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Chapter 3: Differences

"Sometimes questions are more powerful than answers. How is this happening? What are they? Why them and not others? Why now? What does it all mean?"

Daniel tried to block out the stares and whisperings directed towards him as his name was called, he hated how everyone thought he was like that guy muggles worshipped, Jesus or something like that. He didn't like it one bit, the stares made him feel like being in a muggle zoo exhibit and he felt uncomfortable.

As he sat down on the stool and the Sorting Hat was placed on his head, he saw his brother amongst the sea of faces staring at him with an indecipherable look on his face.

"Well, what have we here…another Potter." A voice said gruffly.

"Hello Mr. Hat."

"Ah, a Potter with manners…." The hat drawled, "let me see…hmm…yes…very loyal to your brother and friends…the Headmaster wants you in Gryffindor but I beg to differ, the house simply does not suit you." Daniel's hands were turning white as the he heard the hat mumbling to itself in his mind. "Slytheirn? Out of the question…not compatible in the slightest…Ravenclaw, while above average intelligence does not display any aptitude for learning and would be living in brother's shadow if placed in said house." The Sorting Hat said rapidly, "result concluded, you shall be placed in….HUFFLEPUFF!"

Daniel watched as a yellow badge with a badger appeared on his robe as McGonagall plucked the hat off his head. The Hufflepuff house applauded first with much enthusiasm then came Ravenclaw led by his brother and finally Slytherin, which was surprising since they usually kept to themselves. Daniel propped down from the stool and walked towards the Hufflepuff table, taking a seat next to a red haired girl and a girl with blonde pigtails.

"Hello Daniel, I didn't expect you to be sorted here." The girl with blonde pigtails said as soon as Daniel sat down.

"Hi Hannah, Susan…err, I really don't care where I'm placed. The hat said I was very loyal and it decided to place me here." Daniel sputtered a bit, what house did people expect him to be in.

"Hannah! Quit being so rude." Susan reprimanded her best friend and shot Daniel a smile, "I'm glad you're here…thanks for the bracelet." The Bones heiress then pulled her robe sleeve back and Daniel smiled appreciatively as he saw that his friend had wore the present he had given her for her birthday.

"No problem, my brother helped picking it out with me…" The youngest Potter shrugged and grinned when he remember Harry telling him "All women love receiving jewelry, don't let them tell you any different."

Daniel was a bit sad that he wasn't in the same house as his brother as he reflected on the Sorting Hat's words. His grandfather had told him once that one day his brother would not be there for him so he had to get use to accomplishing things on his own and he didn't want to become a liability for his older brother.

Meanwhile, at the Ravenclaw table Harry was chatting with several acquaintances he'd made over the years he'd been at Hogwarts, which consisted of: Min Li, from a very old and wealthy pureblood family in China and the daughter of the Chinese ambassador.

Next to the pretty Asian girl was his friend Cristina Zabini, the next in line for succession of the title of Lady Zabini and half of her mother's worldwide apothecary business.

Then there was Roger, his friend, and the son of the Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs. Harry, of course had alliances and friends from other houses too, but students had to sit at their house tables at the opening and end of term feasts.

"So how did you all do on your O.W.L.S?" Min inquired after Dumbledore had finished making everyone welcomed and food had appeared on all four tables.

"1st in the entire class…with honors." Harry replied casually, not even bothering looking up from his plate of lamb chops.

"I'd be surprised if you weren't…all those hours with Pince in the library." Roger commented sarcastically and grinned when Harry merely raised an eyebrow at him.

"And how did you do? The Great Sir Davis?" The future Lord Potter asked with heavy sarcasm.

"Well enough that my mom didn't bring the roof of our manor down. Fifth…right behind Li, Johnny boy, your bir- I mean girlfriend," Harry looked as if he was going to murder him at the spot as his eyes narrowed, "and the undoable girl." Roger smirked when Cristina kicked him hard on the shin.

"I'll have you know that unlike those common whores I have much higher taste…which sadly none here save one qualify for." Cristina replied as she winked at Harry who simply shot her a poker face.

Despite being friends since they were toddlers, Harry never once had any romantic feelings of any sort toward this girl because of the repercussions if it didn't work out and dying wasn't very high on his priority list regardless to the fact that the beautiful Italian witch had tried to force herself on him several times. While he admitted that it was pretty hot, playing with fire was just plain suicide, he thought as he stared stonily back at the Zabini heiress.

"Is that our new Defense teacher?" Harry nodded at the head table where a man wearing purple robes and turban was sitting.

"Yeah, some guy named Quirrell who apparently has a speech disorder…it's pathetic, when are we going to have a competent teacher in that class. Granted that we all have tutors to compensate for it." Roger commented as he went about devouring his steak.

"Knowing Dumbledore, the odds of that happening are slim. Moving on, my father is having a Christmas party and he wants you to be there." Min Li said as she handed Harry an invitation with a smile.

