A.N.- This is going to be slightly AU, because in canon, James and Lily were both 21 (Damn, that's young!) when they were killed by Voldemort. I've pushed this a bit further since Harry is much older than he was in the original story. They'll be 28 in this story in case anyone is wondering. On another note, have no fear, a new chapter of HP and the Veela will be out soon.

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"Where does it come from? This quest? This need to solve lifes mysteries when the simpliest of questions can never be answered. Why are we here? What is the soul? Why do we dream? Perhaps we would be better off not looking at all. Not delving. Not yearning. But that's not human nature. Not the human heart. That is not why we are here. Yet still we struggle to make a difference. To change the world. To dream of hope. Never knowing for certain who we'll meet along the way. Who, among the world of strangers, will hold our hand. Touch our hearts. And share the pain of trying."

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Chapter 1: Where It All Started

Potter Mansion, London

"Why do you have to leave, Mum, Dad?" A skinny six-year-old boy with thick dark brown hair, sharp aristocratic facial features with shining emerald colored eyes asked with a downcast look on his face as he saw the suitcases at the entrance of the mansion. The boy's mother, a beautiful woman with long red hair with the same flashing green eyes knelt down to meet her firstborn's eyes.

"Harry, honey…Mummy and Daddy have to be hidden away for a while-" Lily started to explain.

"Because of the boogeyman?" Harry James Potter asked with wide, fearful eyes.

"Sadly yes, the boogeyman is after Daniel…that is why we can no longer stay here." Lily hugged her boy tightly.

"Do you have to?" Harry asked in his small child like voice.

Placing both her hands on Harry's shoulders and meeting her very own green eyes Lily said, "Professor Dumbledore thinks that it might be for the best…Harry? Baby look at mummy, you know mummy loves you right?"

Harry nodded.

"You know daddy loves you too right?"

Harry nodded again.

"Then you know that we'll always be here with you…in here." Lily placed her hand on where Harry's heart was.

"Lils…its time." A man with untamable dark hair with brown eyes behind lopsided glasses poked his face into the mansion as he opened the entrance door.

"James, I am saying goodbye to our son…what if this is the last time I could do this?" Lily gritted at her husband.

"Quit being so pessimistic Lils," James responded, walking in and kneeling down so he was at Harry's level, ruffled his hair giving it a bird's nest look.

"It will only be for a while son, and it'll be over before you know it. And this old man will be kicking your scrawny butt in Quidditch again." James teased with a smile, which widened as he saw a tiny smile appear on his son's face.

"Where is Daniel?" Lily asked.

"Relax Lils, he's sleeping in Padfoot's arms right outside the door. But Harry…if things do go south and we're not there...promise us that you'll keep your brother safe." Harry did not like the sound of that, ever since his parents had brought his younger brother Daniel home, it was Daniel this, Daniel that and when their parents were occupied, guess who was stuck to babysitting duty?

Harry couldn't help but feeling cut off from his family though he probably was exaggerating just a little. He knew it was ordinary that parents would often dote on babies but that didn't mean he had to like it.

"Okay…" Harry said in a small voice.

"Good man…" James said as he hugged his son tightly and stood up as his wife did the same with the addition of a kiss on both of his cheeks.

"We'll be home soon, Ma." James said politely as an older woman with her dark brown hair tied up with the same brown eyes placed her hands on her grandson's shoulders.

"Be back home soon, James." Said Angela Potter.

"I will, where's dad? You know what Ma, don't bother."

"Your father loves you, despite what you think James." Angela said with a stern tone that made James shrink a little.

"Really? Because all I've remembered are all the times he said I was a disappointment to him just because I didn't want to study law and become an attorney like him and you," James replied bitterly as his wife gave his hand a squeeze, "Not once has he listened to what I want to be or who I want to spend the rest of my life with."

Angela sighed as she remembered how her husband had brusquely ignored their son's invitation to his graduation from the Auror Academy.

"Are you sure you're not coming, Charles? James is graduating." Angela asked, dressed all formally as she approached her husband who was planting some seeds in the garden behind the mansion.

"From Auror Academy." Charles said as if he could care less.

Angela sighed as she kissed her husband's forehead and walked back into the mansion.

Harry watched as her grandmother kissed his father on the cheek before both his parents walked out the door, no longer seeing them as the door closed behind them. Little did he know that this would be the last time he saw his parents with his own two eyes.

"C'mon dear, let's get you to bed with a story…" Angela said warmly.

"Okay grandma." Harry said with a smile as they walked up the stairs, missing Angela's strained smile.

"Goodbye, James…You will feel no pain when the time comes." She thought as she closed the book in her hands, The Tales of Beedle The Bard and kissed her sleeping grandson on the cheek before turning off the lights. Walking past her husband's study, she gently opened the door.

Charles David Potter was a man in his early fifties, his hair was starting to grey at the hairline, and his face was marred by years of fatigue.


"Are they gone yet, Angie?" Charles Potter asked without looking up as he continued to look over the documents he had in his hands on his chair behind his fancy desk.

"They are, Charles but you could have at least said goodbye to your son one last time." Angela replied curtly. Charles sat the documents down on his desk and looked up, his dark brown eyes meeting his wife's lighter ones.

"I tried to get it into his thick skull that he'll end up digging his own grave one day…we both know what's going to happen. The Dark Lord will always find a way even with the Fidelius…based on how accurate your dreams are." Charles said in an even tone, he'd hated Dumbledore the second he met him in his younger years. Always sprouting bullshit about forgiveness, and that pathetic Order of the Phoenix of his, a harmless army that can't kill, an oxymoron if there ever was one.

God knows how many times Albus Dumbledore had tried to recruit the two elder Potters, Charles for the amount of money, influence and power he held and Angela for her Precognition abilities through her dreams. However in the end Dumbledore was always rebuffed. It had always ended up with Charles tempted to hexing the Headmaster of Hogwarts if not for his wife's counsel.

