It's been a long journey.

The many obstacles we've faced during this journey.

From the sweltering heat of the desert to the freezing cold of the mountains, to the stone dragons who hungered for our scarves, we made it.

We never left each other's side. Anytime we were forcibly separated, we always scrambled to find each other. We worked so hard to get where we are now.

Higher and higher we climb towards the light. There's nothing to fear anymore.

It's been a long journey.

Our civilization has long fallen. Corruption was the forbidden fruit and we took a bite out of it. A mistake we all regret but we've been offered a chance at forgiveness.

Our guardians in white require us to go through a long journey in order to reach eternal happiness and true forgiveness. We are also obliged to help the rest of our own along the way.

It's been a long journey

We landed with a soft plop on the snow. I was ready to go, but my companion hesitated. I sensed his fear; he's fearful of what he was going to meet on the other side. He sat down, feeling scared and ashamed. I sat with him the ease his apprehension. An idea hit me and I stood up. Moving methodically and meticulously, I drew our universal sign that everything will be OK.

A heart.

He was silent at first but then immediately beamed, he chirped loudly and repetitively assuring me that he was now confident to see this journey through. Communication has been limited between us. We've been able to only express ourselves and communicate through chirping and drawing in the sand or snow. It's all part of our trial.

Before moving on, he began drawing his own message in the snow. I sat down and watch him work. When he was done, he came over and sat by me. I got up and read his message.


Our first official greeting. I looked over at him and gave off the loudest chirp I could produce, the snow rippling beneath me. He stood up and did the same.

I guess it's time.

We both began walking towards the light, chirping the entire time, growing more and more silent to closer we got. Just before we went through the gap to the other side, instead of hearing a muffled chirp, I could have sworn I heard a voice...

Thank you.

To make sure I wasn't deceived, I tried to speak back to him. It was strained but still loud enough to be heard.

I'll miss you.

We nodded heads and walked through the gap together, further and further into the light.


We walked further and further. I stopped and extended my hand out towards him. He extended his hand out towards mine and we held hands. We took one last look at each other before everything began to fade out.

Goodbye. I will always be with you

My body landed with a soft plop in the sand. I sat briefly in the sand, absorbed the heat, and meditated. I got up and began to climb the sand dune. The mountain is in sight.

It's been a long journey.

And it's just beginning.

I played Journey(and still play it) and I bow down to ThatGameCompany. This is the first game I've purchased from their franchise and WOW absolutely beautiful! Breathtaking and a definite tear-jerker!