"I'll be there." Harry politely accepted the invite with a nod.

While he had nothing against Min, who was the very definition of being an oriental exotic beauty with creamy pale skin, a gorgeous face, large doe like brown eyes, full red lips, sunken cheeks that gave her a regal appearance, curly eyelashes and long dark hair that fell slight down her shoulders, Harry had a feeling that his grandfather had always tried to push them together though he had no hard evidence but Charles Potter wasn't an exact subtle matchmaker, leave it at that. At last, after everyone had finished dessert, Dumbledore stood up again.

"Now that we've been fed and watered, off to bed you go." He dismissed them with a wave of his hand.

As usual, the Gryffindors rushed out of the Great Hall first, pushing shoving each other to get out. Hufflepuff house followed in a more organized manner, Harry merely nodded back when he saw Daniel waving at him.

Then he and Penny led the first year Ravenclaws out of the Great Hall as it was a part of their prefect duty. The first years had curiosity written all over their faces as they followed the two prefects, Harry smirked inwardly remembering a time where he too was amazed by every inch of Hogwarts.

"Seems like a lifetime ago." He thought as he climbed up the stairs of Ravenclaw Tower. With the band of first years behind him, they stopped at the entrance of the Ravenclaw Common Room at the top of a spiral staircase. A door without a doorknob or keyhole but a bronze knocker in the shape of an eagle.

"What has a mouth but can't chew?" The knocker asked in a monotone voice.

"A river." Harry answered and the first years all had wide eyes as the door swung open.

"As you can see, we don't have a password like other houses but instead a riddle is asked whenever we want to enter the common room." Harry explained.

"What if we don't get the riddle?" A brunette girl asked with a hand raised.

"You'll just have to keep trying Ms. Turpin," Harry responded and added hastily, "But I have confidence all of you will do fine…the Sorting Hat wouldn't place you in Ravenclaw if you couldn't handle one stupid riddle."

The faces on the firsties brightened up afterwards as they were led into the Common Room. The Common Room was one of the airiest rooms at Hogwarts. It was a wide, circular room with a soft warm midnight blue carpet covering every inch of the floors, arched windows hung with soft blue and bronze silks and a domed ceiling painted with twinkling stars.

"Okay, curfew starts at ten for you first years. Until then you can hang out here or go chose your dorms. Girl's on the left and Boys on the right, your belongings have already been brought up." Penny said as she pointed at the two spiraling staircases.

"Professor Flitwick, our Head of House will be here tomorrow morning to hand your schedules out, seven thirty….don't be late." Harry told the band of first years who all nodded.

"Alright that is all…if you have any questions or need directions to classrooms, just ask Harry and I. If you are unsure about the latter in the slightest, please do ask, as the castle is very large and getting lost will be easy in your first week. We just finished our O.W.L.S and we don't need to worry about our N.E.W.T.S just yet since we are in our sixth year so ask us first." Penny said kindly and smiled knowingly when she saw several first year girls relax slightly.

Harry was about to pull Penny over to the couches for some 'quiet' time when he noticed Daphne Greengrass had remained in the common room with her head down.

"What's the matter Ms. Greengrass?" Penny inquired softly.

"Do students have to sit at their house tables at all times, Ms. Clearwater?" Daphne asked.

"No, you can sit wherever you want save at the opening and end of term feast…you can pretty much sit next to my little brother the entire year if you desired." Harry stepped in and smirked as a faint blush appeared on the blonde girl's cheeks.

"Harry! Stop teasing the girl, she didn't say she wanted to sit next to your brother specifically…egotistic bastard." Penny came to Daphne's defense, which the first year was gracious for.

"Your egotistic bastard…and admit it Penny, you know you like it." He whispered into her ear. Penny closed her eyes as she felt his breath on her ear and neck and shivered.

Turning his attention back to Daphne, who was wide eyed at the open display of affection said, "Keep an eye on my brother, would you? God knows what trouble he'll stir up when he's alone…"

"Of course." Daphne smiled and walked towards the Girl Dormitories, significantly happier than she was before.

"And where were we?" Harry asked Penny and was rewarded with a sly smile.

"Oh…right here." Was all she said before she pushed Harry who fell onto the midnight blue couch and climbed on top of him.

"You gonna tuck me in too tonight?" He smirked.

"Bastard…" Penny smiled and before Harry can react hers lips captured his and the two young adults lost themselves to passion swirling around them.

"Merlin Potter, what has gotten you all happy and fuzzy?" Jonathan Greengrass raised an eyebrow as he waited for his friend and his fellow prefect before starting their evening patrol.

"Nothing, lets get this over with. Lumos." Harry replied as they walked.

"Ah, I see what's going on…" The Slytherin prefect laughed.

"No, Penny and I haven't 'done' it together yet…I'm not gonna jeopardize everything we have just because I don't have any self control." Harry replied.

"There was a time when you wouldn't have cared…" Jonathan said quietly.

