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"Mr. Johnson, you have a visitor."

The man known as Dick Johnson sat up somewhat sleepily and wiped at his eyes, looking over at the nurse.

"Isn't my brother home?"

He'd been moved to his house and had a live-in nurse helping him out with things until he was completely healed. Though, he'd say that he already was one hundred percent better. John insisted that she be around just in case he experienced any sudden sharp pains or whatever.

"Um, no sir. He's-"

"Across the street. Like he always is lately," The man said with a roll of the eye, "Honestly, I always thought Aniki wasn't the type to ogle at jail-bate. I guess I was wrong."

"I assure you. He's not that type,"

Dick grinned madly as Itachi Uchiha stepped into the room, his arms crossed with an irritated expression on his face. The young man looked at him in a way that said they needed to talk, and Dick thought perhaps it might be best to dismiss the nurse. He waved her away with his hand and she frowned slightly.

"Don't worry, my dear. I'm sure that Itachi will take marvelous care of me. You're free to go."

"But, your brother said not to leave you alone… especially with any of the Uchi-"

"This is my house and if you don't leave it I'll call the police."

That got rid of her, and Dick threw the covers off of himself, revealing his naked chest to Itachi as he walked over to his dresser and started tearing through his clothes looking for something to put on over his dazzling fuchsia boxer-briefs. "So, Itachi Uchiha. What makes you so certain that my brother isn't a lover of seventeen year old ass."

Itachi took a seat on the bed, boldly staring at Dick's ass. "Do you really think I haven't realized who he is yet? After all the time he's been spending near me? I'm not stupid. I recognized him over a week ago – and by extension, I know who you are as well."

Dick snorted, and tugged a pair of dark-wash jeans up over his ass, buttoning them smoothly just below his hips. He started looking for a shirt, then – but Itachi walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder, forcing him to turn around.

The younger man's eyes raked down the elder's chest and his fingers reached to caress a deeply unattractive scar just atop Dick's left nipple. "How on earth did you ever get this?"

His question went unanswered and Dick grabbed at the first shirt he saw, and quickly put it on. He frowned, never liking to wear a collared top with jeans, but not wanting to show the scar again.

"I'm Dick Johnson. My brother is John Doe. Who do you think we are?"

"At first I thought you were Izuna and Madara Uchiha." Itachi answered, his eyes still stuck on the spot where the scar was although it was now covered by canary yellow fabric.

Dick snorted, "I do resemble Izuna a bit," The man said, cocking his head, "My brother is no Madara, though. He's too much of a teddy-bear."

Itachi glared.

"Besides, Izuna and Madara are the easy way out. They'd have a cause to move in across the street and fuck up your lives: they hate your mother. Personally, I'd say they're a lazy guess."

Itachi's jaw clenched slightly and he shook his head as if trying to clear it. "Mikoto is a controlling bitch," He said frankly, "She pulls at Fugaku like a puppet on strings. Of course they hate her. I'd hate Sasuke's wife if she treated him the way mom treats dad."

"Wife?" The man hissed out as if horrified. "You're off your rocker."

"Not the point." Itachi said, impatiently, "I know you. I know exactly who you are, and exactly why your brother spends so much time with mine."

Dick rolled his shoulders back, perfecting his posture, and looked at Itachi defiantly. "Oh, why then?"

"Because John Doe," Itachi said the name like it was the most stupid thing he'd ever heard, "Is in love with Sasuke. It's obvious. It shows in the way he looks at him, the way he speaks to him. The way he tolerates Sasuke's attitude like … like it's something he's already familiar with. I only knew that I know him because he knows Sasuke. He knows Sasuke even better than I do – which means there is only one person that he could possibly be."

Dick smiled softly and tucked some hair behind his ear. "Really? And who is that?"


"You're late," Sasuke said, when he heard someone knocking on his door. The door opened. Clearly the person on the other side had rightfully assumed that Sasuke's words worked just as well as a simple 'come in.'

The boy hadn't moved his eyes away from his laptop screen; even as he felt the now-familiar lips of John Doe kissing his forehead. He wished the man would do more than kiss him, but he hadn't budged thus far and Sasuke was sick of trying to make him.

"Yes, I am," The man responded, "And for this I offer you my deepest apologies."