The worst of all was that Dumbledore was the reason he became distant with his son, it was the worst day of his life when his son had announced that he wanted to become an Auror. It was an argument that had nearly escalated to blows and left their already strained relationship beyond repair.

Eight Years Ago

It was a usual family dinner in Potter Mansion, that was until Charles sat his utensils down, looked at his one and only child and said, "So James, now that you have graduated from Hogwarts, what are your plans?"

James fiddled with his steak before meeting his father's penetrating gaze. "I was invited to the Auror Academy with a full scholarship and I want to join."

An icy silence filled the air, as James quickly knew the disappointed and angered expression had appeared on his father's face.

"You're going to decline and apply for Wizarding Law School. I will not have the Potter name playing lapdog for the ministry." Charles said in a crushing tone.

"That's not fair dad! I'm not you… I can help people with my abilities." James argued back.

"You can help people by becoming an attorney and earn a much larger pay." Charles' voice rising, a trait that only happened when he was enraged which only seemed to rise in the presence of his son's rebellious nature.


"You should be thankful that I have decided to let your relationship with Miss Lily Evans to thrive. You know I can make life very difficult for the both of you…"

"Are you threatening us?" James narrowed his eyes and stared with disbelief at his father.

"Charles…James was merely suggesting, weren't you dear?" Angela interrupted, placing a hand on her husband's arm hoping to do some damage control as she too, glared at her son albeit a little more gently.

"I expect the next time we talk, you're able to put these juvenile dreams of playing hero behind you and decide to do something that really matters." Charles said in a tone that effectively ended all argument as he stood up from the head of the table and walked out of the dining room without a backwards look.

"Come to bed, Charles…it's getting late." Angela said and smiled as she watched her husband's eye twitched a little. Despite what he'd thought about his son, Charles found a replacement in his eldest grandson, probably because Harry was so much more like him than James ever was.

After organizing his client's files in a very meticulous manner, though his law firm was now the largest in Wizard Britain and possibly all of Britain, and he had an innumerable amount of employees beneath him; work still seemed to be unlimited. The elder Potter left his study and joined his wife, but not before reactivating the precaution wards around his desk and the entire room.

That night, Angela had the same dream, a tall hooded figure with glowing red slit like eyes, flashes of green light and her son and daughter-in-law dropping dead to the floor.

2 Months later

"Grandma! We're home…" Harry called out as he entered the Mansion's kitchen where Angela was baking her grandson's favorite chocolate chip cookies. Turning around, she embraced him.

"Did you have fun with grandpa?" She asked.

Harry nodded, "Grandpa and I caught so many fish." Harry said with a smile that reached his eyes.

"I'm sure you did dear, but go take a shower first before you catch a fever…" Angela replied and watched as the small boy walked with a straight and confident posture out of the kitchen.

She couldn't help but laugh as she saw her husband walking into the kitchen in his fisherman attire, it looked utterly ridiculous each time he wore it. It didn't fit him at all.

"Angie, we've talked about this…I can't go fishing in an expensive three piece suit nor in my Wizengamot robes." Charles explained to his laughing wife, not seeing what was so funny as he sat the icebox filled with fish, which he had strapped on his shoulder right next to the sink.

"Binky." A little creature, three feet tall, with spindly arms and legs and an oversized head and bulging blue eyes the size of tennis balls appeared with a crack.

"Yes Master."

"Would you be so kind as to prepare these salmon and trout for dinner?"

"Of course, sir. Binky will start right away." The small female elf said bowing before scurrying off to start her preparations.

Dinner was a joyous affair for Harry, as his grandfather recounted the battles he'd fought in the war against Grindelwald much to his grandmother's disapproval.

"Did you really take care of twenty dark-wizards all by yourself grandpa?" Harry asked with wide eyes a mixture of awe and disbelief in his tone. But before Charles could ask whether his grandson would like to see it via his pensieve and scar his still intact childlike innocence, Angela interrupted with a clearing of her throat.

"Your grandfather is an immensely powerful wizard…I'm sure he did." She said while casting a warning stare at Charles, who merely looked back at her.

The days passed by quick and slow for Harry, it seemed that time would completely stopped when he missed the company of his parents. Sure, he loved his grandparents but it just wasn't the same. But he couldn't do anything about it except attend a private Muggle school and excel at everything, like his grandfather had expected him to do as a Potter.

Normally six year olds weren't old enough to attend school yet but because Harry was able to write and read as well as able to do maths prematurely, he was accepted which pleased both elder Potters, knowing that their grandson was well above average intelligence.

Aside from that, Charles Potter had appointed tutors to teach his grandson about the laws and etiquettes of the wizard world and what was expected of him as the future Lord of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter.

He'd also cashed in a personal favor from a top Unspeakable named Croaker to teach his grandson Occlumency and Legilimency since he knew the meddling old man residing in Hogwarts would no doubt, attempt to read Harry's mind. After James had effectively disappointed him, choosing to disobey the plans he'd set for him, he had hopes that his grandson would be different.

In addition, whenever there was a social gathering Harry would dress up in his little tuxedo and bowtie and followed his grandfather as he introduced people with great importance and influence to his heir. These gatherings were all about meeting the right people and making sure those people remembered your name when it mattered.

Harry wasn't require to do anything in these gatherings but stand straight next to his grandfather but to Charles' approval, shot the right questions towards the right people.

As Harry went to these gatherings, he had soon found out the cruel nature of this planet, power, influence and wealth were the only things that mattered were made abundantly clear.

For other children of Harry's age, such things like social gatherings with some of the most powerful people on the planet were probably not going to happen in their lifetimes but Charles had told him that he was not like other children, that he was more special than others, even amongst children who could do magic and would one day become someone of great significance. That thought, more than any other propelled Harry to excel at his studies and pay extra attention at his lessons, hoping to prove to his grandfather that his faith in him was justified.

So far, he did well, evident as Charles shot him a proud look as Harry showed him the perfect scores in each his classes in muggle school as well as his teacher rambling on and on about Harry's great learning attitude during a parent-student conference despite his age disadvantage.