"There was," Harry agreed and decided to move onto a different topic, "So you would never believe what your sister asked…"

It was late when Harry returned to his private room in the boy's dormitory, all prefects had the option to room alone or have a roommate. Wasting no time, he discarded his robes, tie, shirt and pants as he changed into a pair of comfortable sweat pants and a grey sleeveless shirt, pulled the sheets over him as he closed his eyes on his four poster bed. A smile appeared on his face as Kara settled next to him and curled into a ball.

The next morning Harry woke up, looked at his clock, saw it was six o'clock and prepared himself for the day ahead starting with a healthy jog around the Black Lake. Taking a good look in his mirror as he finished tying his blue tie with bronze stripes, he left his dormitory with his schedule and bag. After first year, Flitwick preferred to have everybody's schedule placed accordingly on his or her beds to save his own time and everybody else's the next day in breakfast.

As he made his way to the Great Hall, he and the new Professor Quirrell walked past each other, he'd notice the turban wearing defense teacher's eyes were darting back and forth as if someone was watching him and as their shoulders were in line with each other's for a brief second, Harry felt he heard a slight hissing sound. Stopping in his tracks, he turned his head around and the hissing sound was gone, replaced with Quirrell's whimpering.

"Must be my imagination…" Harry thought as he resumed his steps towards the Great Hall, though there was something that he couldn't quite place.

"Good Morning Harry." Daniel greeted his older brother cheerfully.

"Back at you little man, how's was your first night in the Puff den?" Harry ruffled his brother's messy floppy hair.

"Cozy…" Daniel replied as he sat down beside his brother. Soon the Potter brothers were joined by Min Li and Penny, who gave Harry a quick but fervent kiss, Roger and Jonathan who were sitting across from Harry catcalled loudly much to the couple's annoyance.

Daniel received his schedule from his Head of House, the Herbology professor, Professor Sprout who was a squat little witch who wore a patched hat over her flyaway short grey hair; there was usually a large amount of earth on her clothes, the small Potter smiled his thanks.

"I certainly don't envy you Dan, Potions on the first day of school…" Harry remarked as he peeked at his brother's schedule.

"Who's teaching it?" Daniel asked.

"That miserable son of a bitch there." Harry replied with a smile as he pointed at one of the teachers sitting on the head table. The man he was pointing at was thin with sallow skin, a large, hooked nose and shoulder length, greasy black hair which framed his face. He'd noticed that the man also had cold, unsympathetic black eyes.

"A word to the wise, if you haven't read your copy of One Thousand Herbs and Fungi. Read it before you get to class." Harry whispered into his brother's ear.

"Why?" Daniel asked with confusion on his face.

"Just do it if you don't want Snape to have an excuse for pushing you around," Harry said sternly and finished his coffee then stood up, "Right I gotta get to Arithmancy now, I'll see you at lunch." With that, he rose up and kissed Penny on the forehead.

"I'll be there in a minute." The gorgeous brunette whispered. Harry nodded and walked out of the Great Hall with a purposeful stride.

Meanwhile Albus Dumbledore casually observed the four tables in front of him, he'd certainly not anticipated the boy who lived to be sorted into Hufflepuff but then again he knew nothing about the boy. But it would be impossible to separate Daniel from his older brother as he observed that they had a very strong sibling relationship and the Headmaster of Hogwarts knew the first moment Harry Potter walked into the Great Hall that he was a lost cause.

Harry Potter had nothing but contempt for him albeit not showing it directly, believing that he was the reason his parents were gone in addition to Voldemort.

Headmaster's Office

"Professor Flitwick said you wanted to see me, Headmaster?" A fifteen-year-old Harry Potter inquired with a raised eyebrow as he entered Dumbledore's office, no surprise appeared on his face as Fawkes appeared with a burst of flames on his perch.

"Ah, yes take a seat…lemon drop?" Dumbledore replied, eyes twinkling as he set the book he was reading to the side of his desk.

"No thank you…" Harry Potter replied after staring intently at the muggle candies for a while, "Cut to the chase, why am I here?...Sir." Dumbledore felt disheartened, it was obvious the boy did not trust him at all with anything with his emotionless mask.

"Yes, of course…forgive an old man for prying but I must ask if you know anything regarding to Mr. Weasley's accident?" Dumbledore asked, somebody had apparently stuck Percy Weasley onto the wall inside a broom cupboard and left him there overnight after leaving him with a broken nose and a black eye.

Harry Potter merely stared back blankly and slowly replied in a toneless voice, "No more than other people who have received the news today sir."

Dumbledore felt that despite his emotionless mask, the Ravenclaw prefect was hiding something and decided, following his instincts to use passive Legilimency and was startled when he couldn't detect the boy's mind. It was as if he was in an empty room despite that Harry was sitting in front of him.

"Very well…the other issue I wanted to ask is that do you blame me for your parents' deaths?" Though he remained stoic, the air tensed up as the Ravenclaw's eyes narrowed.