Sasuke rolled his eyes, hearing the sarcasm in the statement. He shut his laptop and couldn't help but smile when he saw John. The man had clearly come from work. He was wearing a seductively tailored black suit with a crisp charcoal grey button-down shirt beneath it. The first couple of buttons were un-done and the suit jacket was open, so that Sasuke could see John's hands, tucked casually into his pants pockets.

"No tie?"

"I dropped it off at home before coming. I wanted to check on my brother – it's why I'm late. He's been very stir-crazy lately."

Sasuke nodded, and gestured for John to take a seat at his desk-chair. "I'd be irritable too if I was all cooped up in the house for weeks."

"Yes," John said, smirking slightly. "Yes, you would."

"So how is he doing?" Sasuke asked.

"He's doing well. He truly enjoyed the day with Corin. It was very sweet of you to let him cat-sit."

Sasuke didn't respond. He just looked at John's eyes. It was something that he did often. John had eyes like Itachi: deep and black and full and infinite. The difference was that John would let Sasuke get lost in them, whereas Itachi would always looked away.

"You're thinking about Itachi," John said, displaying that odd smile that he got sometimes.

"Yeah, I am. How could you tell?"

John shrugged, playfully, and used his legs to roll the desk chair forward closer to the bed.

"You gonna kiss me now?" Sasuke asked, sounding mildly frustrated. He looked down at the way that the wheels of the chair were scrunching up his carpet and considered fixing it. Corin was snoozing at the moment, but if she woke, she'd be sure to pounce at it and would probably rip it to threads.

"You want me to." John responded, pressing his hand against Sasuke's cheek and caressing it.

"No, I want you to fuck me." Sasuke answered, truthfully.

"But you know that I won't do that." The elder man answered, pulling his hair back into a tighter ponytail.

"Why not?"

John sighed, clearly not wanting to have this conversation again. "Because I'm a thirty-seven year old man, and you're a little boy."

"I'm seventeen."


Sasuke took a deep and annoyed breath, and backed up on his bed, pulling his knees up to his chest. The new position practically screamed 'Don't touch me' so John scooted the chair back up against the desk and fixed the carpet with his foot.

"When you sent me the letter, saying that you wanted to talk – and then you met me here, at five in the morning," Sasuke was looking at him very deliberately, and knew that John already knew where he was going with this, "I asked you why you wanted to talk to me – and you told me that you love me."

"I do."

"You said you would – said you wanted to – do anything for me."


"And I said that I wanted your cock up my arse."

The man's lips quirked upwards fondly. "Yes, I do recall that,"

"What good is it having some kind of sexy genie neighbor who says they'll do whatever you want if you can't have wild magician sex with them?"

"I'm not a magician, Sasuke. I just have a large interest in making sure that your life goes exactly the way you want it to. That's all."

Sasuke closed his eyes and pressed them against his knees. "Fine. First step? Fix my parents."

The man cocked his head to the side, looking somewhat surprised. "Could you be a bit more specific?"

"Like you said – you're twice my age. My parents are home and awake. They probably let you in. Don't you think that's a bit inattentive of them? They know you're here to see me."

John's face was somewhat frustrated, as if this was something that he'd already considered and decided to be unhappy about. "You want them to pay more attention to you?"

"No!" Sasuke said, laughing a little bit, "No, of course not. I like that they let me bring old men up to my room."

"I'm not even middle aged." John argued, shaking his head at Sasuke's ridiculousness.

"Only middle aged people say things like that."

John simply sighed and rolled his eyes in a way that was somehow affectionate, "So what is it that you want me to fix with your parents?"

"My mother treats my father like a slave – and why shouldn't he? Dad's like… a soggy sop of socks."

For that, Sasuke received a true laugh – one of his first from this particular man. It was soft but true, and his eyes squinted up cutely with each chortle.

"So you want success for your father."

Sasuke nodded, his head still resting on his knees, though he was now looking at John.

"And what for your mother?"

He shrugged, deciding to cross that bridge when he got to it.

"Well, is there anything else that you want?" John asked, standing up and sat on the bed, wrapping his arm casually around Sasuke's slender shoulders. "Anything – anyone at all?"

Sasuke's first thought was Itachi, but he was afraid of what the man would say if he admitted his feelings for his brother, so he resisted. "No. Just you."

John nodded along in understanding, but he had this odd expression about his face – almost as if he'd known what it was that Sasuke had wanted to say.

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