Then the day came, Harry returned from school from and stepped out of the car as his chauffeur, a young man in his late twenties with brown hair and brown eyes named Max opened the door for him. Harry thanked him and unlocked the door of the mansion, he'd notice there was a black motorcycle and frowned.

"Grandma, I'm home!" He called out. At the entrance to the living room, he saw his grandmother rocking a bundle of blankets and he knew that his days of peace were all but over.

Next to his grandmother was a man dressed in hooded robes, Harry couldn't make out much of their conversation because it was in such low voices.

"Thank you for bringing him over, Nathan."

"It's the least I could m'am."

"Were you seen?"

"No. I made sure there were no witnesses."

"Good." With that, the hooded man that his grandmother called Nathan walked towards the entrance of the living room and past Harry without a look.

"Where's mum and dad?" Harry asked, looking around. Angela placed Daniel into his crib before kneeling down before Harry and embracing him hard.

"Your parents are gone, Hadrian…he found them." Harry froze in his grandmother's embrace.

"It's a terrible tragedy…" Angela watched as Harry left the living room, dragging his backpack with him, no doubt to his room. Dropping his backpack at the foot of his racing car bed, the six year old fell back on his bed.

At first he tried to deny it, that his grandmother was wrong and that his parents weren't gone but after a couple days of moping, he'd snapped out of it, accepted it after his grandfather told him that moping around wasn't going to change anything and that Potter men were stronger than this.

When he had asked why Voldemort went after his parents in the first place, his grandmother had simply told him that everyone had a role to play, which didn't make a lot of sense to a young kid like Harry.

Though Harry had mixed feelings about his baby brother, he couldn't help but laugh as little Daniel smeared baby food all over both his cheeks.

"Maybe this little brother might not be so bad after all." He thought to himself as Daniel gurgled and made baby noises at him. Though he was only a baby, he'd clearly inherited the dark brown hair like so many of Potters in the past but their mother's green eyes, much like himself and Angela had commented on how similar Harry was to Daniel when he was a baby save the weird lightning bolt shaped scar on his younger brother.

Five Years later

"Hey look its dumb Potty." Daniel was swinging himself on the swings and gulped as he heard the voice of Mathew Bradley, the bully of his muggle school who was a year or two older than him. Daniel had ratted him out after discovering Matthew and his gang was threatening younger kids for their lunch money.

"Boys, I believe dumb Daniel here needs a review session." The lead bully said, cracking his knuckles and stepping forward grabbed the smaller boy by the scruff of his shirt and pulled back a fist while his friends cheered him on. Daniel closed his eyes tightly for the inevitable punch but to his surprise, it never came.

Opening his eyes slightly, he saw that Matthew Bradley was the one who had the scruff his shirt grabbed by an enraged Harry Potter.

"Leave…my…brother…alone." The towering boy glowered and flung the bully onto the ground, hard. "This is your only warning…lay a finger on my brother and you'll all wish that you were dead when I'm through with you." Harry said with a menacing glare that caused the bullies to shake in fear and scurry off.

"Harry!" Daniel cried and wrapped his small, skinny arms around his hero's waist, to him Harry would always be his hero, the brother he looked up to and his closest friend, one that he could confide anything with despite their age difference.

"C'mon, kid…let's go home. Grandma's bound to be worried sick." Harry said with a tired sigh and the two brothers started to walk back home, with little Daniel treading a little behind him due to his legs being much shorter than his older brothers'. Though he had aged five years, his hair remained dark and slightly messy just like it always was, his eyesight was still perfect and he was taller now. Daniel on the other hand had dark hair that refused to be tamed, a bit scrawny, the same green eyes as his older brother and had developed a lopsided smile.

True to Harry's word, their grandmother freaked out when she'd heard about David being bullied while Charles merely told Daniel to toughen up because his older brother might not always be there for him which shocked the younger Potter.

"Harry?" Harry sighed as he heard his little brother at the entrance of his room. Putting down the assignment that his tutors had assigned him onto his desk, Harry turned to face Daniel from his chair.

"Is grandpa telling the truth?" The younger Potter asked in a small voice. Clearly, the idea of his older brother not always being around him had not occur to him at all.

"Look, Danny…" Harry began and stopped when he saw his brother staring at him with big green eyes, hoping that his brother won't really leave, "Yeah…I'll be away for bit, boarding school...although I prefer staying here with the tutors and continue to learn much more advanced magic, grandfather believes that it'll be a great opportunity to make some alliances and connections with some of the other people there." He finished with a shrug.

Seeing that his brother was looking down at the floor, Harry stood up, placed a hand on Daniel's shoulder, squatted down and said, "It won't be long, I promise I'll be back on Christmas…" Seeing that his little brother needed an extra incentive, Harry added, "What if, I took you flying tomorrow morning?"

Immediately, Daniel looked up to his smiling brother and a smile that threatened to split his small face appeared.

"Really?" He asked.

"Yes, really…if you promise to be good when I'm gone." Harry nodded.

"I promise." Daniel vowed, sticking out his pinky, Harry smiled at his younger brother's childlike naiveté, the kid still believed in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy for Pete's sake.

Ruffling Daniel's hair, he guided his younger brother to his own bedroom, said goodnight before leaving the bedtime story job for his grandmother as she came into the room.

Harry cringed as Angela kissed him on the forehead; it was amazing that he'd use to like it before but not so much now. Returning to his room, he sat back down on his chair and picking up a pencil, resumed working on his assignments.

The next morning, Harry was sleeping motionlessly in his bed, breathing lightly as the door to his room opened, the sounds of feet scurrying disturbed the complete silence as Daniel crept slowly towards the side of his older brother's bed with an 'evil' smile.

Then in his biggest voice the little boy cried out, "BOOO!"

"AAAAHHHHHH!" Was all that came from the older boy as he fell out of his bed in a heap at the foot of his little brother. Daniel, who was giggling, yelped as his older brother placed him in a headlock and was only released when he said he was sorry which came rather quick, taking the fun out of it for Harry.

