "At least that's what she told me, anyway. Didn't want to know anything, ever" Tanya stared blankly at the woman. Hannah had told her she might want to someday. Little did she know she was actually talking to her biological mum there and then "So you just say nothing. Your treatment will be done whenever, and then you may never see her again. Goodbye, Tanya"

Tanya couldn't get over it. Hannah was Elle. She thought over it for days upon days. How could she have not known that Hannah was her daughter? She had to admit that she did find it strange how they opened up to each other so quickly since they first met. That must have been a sign. Every time Tanya thought about her, she couldn't help remembering what Kathy had told her. She thought about how well Hannah had been brought up. She was kind and beautiful. Was always nice to anyone she talked to. She was smart, she was nurse for heaven sake. The independent, strong-minded young woman was her daughter. But she didn't raise her to be like that. Kathy and David did. They were the ones she grew up calling mum and dad. Their actually children, she grew up calling them her brothers.

Tanya couldn't help but think what it would have been like if she kept Hannah. Would her life still turned out the way it had? Would she have met Max and married him? Would Hannah have grown up calling him dad, soon enough? How would she have gotten on with Lauren, Abi and Oscar? All these questions were swimming around in her head now that she knew what had happened to Elle. She had been properly raised, went on to go to Uni and have a good life. But, Kathy's words still stung every time she thought of them 'She doesn't want to know'. All week this has been going on, and now here she was back in the hospital for her next round of chemo.

"Hey" Hannah greeted her, startling Tanya who was deep in thought "Sorry, I'm late. A patient came like 20 minutes late to his appointment, so..."

"No, it's fine" Tanya said, giving her a weak smile.

"You alright?" Hannah asked sitting down "You seemed really deep in thought when I came"

"Yeah, I'm alright" Tanya replied before going for it "Hannah, do you ever think about your real mother?"

"I used to, when I was younger" Hannah said confused at Tanya's questioned "Why do you ask?"

"No reason" Tanya replied "Do you ever think about her now?"

"Now and again" Hannah shrugged.

"Don't you ever think 'What was she like?' 'What happened to her?' 'Did she get married?' 'Does she have any more kids?'"

"Yeah, so?" Hannah asked, shrugging her shoulders again

"So, don't you think that's enough of a reason to look for her?" Tanya asked

"No" Hannah said looking down at the ground.

"Why not?" Tanya asked "What's the harm in at least finding out her name?"

"Because she gave me up" Hannah said "She didn't want me"

"How do you know that?" Tanya asked "You hear them stories, don't you? About the young mothers who just can't provide so they have to give them up?"

"So?" Hannah shrugged again.

"So, why not go out and find her?" Tanya asked. Hannah got up from her seat.

"Why are you pushing this so much?" Hannah asked, raising her voice and putting her hands on her hips.

"Because I-" Tanya began but stopped when she realized what she about to stupidly blurt out to the young girl. Realization dawned on Hannah's face when she figured out what Tanya was going to say. She wasn't stupid "Because I'm your Mum" Hannah didn't know what to reply with. She stood there, her breathing shaky as she staring with a confused expression on her face "I was 14 and still in with a bad crowd. Before I got pregnant I was doing drugs, out to all hours of the night, sleeping around. I wouldn't have been able to cope with a baby"

"How do you know it's me?" Hannah asked, voice cracked "How do you know there isn't some other girl out there who's your real daughter?"

"Because Kathy, your Mum, came back to talk to me last week" Tanya confessed "She told me not to tell you because you didn't want to know" Hannah turned and walked out of the ward, without a word. Tears in her eyes.

Okay, just to explain. I know it should be 'Mum and I are collecting...' at the beginning. I will do that, but you know when your just chatting to your friend, you don't really care about proper grammar most of the time. So that's just what happened there.

Coming Up In The Next Chapter:

Hannah confronts her parents!

Tanya quits her treatment!

and tells the girls about Elle! Will she reveal all?