Loki sat alone in the cell, staring ahead at the wall. He'd been there three days, and hadn't moved. The gag was still on his mouth, the chains still on his wrists. In the distance, he heard a door open, then close. He blinked. He didn't know what to feel, all he could feel was the numbness. The emptiness, like falling into the abyss all over again. It was eating him alive. The door to his cell was slammed open, and in stormed Thor. Loki glanced at him, only to turn his head back to the wall. "Let him think what he wants, he doesn't know me. Let him judge me" thought Loki. He waited for a blow, something, that indicated Thor was upset with him. But instead, he felt Thor undo the gag, and watched as it fell to the floor.

Thor didn't know what was going to happen to his younger brother. He loved Loki, more dearly than anyone else in the 9 realms. But he didn't know what had happened. All he recalled was happily bickering with Loki before his coronation, then being banished to Midgard, only to return home shortly after to a lunatic brother intent on killing him. He didn't know what went wrong, what had happened to cause his loving little brother to turn into a crazed being bent on destroying everything. All he wanted was to find out that this was a dream, that the failed coronation hadn't happened yet, that when he woke up his brother would tease him about being an "idiot" for spacing out like that. Then there was reality. Reality was that his brother was in the cells deep under Asgard. That his father was extremely angry, that his mother was distraught over Loki. Thor knew he had to go speak with Loki, hear him out. But he wasn't sure he wanted to hear what he had to say. That he would hear what Loki had to say. He had to try, and that was all. Thor gingerly got up from his bed, and started to go out into the golden hallways of the palace, only to run into Sif and the Warriors Three. Sif was the first to speak up, "Thor? Can we talk?". "Not right now, my friends. I have much to do, perhaps later?" Thor immediately started walking, leaving his friends looking bewildered. He started the descent into the vaults underneath Asgard, then continued downwards into the dungeons of Asgard. At the very end of the long hallway was Loki's cell. He composed himself, then opened the door. Loki was sitting at the edge of the cot. He seemed lost, in a daze. Thor went over and undid the gag on Loki's mouth. He waited for his brother to say something, to even let him know he was aware of his presence. Instead, he got silence, which was very unlike his brother. "Loki? Are you well? Would you like me to get you something?" Thor started. More silence. "Loki, please. Say something. Anything." Loki finally turned around to gaze at Thor. His brother looked sickly, paler than usual, and with hollow looking eyes. His brother's appearance frightened Thor. His beautiful younger brother looked no more than a shell of his former self. Empty was the only word that could describe his look. "Why." said Loki. His voice was rough and dry, being that he hadn't been able to utter a word since their arrival in Asgard. "Why should I? I owe you nothing.." Loki then gazed off to the right, staring into space. "Brother, I shall send for someone to bring some sustenance to you." Thor said, then quickly left the cell, being that he couldn't handle staying in their any longer. If his brother survived, he knew that it would be a long, harsh road ahead of them, the road of healing.

Loki regretted his action, he really, truly did. He had reasons as to why he did it, but he had no way of telling Thor this. Loki couldn't stand it, he hated, yet loved his brother. He would go from wanting to hug his brother, to beating him into submission. He couldn't explain why he felt this way, only that he did. So when Thor left him so suddenly in the cell, Loki wanted to cry out, beg him to stay. But he knew better, he would keep his mouth shut, just like all the hundreds of years before this. Loki curled in onto himself, and finally allowed himself to break down, now that no one was around. He sobbed for what felt like hours, but it was probably only 10 minutes, max. He wanted... He didn't know what he wanted. Another chance? Acceptance? He heard the click of his cell door being opened, and quickly regained composure. He put on an impassive face, hiding away his emotions. A hesitant looking guard stumbled in carrying a platter. He set it on the floor, then glanced around. "If you're looking for a thank you, you might as well try looking somewhere else, instead of standing around looking like a fool." Loki hissed. The guard quickly recoiled and left the cell, leaving Loki to himself yet again. He glanced at the silver platter on the ground. "How rude, leaving food on such a dusty floor. No manners, that one." He said to no one in particular. He bent down to pick up the platter, taking the cover off. The plate had mostly meat with a couple of flimsy looking lettuce leaves. Loki grimaced, it was wild boar, his least favorite. "Figures. Might as well torture the little prisoner some more. We all know that will help me" Loki thought. But, it was food, and he was quite famished, now that he thought about it. He brought it over to the bed and began eating it, rushing it rather then savoring it. While he chewed, he wondered what his future held in store for him, or if he even had a future.