As soon as he'd put on a shirt, some jeans and a coat, Harry and Daniel slowly crept out of the dark house to the backyard with Daniel almost accidently knocking their grandmother's favorite vase from its perch if it were not for Harry catching it before it could reach the floor.

"Alright, get on." Harry said, kneeling down on one knee. Daniel jumped onto his brother's back with a shout of joy.

"Talk about being clingy." Harry thought as he double-checked that his brother was safely tucked on his back.

"K, hold on tight Dan…" Daniel's small arms tightened around his brother's neck at the instruction. Harry bent his knees and shot into the air breaking the sound barrier. He'd discovered his ability to fly after his first burst of accidental magic when his muggle friend had accidentally pushed him from his tree house and it stayed with him since, much to the frustration of many St. Mungo's healers.

It didn't bother him very much, it was a part of who he was and it was way better than flying on a broom too. The two brothers merely marveled at the city beneath them, no words could be used to explain the beauty of the scene.

Luckily for them it was still early, the sun had just risen bathing both of them in an orange light, it was rather peaceful and quiet as they flew around in the skies of London. Soon, Harry flew them back to the large backyard behind their home, much to Daniel's protest.

Landing back on his feet in a vertical manner, Harry plopped Daniel back to his feet and saw his grandfather walking towards them dressed in an expensive looking black suit with a long dark blue tie.

As Harry grew older, Charles seemed to have less time to spend with him as the Potter patriarch was always away on business trips, meetings with the heads of other highly influential magical families or just locked himself in his study with a bottle of bourbon.

Even so, Charles was still a role model and hero that Harry idolized. Time with his grandfather had greatly diminished after he had ruthlessly ousted Cornelius Fudge from the position of Minister for Magic, calling in a vote of no confidence shortly after Sirius Black, a close friend of his son's was not given a trial at all in addition to acquiring information that the Minister had been receiving bribes from Heads of several dark families.

Needless to say, Charles made them fall off the face of the planet permanently and replaced them with puppets he could string for his own reasons, setting a harsh example and warning to everyone that he was watching them.

Furthermore, Charles eventually became Minister for Magic for three terms, spending one as Interim Minister before stepping down as Lady Amelia Bones of the Noble House of Bones and former Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement replaced him, becoming the first ever female Minister for Magic.

"Good Morning, grandfather." Harry politely greeted the Potter patriarch.

Charles nodded before speaking in his ever-strong voice, "You will be going to Diagon Alley today with me to pick up things you need for Hogwarts, and your classes will be cancelled today."

Harry was ecstatic that his grandfather had pulled time out of his impossibly busy schedule for him. Noticing Harry's smile, Charles smirked and told him to change into something nice.

Walking up the stairs and into his room, he saw that his grandmother had already picked out his clothes: khaki pants, a blue shirt, a navy blue sports jacket and a bright red tie. He didn't argue and since his grandmother was somewhat of a fashionista, simply changed into the clothes.

"You look handsome…now have a good day." Angela said, stroking Harry on the cheek when he finished before leading him down the stairs.

Charles nodded as Harry came down the stairs, taking a glimpse of his watch and walked out the door, with his eldest grandson treading behind him.

"Leaky Cauldron, Max…"

"Of course, sir." Max replied as he ignited the engine of their car and stepped on the gas pedal.

The trip through muggle London was filled with silence as Harry stared out from behind the car window. "I heard from Ellington that you're doing exceptionally well on your silent casting…nicely done." Harry inwardly beamed at the praise but his outlook remained calm as he simply nodded.

"Will Sirius be at King's Cross tomorrow?" Harry asked.

"Maybe..." Charles replied, few knew that Sirius Black was currently a spy for him against Dumbledore. It was the deal they'd made when Charles offered to be his attorney when the Lord of the House of Black was accused of betraying his son and daughter-in-law to the Dark Lord. He'd considered it one of his greatest moves, killing two birds with one stone, offing Fudge and gaining an informant.

As they stopped on Charing Cross Road, Charles told Max to wait for an hour and a half and got off the car with Harry in toll. Harry cleared all emotions on his face as he walked into the pub after his grandfather, it still amazed him how Charles could do it so effortlessly but then again, his grandfather had his emotionless mask on all the time when he's not sleeping.

Charles and Harry said nothing as Tom, the slightly hunchbacked landlord bowed at them and walked right passed him. As they approached the rear of the Wizarding pub, Charles' wand slid down from the holster secured on his forearm and into his hand as he turned to his confused grandson, who was staring at dull brick wall.

"Watch carefully." Charles said as he tapped several specific bricks in a counter-clockwise order. To Harry's surprise, the bricks rearranged themselves, forming a doorway which both Potters stepped through.

"What do you reckon I get first, grandfather?" Harry asked amidst the large crowds around them.

"Your grandmother pre-ordered your books and they should be getting here by lunch time…though I think its a waste of space in your bookshelf as you know everything in those a long time ago," Charles replied gruffly, "I suppose we'll go to Madam Malkin's first for your robes…thank Merlin your grandmother isn't here…we'll definitely be here till dinner."

Harry grinned as his grandfather threw him a look that said you-know-what-I'm-talking-about, it certainly held a degree of truth as they walked towards a shop that had a large sign labeled Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions.

After being measured by Madam Malkin and requesting his robes be made from Acromantula silk, Charles led Harry to the Apothecary to buy his potion kit before heading off to Magical Menagerie.

"Think of it as early birthday present." Charles explained when Harry asked him of the occasion and awkwardly stood still as his grandson hugged him, he wasn't known as the most touchiest person.

Harry browsed through the shop thoroughly and ended up choosing an adorable Chocolate Point Himalayan cat with the bluest eyes he'd ever seen.

"What shall I call you? You are a girl." Harry said, stroking the cat's incredibly soft and cringed when it swipe his cheeks with a paw. "How bout Kara?"

"Meow!" Kara purred with agreement at the name.

"We're not going to Ollivander's, grandfather?" Harry asked as Charles took his hand as they headed towards the entrance of a darker alley.

