People need loving the most when they deserve it the least. John Harrigan

As Michael stood in the funeral home, staring at his brother's coffin, Jesse made his way through the crowd to stand by Michael's side. Jesse noticed how Maddie glared over towards Michael. Seeing Michael's frown and tearful expression, Jesse put his arm around Michael's shoulder. Yes, Michael was way too hard on Nate while in Atlantic City but Michael did give Nate a direct order to not approach Anson. If Nate listened to his brother he would still be here.

Maddie would never see it that way and would not give Michael the love he needed to get through this. Jesse knew that Maddie felt Michael deserved nothing. He was unworthy of her love.

"Don't pay her any mind. She's hurting and its easier to lash out at you than anyone else." Jesse tried his best to reason through Maddie's rejection. Seeing Michael's head drop, Jesse knew Michael was beating himself up worse than Maddie ever could.

"Look at the people in the seats. See that pretty Irish girl sitting next to that older man? That girl loves you more than anything in the world and the man next to her, is your brother. He would die for you. The guy standing next to you has had differences with you in the past, but still loves you like a big brother. Doesn't matter if you are right or wrong, it just matters that we love you. Even though that lady standing on the other side of Nate thinks you don't deserve love, we know you need it and we got you on this one."

Michael smiled and gave Jesse a small nod. "Thanks brother."