"I don't see any reason why it's your business, Sir." He almost sneered, "After I eradicate him and his fellow pathetic excuses of wizards, I'm gonna come after you."

Dead silence filled the air and Harry Potter tilted his head, "May I be excused headmaster? I do have classes to prepare for tomorrow."

Dumbledore watched as the young man stood up and without a second glance left the office with a straight and purposeful stride. All the portraits of previous Headmasters and headmistresses were silent.

Since then, any chance of building a bridge was all but gone as Dumbledore decided to keep an extra close eye on the elder Potter. The boy wasn't evil by all means but the Headmaster of Hogwarts knew that he was highly ambitious and had a ruthless side to him. However, he was also one of the brightest minds to ever set foot in the castle as evident with his remarkable O.W.L.S marks.

All the professors save Severus Snape had extremely high praise for the young man and were thoroughly impressed by his marks and positive attitude in class. He'd unintentionally overheard Professor Vector, the Arithmancy teacher telling Professor Sinistra, the Astronomy teacher that were Harry Potter not a student she would totally rock his world. He still wondered constantly if hiring young, physically appealing women as professors were a good idea.

"You ever notice how Professor Vector always smiles in that way at you?" Roger Davis said out of the blue.

"No, should I have?" Harry responded in a sarcastically condescending tone that his grandfather would have been proud of, "Of course I did but considering that I was sitting next to Penny, it'll be quite stupid of me to flirt back…obviously getting kicked in the legs and being slapped in the face has impaired your mental judgment." That earned him a shove from his friend, Harry scowled but smiled when he felt a hand clasped around his and squeezed it reassuringly.

"Hey, what held you up?" He asked.

"Nothing, just a Ravenclaw first year asked me for directions for the Herbology greenhouses, so I went and showed her," Penny replied with a smile and added as she saw Harry's brow furrowed, "You have your instructional methods, I prefer to conduct it the hand holding way."

"Hmm…" Harry mumbled as they headed towards Transfiguration. As the three Ravenclaws entered the Transfiguration classroom on the ground floor around the middle courtyard a room surrounded by high windows, four rows of three desks and several cages and bookshelves greeted them.


"So, you got through your first Transfiguration class, how'd it go?" Harry raised an eyebrow as his brother greeted him in an animated manner.

"It was great, I had some trouble but I changed my matchstick into a needle the fastest." Daniel gushed giddily.

"Hmm…" Before Harry could say anything more, the bell rang and Daniel bolted off to his next class after he said goodbye.

"Good Morning students, I was extremely pleased that you all have done well enough to continue Transfiguration. Be warned, though all of you are in this class, the material I teach will only be more difficult as we go on and so I expect each and every one of you to pay close attention…" Professor McGonagall warned them all with an expression that said you'll-regret-it-if-you-don't-listen.

She then started them off with an intermediate spell, which allowed them to shoot birds out of the tip of their wands. It was a relaxing way to get started as Harry observed birds of all types chirping loudly around him.

"Your assignment will be to read the first three chapters of your Guide to Advanced Transfiguration, there will be a quiz some time this week," McGonagall warned as the bell rang, "Class dismissed, Mr. Potter will you remain please."

"I'll wait outside." Penny told him as she pecked him fast on the cheek. "What is it that you wish to discuss, Professor?" Harry asked as he crossed his legs on his chair behind his desk.

For the first time since he'd attended her class, McGonagall smiled genuinely at him. "I merely wished to congratulate you on your fine Transfiguration O.W.L. mark, never have I had a student that has scored that high. Even your mother didn't achieve that distinction mark."

To her surprise, Harry merely stared at her with a blank expression on his face, "I did what was expected of me, no more…no less." Minerva McGonagall was slightly dismayed, the boy resembled Charles Potter so much it was unnerving.

"I know Filius has asked you this but what is it that you plan to do after you leave Hogwarts? Will you continue studying Transfiguration?" The Transfiguration teacher asked as she poured herself a cup of water.

"Sorry to disappoint you Professor, but I won't become a researcher of any type soon," Harry replied with an apologetic smile.

With that he inclined his head respectfully as he stood up and after swinging his book bag over a shoulder, walked out of the classroom. He smiled as he walked towards Penny, who was waiting outside and taking her hand in his stepped towards the Great Hall together.

At lunch time, Harry smiled as he saw Hedwig flying towards him and landed on his shoulder with grace and a hint of, dare he say it, arrogance. But then again, like familiar like master, not that he'll ever tell Hedwig she was full of herself; those talons were not meant to be trifled with.

"Here girl, you must be exhausted." Harry murmured as he took the letter from her mouth and sliced up his piece of fried fish into little bits, offering it in an open palm. Hedwig hooted happily and gave him an appraising look before digging in. Taking the piece of paper out, Harry instantly recognized the neat handwriting of his grandmother.