"No, you'll be getting something even better. Keep your head down and don't let go of my hand." Was all he said they walked through the shifty alley. Arriving in front of an old shop, Charles opened the door and a ring could be heard.

"Charles…my old friend, it has been a long time." An elderly man with a head full of grey hair said with his back facing towards them.

"Too long, Robert..." Harry watched as his grandfather walked up to the store owner and shook hands, his grandfather rarely shook hands, unless if it were a close friend or someone with great influence.

"This is Hadrian, my grandson…" Charles beckoned Harry towards him.

"Ah yes, the eldest…you are very lucky young man, I do not craft wands anymore due to my retirement but your grandfather did save my life and funded for my shop…come now, we have much to do." The elderly man, Robert said in a calm, quiet voice as Charles and Harry followed the experience wandcrafter into the back room. After touching several types of wood, elder would be used for his wand.

"Now…the core of your wand...Norwegian Ridgeback heartstring and…dear me, tail hair of a Black Unicorn." The old wand crafter gasped.

"They exist sir?" Harry asked, wide eyed, he had thought that Black Unicorns were only a myth as they were rarely, if ever, seen.

"All myths and legends carry a tiny patch of truth…regardless of its validity." Robert explained and turned towards Harry, "Very rarely does a wizard or witch have more than one core within their wand...your future would surely be an interesting one to look forward to." Harry nodded, not knowing fully what the crafter was saying.

Turning his glance towards Charles, who'd remained stoic the entire time, Robert said softly, "It will be ready tomorrow…I shall endeavor to finish as soon as possible."

"That is acceptable…" Charles said, digging out a cheque from the inner pocket of his suit when Robert shook his head.

"I have more than enough gold, Charles…just giving me this rare opportunity is enough."

"As you wish." The elder Potter replied as he took his grandson's hand and the two left the shop. Harry barely realized it as he suddenly felt like being squeezed into a tube as he and his grandfather disappeared.

As they found themselves in the back on Charing Cross Road, Charles had wandlessly casted a powerful not-notice me charms on himself and Harry when they had left Knockturn Alley.

Max was waiting diligently and opened the door to their car as Harry and his new fluffy companion climbed in.

"I won't be going home with you Harry, as I have an appointment. Take him home, Max." Charles said and walked off, disappearing into the Leaky Cauldron.

"Meow." Kara meowed, as Harry scratched her ears.

"You'll love our house…lots of space for you, though try not to scratch the sofas…I only just got you." Harry said, staring into Kara's large blue eyes.

"Meow." Was it him or was that Kara seemed to understood as she nodded. He could tell that his newest friend was excited because Kara had leapt from his arms towards the floor as soon as he unlocked the front door of the mansion.

Suddenly a screech of a bird could be heard as Harry found himself fending off talons aimed at his face, "Oof, Hedwig, not the face..."

The snowy white owl that had been assaulting her master's face hooted indignantly.

"No, I swear, she isn't here to replace you…really!" Harry pleaded.

Angela merely smiled as she heard the ruckus and saw her grandson was being attacked by his owl while his new cat was trying to capture his attention by pawing his leg. Yep, Harry will definitely be a huge hit with the ladies when he became older, she didn't need to a dream to verify it.

France, Paris

"Bon après-midi, Seigneur Potter (Good afternoon, Lord Potter)" A house-elf greeted appeared at the door.

"Le bon après-midi, Madame Delacour m'attend. (Good Afternoon, Lady Delacour is expecting me.)" Charles replied in fluent French.

"Je le prendrai d'ici, Marly. (I will take it from here, Marly)." A melodic voice intruded.

"Oui, Madame. (Yes, Madam.)" The house-elf, Marly replied before disappearing with a crack.

Alana Lefèvre smiled charmingly towards Charles, whose face remained completely emotionless, even in the midst of her Veela Allure. It was such a shame that he was already married and was in love with his wife before they had met, men who were immune to the allure of a full-blooded Veela were rare.

"It is so good to see you again, Charles…how is Angela?" Alana asked, tossing her silver hair and switching to fluent English as they walked silently through the large French-styled mansion.

"Likewise, Angela is well as she always is." Charles replied politely.

"Grand-mère, je l'ai fait! (Grandmother, I did it!)" A younger, female voice called out that was soon followed by a small girl with long silver blonde hair that reached her shoulders, smooth white shining skin with cerulean blue eyes. It was certain that she would be incredibly gorgeous when she grew up.

"Fleur! Je suis avec un invité en ce moment. (Fleur! I am with a guest at the moment.) " Alana said sternly but smiled nevertheless when she saw the glowing flames dancing on her granddaughter's palms.

Fleur Delacour shot her grandmother a downcast look and extinguished the flames in her hands but straightened up when she noticed Charles, "Seigneur Potter! Je fais des excuses pour ma violence. (Lord Potter! I apologize for my rudeness)"

"Il est bien. (It is alright)" Charles replied.

"Est-il 'Arry ici ? (Is Harry here?)" Fleur asked, eyes darting looking for her closest friend.

"J'ai peur pas, mais je suis sûr que vous pouvez venir pour le dîner avant qu'il commence l'école." (I am afraid not, but I am sure you can come over for dinner before he starts school.) Charles said much to the younger girl's delight.

"So, how is Harry?" Alana asked as she led her guest to the terrace behind the mansion and sat down on a chair as Charles took a seat across from her, a small crystal table sat in between them.

She had met the young boy on countless occasions and was surprised that a child his age was taking things seriously, he'd make a fine, ambitious politician like his grandfather.

"Angela tells me that Harry will be ready to play his part." Charles replied, crossing his legs.

"She's been wrong before." Alana said with some satisfaction, Angela and her have never seen eye to eye, well Alana thought she was probably right when Angela had subtlety accused her of attempting to seduce her husband.

"Meaning what?" Charles asked, one eyebrow rose. Alana didn't reply as Marly appeared with a pop, placing two saucers with two expensive looking tea cups onto the table with a teapot then disappeared into thin air with a crack.

