Hopeless Han Solo

IfL could remember a person in her life any one of them at all it would be her secret crush Hopeless Han solo which was just one of the silly nicknames she'd given to that nerferder who one day changed her way of seeing himself on that very day han was a different person

Leia's POV

Why is han like this he's totally different but why?
I walk down the corellian jungle green rebel echo base hall ways I remembered the talent show was supposed to happen soon and han yesterday was still the same annoying nerferder as always but when I saw him sitting with luke and chewie he looked different I almost didn't recognize him he looked like a total hippie having peace signs everywhere oh and he acted way different to I asked luke what was wrong and he said he didn't know I hope han goes back to normal soon his sister Hana told me he having his alter ego PMS which means his alter ego which is a hippie comes out for how long I don't know