Please pass on my congratulations to Daniel for making it into Hufflepuff house, yes dear, I knew even before the two of you stepped onto the Hogwarts Express. Be on your guard, someone will attempt to break into Gringotts' this Friday. I couldn't get more after that, the dream does not make much sense afterwards but I did get a glimpse of the Halloween feast and the girl's bathroom, whatever it signifies, it is relevant.

Stay safe,


Harry's grip on the letter tightened as he finished reading it, his grandmother's ability although never wrong could be difficult to comprehend and decipher at times. Tucking the letter into his robe pocket, Harry merely stared into his glass of pumpkin juice.

"You okay?" Penny asked with a worried look.

"I'm fine." He replied, sure Penny knew he could fly but telling her his grandmother could dream the future was a little too much. That was when he saw Daniel trotting towards their table looking downcast while Susan Bones patted his back affectionately.

"Bad class?" He asked humorously as the two Hufflepuffs sat down in front of him.

"I can't believe it! Snape berated Daniel for no reason. He answered all of his questions correctly and still the bastard took off points," The auburn haired Hufflepuff ranted loudly, clearly upset.

"I don't think I did anything wrong." Daniel murmured.

"Ignore the pathetic slimy miserable excuse of a man, Snape lives on misery and hate. His whole life is one pathetic miserable mess, despite his outlook he remains a child inside with daddy issues, had a hard-on for our mum and never got over being rejected and friend zoned by our mum because our dad was a way better man than he'll ever be in a hundred life times combined."


"What, Penny? I'm only saying it as it is. My father was a hero while Snape just bent forward for the Dark Lord." Harry stared back at his girlfriend, who only rolled her eyes.

"How'd you know all these things?" Daniel asked, much more happy than he was moments ago but also felt very sad as he did not know much about his parents, he could only ask his grandmother since his grandfather would get upset every time he mentioned them and Harry only told him a little about them.

"Sirius told me all about their skirmishes with "the Greasy Git" and as for Snivellus having daddy issues, well he attempted to attack my mind and I merely countered and I saw it all." Harry explained to the two wide-eyed Hufflepuffs.

"Oh yeah, didn't you cause Snape to black out, I think it was our fourth year." Roger piped in with a large grin on his face, which turned into a snigger when Harry nodded.

"Sure, and then you and I transfigured his clothes into a pink dress and stuck him to the ceiling. He avoided me after that, I'm hurt...shame really. Turnabout is fair play," The Ravenclaw Prefect said with a fake sigh as Roger burst into laughter, "Just ignore him next time he tries to get a rise out of you. You're better than him and always will be, remember that….Oh and grandmother sends her congratulations for getting into Hufflepuff."

Daniel nodded with his lopsided smile after Hedwig had hooted in agreement and tucked into his piece of grilled chicken with gusto with a smile as his brother ruffled his hair.

"So who do you think will win the European Quidditch Cup this year?" Roger asked.

Two weeks have passed, Angela Potter's prediction of the future became reality as Gringotts' was broken into yet nothing was stolen. The Goblin nation was beyond furious and vowed for retribution should they apprehend the culprit.

Harry smirked when he heard from Cristina that his little brother had apparently disobeyed Madam Hooch's instructions and chased down Nott in the air, who had snatched Hannah Abbott's hair bow and refused to give it back.

Madam Rolanda Hooch actually barged into the Greenhouse where they were having their Herbology class as they were taking notes and observing the Venomous Tentacula catching mice. The look on Daniel's face was comical with his eyebrows shooting above his hairline as a mouse was caught by a tentacle and devoured.

"Shit! Immobulus!" Jonathan swore and blasted an oncoming tentacle with the immobilizing spell and wiped his sweaty forehead.

"Congelo." A cold blue beam shot out from the tip of Harry's wand, which froze the Venomous Tentacle he and Cristina was observing within an icy prison.

"Nice touch." The Zabini heiress smiled which elicited an elegant bow from the Potter heir.

"I live to serve." Harry smirked and turned his head towards where Hooch, Sprout and Daniel were talking. Sprout looked very giddy for some reason and Harry soon found out why.

"I'm going to be on the Hufflepuff house team." Daniel gushed as he followed Harry and his friends out of the Greenhouse after Sprout dismissed them.

"That's great." Harry replied with a smile and walked ahead.

"Hmm, you might be the second first year over a century to make it into the house team as a first year." Cristina added, tossing her dark hair.

"Who was the first?" Daniel asked and his eyes widened as Roger pointed a finger at his brother who was walking a bit further ahead and talking quietly with Penny Clearwater.

That afternoon, Daniel was introduced to Cedric Diggory, a laid back and friendly fourth year who decided to help him review the rules a bit.

"I'm glad Sprout recommended you for the seeker position, I like playing chaser better. We definitely have a chance against Ravenclaw this year." The older Hufflepuff grinned as he secured the two bludgers with great difficulty into the case and strapping them in.