"I think that you are betting on the wrong brother." Alana said as she poured rich, steamy black tea into Charles cup.

"You're talking about Daniel? Don't be mistaken; Angela and I love him. The-Boy-Who-Lived, he may be but he can hardly take care of himself…he's ruled by insecurities, he's weak. No, when the time comes, Hadrian will be the one the world turns to." Charles replied.

"What of the prophecy, he will have powers the Dark Lord knows not…you do know he's the only one capable of defeating the Dark Lord…" Alana asked as she sipped her tea.

"I haven't seen anything extraordinary that sets him apart yet…I'll personally handle his training soon but it will matter little I fear." Charles said bitterly.


"Because my wife keeps dreaming that he'll die." Alana couldn't help but cover her mouth with a hand, it was terrible knowing that your grandchild will die but what was worst was knowing that nothing will change it.

"I am sorry Charles…" Alana said softly as she placed her perfectly manicured one on top of Charles'. "So am I…Alana….so am I." He replied.

"You have everything you need, dear?" Angela asked as Harry walked down the stairs in long black pants, a grey v-neck t-shirt and a dark blue waistcoat.

"Yup." Harry said, setting down Hedwig, who was in her cage, glaring at Kara who was in her master's arms. Harry took out his shrunken trunk and showed it to his grandmother before placing it back into his pocket.

Charles had locked himself in his study as usual, only saying a brief farewell to his grandson at the end of breakfast.

Daniel, being the clingy brother he was, had begged his grandmother to send off his older brother at the train station. King's Cross Station was hectic as people bustled to board their respective trains. Gripping Daniel's hand tightly and with Harry walking next to her, they maneuvered past the large crowds of people.

"Grandma, how do we get to a platform that doesn't exist?" Daniel asked in his child-like voice.

"Simple, it's a school for the extraordinary, therefore…" Harry didn't bother to finish his sentence as he walked into a particular large pillar between platforms nine and ten and disappeared into it. Reappearing out on the other side onto a busy crowded platform, Harry merely gazed at the head of the black and red Hogwarts Express as his grandmother and his younger brother appeared beside him.

"Grandfather explained it me." Harry said as he saw Angela's questioning look.

"Of course…I would not be surprised if Charles had already told him about the sorting ceremony." She thought as they maneuvered through the crowds, she was glad that her hair stylist had deliberately cut her grandson's hair to hide that hideous looking scar of his.

It seemed to be working as nobody paid attention to them, well; maybe it was also the blending charm she had casted on the three of them. They reached the head compartment of the train where they saw another couple and a young girl with bubblegum pink hair, pale skin, and a heart shaped face with dark, twinkling eyes.

"Andromeda." Angela said with acknowledgement with a subtlest amount of dislike in her voice, Dumbledore supporters were ranked rock bottom no matter what status.

"Angela." Andromeda replied politely, her eyes focusing on Harry and for the briefest moment, she thought she had seen Charles Potter in the boy's cold green eyes.

"Hello Hadrian, you have certainly grown since the last time we have met." She said as she held out her hand.

"I would certainly hope so m'am, it is a pleasure to meet you again…" Harry replied politely, shaking her hand while never breaking eye contact. Andromeda couldn't help but think how out of character the boy was, there was no real emotion on the boy's face and his stance betrayed nothing. But then again, he grew under Angela and Charles, their disciplinary and expectations were legendary according to James and Sirius.

"Hello Nymphadora, it has been a long time." Harry greeted the glaring pink haired girl.

"Don't call me Nymphadora." She gritted and her face grew red as Harry merely tilted his head and sent her a look that clearly said, "Does it look like I give a damn?"

"You sure you have everything you need dear?" Angela asked one last time, pulling her grandson's attention from the pink haired girl.

"Yes grandmother." Harry replied, setting down Hedwig's cage before giving his grandmother one big hug. Turning to Daniel, who was sniffing slightly, Harry rolled his eyes and embraced him tightly.

"Come here, pipsqueak." Despite his little brother being too clingy and annoying at times, being with Daniel was the only time when he truly felt like himself, not the promising grandson of Charles Potter, the future Lord Potter, the child genius. But of course, he'd never tell his baby brother this, not that Daniel would understand if he did.

"You promise to write?" Daniel asked.

"Everyday if you want." He replied and the briefest hint of a smile appeared on his face and ruffled the smaller boy's hair when he saw his brother smiling his lopsided smile.

Taking Kara from his grandmother, the future Lord Potter stepped into the Hogwarts Express. Daniel watched from the station as the red and black train slowly departed, he didn't really liked the idea of spending several months with just his grandparents; there was nothing wrong, no, he loved his grandma and grandpa.

It was just that the giant mansion would be a lot quieter and colder without his big brother, his grandpa was always away or in his room which he was forbidden to go near and his grandma was a girl. Like all little boys his age, he didn't play with girls, which earned him a gentle flick to his forehead when his grandmother had ask the reason for him only socializing with boys in his Kindergarten class.

On board the Hogwarts Express, which was racing pass stretches of green fields, Harry instantly recognized several of his friends as they waved warmly towards him from inside a compartment.

"Took you long enough Potter." A slender, tanned skinned Italian girl with hazel brown eyes, cherry red lips, aristocratic facial features and dark, long curly hair cascading down to her shoulders said as she hugged the smirking boy. The girl was wearing skinny designer jeans, expensive looking shoes and a lavender blouse.

"Easy there, Zabini….let him breathe." A blonde haired boy with icy blue eyes with high cheekbones and a prominent chin said with a grin as Cristina Zabini shot him a glare and released Harry. Like Cristina, the boy wore expensive looking clothes, which consisted with blue Converse shoes, long black pants, a white t-shirt with a silver sports jacket over it.

"Thanks for the save, Jonathan. Though I suspect Kara would be more thankful." True to Harry's word, the chocolate point Himalayan cat merely looked irritated, evident that it did not like being smothered between Harry and the future Zabini heiress as Harry sat her down beside him.

