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Mikoto had purchased the Toyota Sienna ten months ago, and she took it to the car wash every week. It was all white everywhere, and Fugaku was constantly complaining about it, saying that if they painted it brown, it wouldn't need to be washed so much. Sometimes, he would nag on his sons, and say that they should have been the ones who scrubbed the car.

He was a fool to even bring it up. Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha were polar opposites, but anyone who knew them well could easily have told their father that neither of them would be caught dead soaping down some Hybrid when there were better things to do.

The elder brother, Itachi, spent most of his time in his room. He was twenty two years old, and his business card would tell you that he worked as a Networking System Administrator. No one who he ever talked to knew what that really entailed though, so when asked he would simply say that he worked with computers from home. His home was in the basement of his parent's house. He payed them ninety-four thousand yen a month for rent and whatever portion of the bills they deduced to be his expense. He was a silent genius. He spent no time with his friends, and minimal time with his family.

Sasuke was not at all his elder brother. He was passionate about every single thing he did, although in reality he didn't do much. He made average grades in school, had several eclectic friends, and tried his very best to make sure that every single person who saw him knew that he was fabulous. He didn't care about many people other than himself, and he most certainly didn't care about the colour of wood stain for a set of cabinets on a house he didn't even want to live in.

"I'm just trying to get your opinion on something, Sasuke! For goodness sake will you just answer me!"

With a very pronounced roll of the eye, and a heavily heaved breath, Sasuke looked at his mother, crossing one carefully sculpted leg over the other, causing a tiny sound of friction as the skin tight denim brushed. "The mohogany is pretty, but the charcoal matches the stainless steel oven better."

"Thank you! That's all I asked! Gosh, you'd think I didn't even have a gay son."

"Thanks, Mommy Dearest. You know how much I adore it when you address the status of our platonic relationship based on my sexual preferences as if one was related to the other."

Mikoto frowned. "It's not like that, honey. But Kushina Uzumaki has her son assisting the personal shopper with her entire wardrobe, you know."

Sasuke scoffed, and stood up, adjusting his shirt so that he revealed just enough of the bottom of his stomach to expose the fact that he shaved his pubes, but not enough to show his bellybutton like a whore. "I will have you know that Kushina Uzumaki's son is a lousy fuck who can't keep it up with a cock in his ass, and can't have his cock in an ass for more than five obnoxiously repetitive minutes."

"You know, Otouto - I wouldn't think that I'd have to say this for the third time today, but could you please keep your personal life personal."

Sasuke glared hatefully at his elder brother as he stepped into the kitchen and took out a soda from the fridge.

"Honestly, I'm surprised we even got to see you three times in a day. Why aren't you holed up in the basement like your usual vampiric self? Finally realized it smells like plaster down there?"

Itachi ground his teeth in irritation. "Actually, I've been coming up and down for some refreshment, now that the AC is off downstairs. I couldn't help but notice as I was getting some boxes down the hall that you still haven't finished packing."

Sasuke shrugged. "I'm in no rush."

"We're moving in three hours, Sasuke. Everything here that's not packed is staying with the house except for your room."

"I'll get it done, okay?" Sasuke hissed out, jumping up from the table and storming off in the direction of the hall.

Itachi distinctly heard his brother muttering about not wanting to move in the first fucking place, but he ignored it.

"Have you spoken with your father yet?" Mikoto asked, taking a long sip of tea.

"Yes, he's raising my rent by ten thousand because of the extra square footage in the new house."

Mikoto smiled. "Oh, well that's really not so bad, huh?"

Itachi shook his head kindly at his mother. "No, not at all. I think everything's going to work out quite nicely, if we can get Sasuke to stop sulking."

She chuckled sadly at that. "I know you're upset about the move too, darling. But... you have to understand, your father really wants it and I just-"

"I get it, mother. This was your parent's house. Dad needs a place of his own. It makes sense to me. I'll just miss it. That's all."

She smiled. "You're sweet to me, Itachi."

Down the hall, Sasuke was fitfully throwing his things into a box, talking to his cat as he huffed about.

"What do you think Corin? New box for shoes? Shoes on top of the clothes?"

The cat merely hissed at the box, circling it as it tried to figure out why there was a large foreign object in the middle of the room.

"C'mon, Corin. I need help with this! Just the rest of the clothes, okay? Mom said I can redo my whole room when we get to the new place, so I'm not taking any furniture."

Corin's golden eyes shone mischeiviously for a moment before she leapt into the box and snuggled up in the clothes. Sasuke giggled.

"Well of course you're coming, silly! I guess a separate box for the shoes. And I can wrap up picture frames with my sweat pants so I don't have to bug Count Dracula for tissue paper..."

Sasuke jumped slightly when there was a knock on his door, afraid for a moment that Itachi had heard him. The fear was short lived. Partly because Itachi wouldn't have cared anyway, and partly because Fugaku opened the door without waiting for an answer to his knock.

"Hey, sport. Hey, Cory!"

"No nicknames, Dad. It's Corin. Latin for the word Spear. Interpreted later on to worship the act of sodomy between two Roman men. Think you can remember it next time?"

Fugaku looked like he was about to go in to his 'Sasuke we understand that you're gay, but blah blah blah' routine, but he didn't - which his youngest son was quite grateful for.

"Sorry about that, son. You all packed?"

"Yeah, I guess. Just need to do my shoes and I'll be done. Why? Is the truck early?"

"Yep! But I can have it wait if you're not ready."

Sasuke shook his head. "No, it's fine. I'll be right out. Can you take this box for me while I pack up the shoes?"

His father nodded and moved to close up the box, jumping slightly when he was startled by Corin jumping out and onto the floor - looking overall flustered by almost getting trapped in cardboard prison.

Sasuke made quick work of packing up his shoes, then looked around his space and took a deep breath.

"C'mon, Corin." He patted his chest and his cat dutifully jumped up into his arms, snuggling warmly.

"Good kitty," Sasuke cooed, stroking pitch black fur as he walked, kicking along his box of shoes with his left foot until Itachi rolled his eyes and picked it up for him in the hallway. "Sweet, darling, precious little kitty,"

Itachi frowned, as he sat down beside his brother in the all white Toyota and watched Sasuke carefully put on his seatbelt so as not to disturb his beloved pet.

"What are you staring at, Itachi?" Sasuke asked, kissing Corin's soft forehead, and listening to her purr.

"Sorry. I was just wondering if you'll ever love anyone as much as that cat."

Sasuke snorted. "Probably not. Never anyone human anyway. You've got your chances, though. Being a vampire and all." He joked, setting Corin in his lap so that he could stretch his back.

"Give it up, Sasuke. We're out in daylight. I'm not a vampire."

"Not Count Dracula, no. Or Damon Salvatore. Or Eric Northman. Now there is one sexy fuck. You know I think he had a sexual relationship with Godric back in like... Jesus time or whatever time he was made."


"Doesn't matter. You're a Twilight vamp anyway. You don't sleep and you sparkle in the sun."

Itachi looked thoroughly unamused. "I most certainly do not sparkle."

"Seriously. You've got glitter on your neck. Don't even try to get it off. It's like that stand up comedian said - glitter is the herpes of craft supplies. It's not always evident, but don't be mistaken. Once you've got the shit, it never really goes away."

Itachi just shook his head in disbelief. "You amaze me, Otouto. You really do."

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