Fear cannot take what you do not give it.~Christopher Coan

He sits up in bed.

His heart pounding.

His hearing muffled by the roaring of blood and pressure in his head.

His vision blurred by sweat, tears and his own brain, which is playing tricks on him.

He knows someone is there.

He knows a monster will attack and harm all that he holds dear.

He will lose Fiona and possibly himself.

He feels a hand on his.

He hears a voice, it is soft.

He feels lips on his cheek and warm breath whispering to him.

He still cannot hear but he closes his eyes.

He lowers his arm.

He leans into the warmth.

He allows the warmth to pull him back down to the bed.

He feels one hand in his hair, while the other pulls him so close he can feel her heartbeat.

He slides down slightly so his head is under her chin.

He feels her legs intertwine with his.

He holds tightly onto her.

She is his sanity.

She is his heart.

She his is life.

He will die to protect her against monsters, both real and imagined.

A/N Wrote this pretty quick...just was on my mind all day...