"I can't believe I'm finally going to Hogwarts, though I do feel sorry for my father. He'll have to hold the fort alone against mother as well as Daphne and Astoria." Jonathan Greengrass said with a smirk, which was returned by Harry.

"Men…you're so lucky to have two sisters, beats better than having a brother who acts like a brick wall all the time." Cristina said, tossing her dark hair.

"Trust me Harry, whenever we go to a mall of any sort…its absolute hell." Jonathan said in a mock conspiracy voice.

"I can personally vouch for him…" Harry, Jonathan and Cristina all turned to the voice at the door of their compartment, it belonged to a skinny boy with fair brown hair with matching brown eyes.

"Roger…I see you have recovered from the fatigue from the battle that day." Jonathan greeted his friend with a nod.

"Yes I have, I told you it would be a bad idea to bring my sister along, you know how hyper Tracey gets when she is with Daphne and especially in a mall of all places," Roger replied then turned towards Harry, "Ah, the great Lord Potter graces us with his presence. Behold all that tremble in his might." Harry smirked as Roger gave a mock bow, before sitting down next to Jonathan.

"How's Daniel, Harry?" Cristina asked, she had met the smaller Potter on several occasions when a social gathering was held at the Potter's huge mansion and thought he was a very sweet and sensitive little brother.

"Yeah, how's the midget doing?" Jonathan added, and cringed as Cristina kicked him hard on the shin.

"Well, I don't know how he'll cope…we've always been through everything together, as a team. But he's gotta grow up someday and be his own man." Harry said, echoing the words of his grandfather. Soon the four childhood friends were chatting excitingly about the houses at Hogwarts.

"Ravenclaw." Roger replied, twirling his long bang of hair.

"Ravenclaw or Slytherin, mother was a Ravenclaw while father was in Slytherin. I'll be satisfied if I landed if either one." Jonathan said.

"I don't know…all Zabinis have been in Slytherin or Ravenclaw in recent years, my mother was Slytherin. Did you know Harry, your grandmother, Angela Zabini was a Ravenclaw herself." Cristina said to Harry, who showed no surprise. His grandmother had always been a knowledgeable woman. He knew his grandmother was a Zabini even before meeting Cristina. All purebloods were related to each other, one way or another.

"What house do you think you'll be in Harry?" Jonathan asked. Harry thought long and hard as he narrowed his eyes. True, both his parents were both Gryffindors and most children ended in the same house as their parents, though he wish it wouldn't be true in his case.

Though Charles had extensively explained all four founding members of Hogwarts, he caught the subtle hint that his grandfather didn't want him to end up in Gryffindor. Harry figured that it had something to do with his father, but never dared to voice it, his father was an extremely sore subject for his grandfather.

"I hope…I hope that I don't land in Gryffindor, hopefully I will end up in Ravenclaw like grandmother or Slytherin like grandfather." His friends all nodded with understanding, though they were all the eldest and heirs to a Noble House, Harry by far, had the strictest upbringing out of all of them.

"Your grandfather is really scary at times…" Cristina said in a rare soft voice.

"Tina, you're exaggerating…my grandfather may appear frightening, strict and an insensitive control freak but he does care." Harry replied, stroking Kara as she mewled and handing Hedwig some owl treats, who was glaring indignantly at the cat in Harry's lap.

After some more idle chitchat, an announcement echoed through the train, telling the students to leave their luggage on the train and change into their school robes. Cristina actually magically blindfolded her three male friends to change before removing them with a flick of her wand, sticking out her tongue at them as they glared at her. The train slowed down and finally stopped.

Harry had to, to his reluctance, leave Kara who was pouting at him to not leave her and Hedwig, who was hooting angrily at him, much to the amusement of Jonathan and Roger.

The four first years found themselves on a dark, small platform. Though the air was cold, all of them had applied the heating charm, which they had learnt from their elders. Cristina had told them that she had even learnt several other curses from her mother to prevent unwanted advances from other boys.

All of them instantly backed away from her, knowing that all of Lady Zabini's husbands all died of 'mysterious' causes, leaving their fortune to her and her children, which, Harry had to admit, was more than he had estimated.

They saw a lamp bobbling over the heads of students; and the four first years gulped as they saw a giant of a man, about eight feet tall with a large black beard, and small beetle eyes.

"Firs' years! Firs' years over here!" He yelled and a bunch of students with no house badges walked over.

"C'mon, follow me, any more firs' years? You all mind yer step! Follow me! I'm Rubeus Hagrid, Groundskeeper here at Hogwarts."

"You don't suppose he's…" Roger asked, face white.

"I think so, yeah…" Jonathan retorted, face just as white. Walking cautiously, they followed Hagrid down a steep, narrow path. It was so dark that Cristina almost tripped and fell down if Harry hadn't caught her, to her embarrassment.

"Yeh'll get yer firs' sight o' Hogwarts in a sec," The part-giant said.

"Jus' round here."

"Oooooooooh." Harry and his three friends weren't part of it as they stared at the castle. It was merely a castle, nothing special, however his first flight without a broom, which was truly a spectacle.

"No more 'n four to a boat!" Hagrid explained, his finger pointing to a fleet of little boats sitting in the water by the shore. Harry, Jonathan, Roger and Cristina took one boat and waited patiently, while the other first years scurried to find a boat with excitement.

"Everyone in?" Shouted Hagrid, who was on a boat of his own. "Right then! FORWARD!"

As the fleet of boats sailed quietly and smoothly, no one was speaking as everyone, well, almost everyone was staring at the towering castle.

"Heads down!" Hagrid yelled as his boat reached the cliff. Everyone bent their heads as the boats carried them through a curtain of ivy that hid a wide opening in the face of the cliff. After sailing through a dark tunnel, the boats stopped at an underground harbor of sorts and the students disembarked. They scrabbled up a passageway in the rock after Hagrid's lamp. After walking up a flight of stone steps, they crowded around the huge oak, front door. Hagrid banged on the door three times with his gigantic fist. The doors swung open, revealing a tall, elderly stern witch in emerald green robes.