"I hope I won't disappoint you." Daniel replied as he looked at the snitch he had in his hand, though he was slightly comforted by the fact that his older brother wasn't going to be playing Seeker this year, due to fact that Ravenclaw House had lost a chaser a year before to graduation.

"Nonsense, you'll do fine." Cedric reassured him as he patted Daniel on the back. The next day, Daniel smiled as his silver feathered owl, Artemis dropped his broomstick, a Nimbus Two Thousand into his waiting arms.

"That's a Nimbus Thousand broomstick, it only came out this year!" A wide-eyed Ernie Macmillan exclaimed as Daniel merely smirked.

"Grandfather owns fifty one percent of the Nimbus Corporation so when there is a new broom, we'll be the first ones to know." The first year Hufflepuff said with a shrug as if it explained everything, what he didn't tell them was that Angela had actually told Charles to invest in Nimbus when the company first started, citing that it will be rewarding in the future. Needless to say, the Potter matriarch was correct.

Daniel scowled when Ronald Weasley stormed over, naturally he was well natured but this red haired kid never learned his lesson.

"First years aren't allowed a broom." He said in a loud voice and turned to Professor Flitwick, who was walking towards the Head table.

"Professor, Potter's got a broomstick and first years aren't allowed to have one." The red haired kid continue with his loud, disrespectful voice.

"Ah yes, congratulations Mr. Potter. Seemed like yesterday when your brother joined the house team in his first year. Good luck," The tiny Charms professor squeaked with excitement.

"Thank you sir." Daniel replied with a wide smile, noting Weasley's face had turned bright red with anger for being ignored.

"What model is it?" Flitwick asked in his squeaky voice.

"A Nimbus Two Thousand." Daniel replied.

"Very good!" Flitwick patted Daniel on the back before walking towards the Head Table.

"Well, you going to stand around or what Weasley?" Daniel asked, feeding an amused Artemis with bacon.

"I'll get you for this Potter! I challenge you to a midnight duel! At the trophy room!" Weasley bellowed at the calm, messy dark haired boy.

"I accept." Daniel replied, eyes darkening and watched as Ronald Weasley stormed off.

"As amusing as that was seeing Mount Weasley erupt, you're not going to really do it are you?" Blaise Zabini asked.

"Of course not! I may be in Hufflepuff but that doesn't mean I'm stupid." Daniel replied the Italian boy.

"I just got an idea, here's what you should do…" Draco Malfoy said and beckoned Daniel to lean towards him as the blonde Slytherin whispered in his ear.

"Ingenious, Draco my man." Daniel smiled.

"Do I want to know?" Daphne Greengrass asked with a raised eyebrow and blushed slightly her best friend merely flashed her favorite lopsided smile at her.

The entire day, Draco and Daniel made and revised their 'evil' plan to further humiliate the Weasel. Harry thought his little brother was a little too happy with his mischievous grin but thought nothing of it as he focused back on his work as well as pondering about the warning his grandmother had sent him regarding to tomorrow's Halloween feast.

He didn't like Halloween very much, it wasn't the dressing up as a superhero or supervillain that he didn't like but that he'd lost his parents on that day had taken away everything positive from that day, a reminder what he'd lost and as a result, he was a bit more moody and angry that day. The weather the next morning certainly complimented the elder Potter's mood as rain poured down hard and the loud crashing sounds of thunder and lightning could be heard and seen.

"Harry?" Penny embraced him from behind as her concerned voice broke the silence as Harry stared blankly from behind the windows in Ravenclaw Tower. Turning around to face his girlfriend, Harry embraced her back, resting his head on her shoulder and inhaling the flowery perfume she had on.

"I would be lying if I said everything was sunshine and daisies…nothing will be okay unless Voldemort is truly gone." Leaning back the brunette cupped his face with her hands, Penny stared into Harry's green eyes.

"And you'll beat him. I know you will and you will continue to great things." Harry broke into a smile, moving his hands down to her waist as the rain clattered loudly against the thick glass windows and thunder rumbling.

"Well, no pressure when you put it that way…that confident in me huh?" Harry smiled.

"Always." Penny whispered, tightening her arms around Harry's neck as she inched up and kissed him hard. Harry was in a slightly better mood as he came down with Penny, holding her soft hand in his.

Walking into the Great Hall, he could smell of pumpkin in the air along with the sweetness of caramel. It was thoroughly decorated for the event, with floating jack-o-lanterns, candles in the air above all four house tables and a thousand live bats fluttered from the walls. The feast appeared suddenly on the golden plates and everybody dug in.

As Harry was helping himself to some lemon soufflé, the doors of the Great Hall swung wide open revealing Quirrell with a terrified look on his face and running in a comical fashion as if his underpants had gone on fire. Harry had to suppress a snigger as the man 'ran' towards the Head table.

"TROLL! TROLL- in the dungeons – thought you ought to know." He then fell face first to the floor and fainted after a whimper.

There was an instant uproar, the older students were very nervous, knowing the damage a troll could unleash while the younger students panicked and screamed.

