Epilogue: You Should Have Each Other

Sam and Dean,
I must explain to you why I gave you those dreams. I actually made those up myself through experimentation. There could have been a million different ways those could have gone, the majority of them did not include Sam's torture. Everything turned out as it did because of the decisions you made in that timeline within your heads.
I made the decision of when to stop the timeline though. I waited until after Sam's death because I wanted them to have a big impact when you awoken.
I didn't know my creation had turned out wrong. I didn't intend on you to actually feel the pain Sam. I didn't know that would happen and I am sorry. I know sorry won't make up for it, but I feel that it is necessary to say.
When I gave you those dreams, I had good intentions. I oversaw the fight the two of you had. I found that it was quite fierce and I didn't like that it was pulling you apart from each other. I wanted to give you dreams with a big enough impact for you to forgive each other. When I found the demon Charlotte preparing to burn down the motel room Sam had been sleeping in, I put a stop to her actions. I then decided that if Charlotte would have succeeded in her plan, it would have a huge impact on Dean. That is what gave me the idea of creating these timelines within your heads. They were made to feel vivid and real, like it was almost happening, but still be only a dream. I accidentally made the dreams feel too real.
I again only wanted you to feel sadness from the dreams and worry about what would happen if one of you had been killed during that fight. Sam and Dean, you used to be very close with me and I learned something about you during our friendship: you are closer to each other than any humans I have ever seen. Separated you would not be as good as you would be while with each other.
I suppose that I thought that if you no longer have me as a friend, you should still have each other no matter what situation life places you in.
Again, I am sorry for my actions,

Sam and Dean looked at each other after reading Castiel's letter. They had a silent conversation with each other. They still didn't forgive Cas for anything he had done, but they almost understood why he gave them those dreams. Without them, who knew how long it would have taken the two of them to get over that fight. The dream probably wouldn't keep them from fighting again, but they would always remember them.
They agreed with something Castiel had written in his letter: no matter what, they should have each other. Where would they be without each other? Who would they be without each other? The fight had been so dumb and it was a good thing the two of them were over it.
All their problems were far from over. Who knew what else would happen to Sam and Dean from this point on. They still had to stop Castiel and Crowley, and after that all the other monsters in the world. But they would try their hardest to do it together. To keep their bond strong through any situation that may come.

The End.
May Sam and Dean's brotherly bond live on forever.