"The firs' years, Professor McGonagall." Hagrid announced.

"Thank you, Hagrid, I will take them from here." McGonagall informed him. Harry and his group remained quiet and followed Professor McGonagall as she introduced herself as well as the four houses at Hogwarts and the points system.

Then she left them in a small, empty chamber off the hall. Harry looked around to focus on the other first years and gave a slight wave as he saw Nora Moon and Belinda Turpin, two friends he'd met through his social gatherings as they waved back.

Nora had long shiny blonde hair with gentle blue eyes, a defined face and a slender neck with manicured nails. It had taken quite a while for Harry to get through her shyness, he'd remember that Nora would use to sit quietly in a chair reading some sort of children's book whenever there was a social gathering, her parents were huge in the fashion and the perfume industry.

Belinda Turpin was the opposite of Nora, she had tanner skin due to her interests in sports and was more out going than her introverted best friend, her father worked at the Nimbus Corporation whereas her mother was a retired Quidditch player who was now one of the top directors for the professional Quidditch team, the Holyhead Harpies. Her doe like grayish blue eyes sparkled when she saw Harry waving at her.

Harry checked his watch, a brand new Rolex his grandmother had bought him for his eleventh birthday. Moments later, McGonagall returned, holding a roll of parchment.

"Now, form a line," She ordered them, "and follow me."

Standing with confidence and straight Harry walked out the small chamber, following the professor into the Great Hall. It was much more impressive than the Entrance Hall, or the small chamber they left moments before.

It was lit by thousands and thousands of candles that were floating in midair over four long tables, where the rest of the students were sitting, the tables were laid with glittering golden plates and goblets. At the top of the hall was another long table where the teachers were sitting.

"Ah, so there's the old delusional imbecile grandfather despises so much. Not so cocky now, are you? without your extra tittles you old bastard." Harry thought as his eyes located Dumbledore, since his grandfather had exonerated his godfather Sirius, the Potter patriarch moved his sight to Dumbledore after 'disposing' Fudge.

Dumbledore's support plummeted as soon as Charles Potter, that time as Minister revealed to the entire Wizengamot that Dumbledore had essentially created Voldemort from the one known as Tom Marvolo Riddle and did nothing to stop him when it would have been easy during his school years.

It didn't take long for Dumbledore to be stripped of all tittles save the one of being Headmaster of Hogwarts, since the Wizengamot and Ministry had no authority over the school much to Charles' displeasure.

"Nice robes. Where'd you get them? At a children's costume store? " He thought sarcastically, noting the purple robes with moons and stars embroidered to them.

Speaking of moons and stars, Harry noticed that the ceiling was a velvety black dotted with glittering stars. It was as if the ceiling opened to the heavens. His gaze snapped back to McGonagall, who had silently place a four-legged stool in front of the first years. On top of the stool, was a pointed wizard's hat. This hat was patched, frayed, and extremely dirty. Harry crossed his arms and his eyes narrowed as the hat twitched. A rip near the brim opened wide like a mouth, and the hat began to sing:

"Oh, you may not think I'm pretty,

But don't judge on what you see,

I'll eat myself if you can find

A smarter hat than me.

You can keep your bowlers black,

Your top hats sleek and tall,

For I'm the Hogwarts Sorting Hat

And I can cap them all.

There's nothing hidden in your head

The Sorting Hat can't see,

So try me on and I will tell you

Where you ought to be.

You might belong in Gryffindor,

Where dwell the brave at heart,

Their daring, nerve, and chivalry Set Gryffindors apart;

You might belong in Hufflepuff,

Where they are just and loyal,

Those patient Hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil;

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,

If you've a ready mind,

Where those of wit and learning,

Will always find their kind;

Or perhaps in Slytherin

You'll make your real friends,

Those cunning folk use any means

To achieve their ends.

So put me on! Don't be afraid!

And don't get in a flap!

You're in safe hands (though I have none)

For I'm a Thinking Cap!"

Harry blocked the song and applause out as he simply wondered if he would get sorted soon. Professor McGonagall now stepped forward and unrolled the roll of parchment she had been carrying.

As the students around him were being called up to the stool and had the hat placed on the top of their heads by McGonagall, Harry felt some tension growing in his stomach. He gave a mere nod when Roger had been called up and the hat yelled, "RAVENCLAW!"

Loud applause echoed the hall, the gut sinking feeling got worse when his other friend, Jonathan, walked calmly and sat down on the stool and the hat had only slightly touched the blonde boy's hair before it yelled out, "SLYTHERIN!"

Several names later, Harry heard McGonagall call out, "POTTER, HADRIAN."

Composing himself and sealing his mind, he walked towards the stool, which seemed so far from him, the air was quiet as death save a few eyes widening at his surname. McGonagall had a strained look on her face as Harry stared at her briefly before sitting down on the stool and the light disappeared before his eyes as the hat was plopped on his head.

"Well, well…what have we here? Very difficult…Oooooooooh, you have much knowledge and ambition…" The hat drawled.

"Every person of significance has both the knowledge and ambition to achieve their goals….and don't presume you know me, hat." Harry growled in his mind.

"True, true…you do remind me a lot of your grandfather when I first sorted him. He was so driven to change the world…and according to the old codger, who unfortunately shares the same office as I, I daresay he succeeded…." The hat snickered in Harry's mind, "But enough idle chatter, let me see what else you have got…hmm, interesting. Your sense of bravery and loyalty only extends to your family."

"Are we done here?" Harry replied with annoyance.

"Fine whelp, you want my conclusion? Your thirst for knowledge narrowly edges your hunger for power and success therefore...you shall be in, RAVENCLAW!"

Harry took off the old, wrinkled hat, causing it to grumble about the rudeness and impatience of today's youth and handed it back to McGonagall who had a slightly sad look etched on her face. In the amidst of thunderous applause from his House, Harry stared at the bronze raven badge within the blue badge as he sat down next to Roger who shook his hand.

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