"SILENCE!" Dumbledore bellowed as he shot sparks out from his wand. Instant silence came crashing down save the thunder still rumbling outside.

"Prefects, lead your houses back to your respective common rooms immediately!" The Headmaster of Hogwarts announced loudly. Voices of prefects rang out from the four tables as the smaller students were being led out.

Harry counted quickly as he scanned the faces around him, "I got everyone, how about you Penny?!"

"Me too, follow us! Quickly now!" Penny commanded as the flock of Ravenclaw house followed her out of the Great Hall and Harry guarding the rear.

As he was about to turn around, he saw Daniel skirting off the group of Hufflepuffs and running off. Growling, he told a first year boy, Michael Corner that he won't be escorting them because he had to chase down his brother before running after Daniel with his wand in hand.

Daniel was running as fast as his legs could carry him, he'd broke off with the rest of his housemates because he noticed that a Gryffindor girl in his Charms class named Granger was missing at the feast. He'd also heard Weasley saying something nasty to her as she attempted to help him with the levitation charm and as a result, ran off in tears.

Normally, he wouldn't even dare thinking about entering the ladies room but it was an emergency as he rushed in.

"What are you doing in the girl's bathroom, Potter?" One Hermione Granger asked with wide puffy red eyes as she turned around to face him.

Hurrying over, Daniel grabbed her hand and said in exasperated tone, "There's no time to explain! A troll is on the loose!"

Then both of them froze as a thumping noise suddenly could be heard. It was the sound of footsteps, footsteps of something heavy. Daniel slowly turned around as he saw Hermione's fearful expression.

A foul stench went up his nostrils as he did so and he saw the troll, it was twelve feet tall, with dull, granite gray skin, their great lumpy bodies like boulders with their small bald heads perched on top. They had short legs that were as thick as tree trunks with flat, spiky feet. It was dragging a huge wooden club as its arms were so long. Daniel's mind froze as he could do nothing but block Hermione's body with his own.

Acting by instinct, he thrust his open palm out and Troll to his amazement was thrown back by an invisible force but apparently it didn't do anything save angering it and bellowing loudly it rushed towards the two cornered children with its club raised. Daniel shut his eyes intensely, believing that it was the end but as seconds dragged on, the blow he'd expect did not come.

Slowly he opened his eyes and his mouth went wide as well as his eyes as he saw the troll, which was rushing towards him intending to end his life was frozen solid. His eyes darted quickly and saw Harry standing behind the frozen troll.

"Daniel, come towards me…NOW!" His brother's voice make him jump as he grabbed Hermione by her hand and rushed past the troll. As soon as the two first years were behind the Ravenclaw prefect, Harry aimed his wand at the frozen troll and flicked his wand hard, causing the target to shatter violently. Frozen bits and pieces were all that remained as it rained down on the bathroom floor.

"Come, I'll escort you both back to your common rooms." Harry said and sent a stern glare at Daniel, who looked down knowing he'll get a holler later on. They were about to exit the bathroom when the teachers rushed in. McGonagall actually held her chest as she eyes darted from the icy shattered remains to the three students.

"What on EARTH are you three doing here?!" The Transfiguration teacher asked in a loud tone coated with cold fury. "Why aren't you three in your dormitory?!"

"Professor, I was ushering the first year Ravenclaws out of the Great Hall when I saw my brother breaking away from the Hufflepuffs and so I decided to follow him." Harry replied in a controlled tone as he glared at his irresponsible little brother who shrunk under his gaze.

"I only ran off because Ms. Granger here wasn't present at the feast when Professor Quirrell came in yelling about the trolls so I decided to go warn her as no one else will, even her own house wasn't aware." Daniel explained heatedly at the disapproving faces of the teachers.

"Would you explain that last bit please?" McGonagall asked sternly, deciding to not further scold the boy for putting himself in a position against a full-grown Mountain Troll.

"In charms class, we were learning the levitation charm and Ms. Granger seeing that Weasley was having a bit of trouble decided to give some friendly advice but he responded by saying mean things to her." Daniel explained and gulped when he saw the angered face on McGonagall's face after she had asked Hermione if Daniel was telling the truth.

"I should be docking off points from Gryffindor but it would be unfair to Ms. Granger, I will be giving Weasley three weeks detention…twenty points to Hufflepuff for helping a student in need, Pomona?" McGonagall looked at Sprout who nodded and turned towards Harry. "And fifty points to Ravenclaw Mr. Potter for your timely appearance and for dealing with the menace in such a…spectacular fashion."

Harry merely inclined his head and inwardly sniggered at Dumbledore's solemn look as he studied the frozen remains of the Troll. For being a powerful wizard, Dumbledore sure choked on the hard decisions as well as being fooled too easily and giving people second chances. It was a surprise that he didn't try to guilt-trip him.

"Now that everything is all and well, I believe it will be pertinent if I escort these two back to their dormitories." At McGonagall's nod, Harry grabbed his brother by the back of his robe collar and dragged him out with the first year Gryffindor girl walking beside them.

Daniel didn't say anything as he stared down at the floor though he did bade Hermione goodnight and asked if she wanted to be friends. Harry watched the whole exchange behind calculating eyes, he knew her type well enough, above intelligence and with a know-it-all attitude that irritated most people.

The younger Potter knew his brother was furious as they walked silently towards the Hufflepuff dorms. The thick tension in the air was blatantly obvious.

"I know you are disappointed in me but I don't regret it." Daniel said with conviction as they arrived at the portrait guarding the Hufflepuff Common Room.

"Well, if your head was smashed into a bloody pulp I assure you will," Harry replied coldly, crossing his arms and looking down condescendingly, "You haven't learned a single spell that would have protected you save that levitation charm which you didn't use or you were just scared frozen."

"Then what should I have done?! No one seemed to care!" Daniel's voice rose and immediately regretted it, raising his voice and shouting back only proved to his older brother that he was still an immature kid.

Narrowing his eyes Harry responded, "Get a teacher next time, or you should have asked me to come along next time before rushing in blindly like a brainless idiot. A Potter never does anything without a plan." Then he walked off with his robes billowing behind him.

Harry rubbed his forehead as he answered the riddle and the door swung open at Ravenclaw Tower, the entire house was chatting nervously as he walked in. Harry nearly lost his balance as Penny crashed into him, hugging him around the chest as though he would disappear the second she let go.

"Please….please don't scare me like that again…you just disappeared." Chuckling tiredly, he wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

"I won't…I promise." He whispered into her ear as he buried his nose into her brown hair as he held her tightly. Penny sat on Harry's thighs and held him close as Flitwick briefed all the students about the incident and telling them to not worry as the problem was terminated, permanently. After bading them all goodnight, the tiny Charms professor left the Common Room to his office, presumably.

"Can I stay with you tonight?" Harry's eyebrow rose at Penny's request, they have slept next to each other with clothes on a few times but this was the first time Penny had suggested it. He gently kissed her on the forehead before leading her up to his room, being a prefect definitely had its perks.

"I forgot to bring my nightclothes!" Penny panicked and glared at her boyfriend when he snickered at her dilemma.

Pulling a black t-shirt and some shorts and handing them to her, Harry said with a smile, "As much as I want to sleep with you with both of us wearing nothing…I doubt you could resist me for long."

"Worth it." He inwardly thought as Penny punched him hard in the arm.

His smirk grew larger as he saw a faint blush appearing on his girlfriend's cheeks as he changed into his black sweat pants and taking his shirt off to change into a white sleeveless shirt.

"Stop laughing." Penny snapped at him as she went into the restroom to change, prefects also had their own bathrooms in their special rooms.

When she came out, Penny felt a little self-aware as she saw Harry's green eyes darken slightly as they appraised her body, he was already in the big four poster bed.

"You know, you're the only one who could wear my clothes and look spectacular." He chuckled. Penny smiled demurely as she neared the foot of the bed before crawling towards her boyfriend on the bed in front of her. Sighing happily, Penny laid her head on her boyfriend's chest.

"Don't try anything." She murmured sleepily as she snuggled deeper into his chest. Smiling, he flicked his wand causing the lights in the room to turn off and closed his eyes as the rain pelted the windows, the distant thunder occasionally rumbling.


"It's been a long time Xeno…you said it was urgent?" A figure wearing a black suit with a blue tie said at the doorstep amidst the rain.

"Charles, you've arrived just on time…come in." Xenophilius Lovegood, an eccentric-looking wizard, slightly cross eyed, with shoulder length white hair the texture of candy floss, greeted as he beckoned the older man inside his rook like house and closed the door behind him.

"What's the emergency?" Charles Potter inquired.

"It's my Luna, she was fine this afternoon painting when suddenly her eyes went into a trance and started painting some very peculiar things…here, let me show you." Xeno Lovegood explained frantically as he walked up the spiral staircase, Charles following behind. As they walked into a room on the second floor, Charles' eyes widened but it was masked quickly as he scanned the room.

There were many paintings held by easels around the room. He stopped as he saw a painting displaying a small boy with messy black hair, green eyes and a scar on his forehead protecting a bushy haired girl from what seemed to be a Mountain Troll. He walked to the next painting depicting a young man with wearing robes with raven badge as well as a prefect badge pointing his wand with a frantic expression on his face as a ice blue beam shot out of his wand.

"Hello Lord Potter." A dreamy voice broke Charles' concentration as he turned his head and saw a young girl with straggly, waist –length, dirty blonde hair, very pale eyebrows, and protuberant eyes that gave her a permanently surprised look.

"We are, if anything, creatures of habit. Drawn to the safety and the comfort of the familiar. But what happens when the familiar becomes unsafe? When the fear that we've been desperately trying to avoid, finds us where we live?"

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