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"Do you think Shane was right?" Sophia asked, following Carl through the woods, balancing on a log as she went. It had been a hassle trying to get away, but with his mom no where in sight it had been a tad bit easier. was a whole different story. She had her eye on Sophia the whole time and Carl had to make up a reason for Carol to go away so they could sneak off.

"In opening the barn?" Carl asked her, looking back. The horrible memory of what Shane had done was still fresh in his mind. The barn massacre was horrific, starting with when his father and Hershel were found bringing to additional walkers to the already full barn. Carl thought about it a moment.
"He did what needed to get done." He said firmly.

The shots from each gun still rang in Carl's ears as he walked. Shane's yelling followed as he shot down a walker that had stumbled from the barn he had opened moments before. Lori had been sure to keep her son back as they did this, pulling him backward. Carl had seen Carol covering Sophia's eyes and Glenn ran forward with everybody, guns firing as the walkers stumbled from the barn.

Hershel was on his knees, face twisted with pain and grief as he watched the group kill the undead as they came out. His wife, his stepson were in that barn. His neighbors and other walkers he found where in there also. Carl looked back at Sophia, who was giving him a weird look.

"I ment...Well..." He tried to justify what he was saying. "It wasn't safe." Carl finally said and Sophia nodded. They moved throughout the forest, sweating in the sticky Georgia heat as they went. It normally got cooler at night, but now the sun beat down on their backs through the canopy as they walked.

"Where are we going?" Sophia asked, looking around nervously as they walked. She never liked the woods, even before she got lost. Carl shook his head.
"I don't know yet." He said, coming to a small clearing. They had gone pretty far, and Carl didn't know which direction they had come from. Well, that would be a problem when it came down to trying to get back to the farm.

would probably be freaking out by now, but it was just too much fun to get away from the farm. Sophia looked around.
"Carl...Where are we?" She asked him, looking at the trees nervously. Carl hesitated before answering, but before he could answer he heard something moving in the undergrowth in the far side of the clearing.

He jumped slightly, hand reaching to his belt instinctively to pull out Daryl's gun. Sophia hid behind, trembling as she thought of what could jump out at them. She knew coming into the woods was a bad idea, but when Carl coaxed her to come, she just couldn't say no. They waited in silence, Carl's gun posed in front of him in the direction of the sound, waiting for anything.

A walker stumbled out, snarling as it came. It was a gross sight, decaying and covered in blood from its most recent meal. The walker was a woman, black hair matted with dirt and blood, it's foggy green eyes lighting up as they met Carl and Sophia's. The lace shirt it was wearing hung loosely on her rotting body, torn in many places. Her right arm had a large chunk of flesh torn from it, same for her neck where other walkers must have bit her.

Carl's heart beat as it came forward.
"Kill it Carl!" Sophia shrieked, hiding behind him still. "Kill it!" Carl nodded, trying to get a grip on himself enough to kill it before it hurt one of them. He shot the gun, but missed and he stumbled backwards into Sophia. More were coming out of the trees now, no doubt attracted to the sound of the gunshot. Sophia stumbled back, screaming this time.

Well shit. Carl didn't mean to attract more of them. Turning tail, they ran away from the walkers that were oozing from the trees. Crap. He was going to be in soooo much trouble when he got home. Sophia and Carl stumbled through the undergrowth, breathing ragged as they ran away. Now they were defiantly lost. Carl was in front of Sophia, leading the way until he came to a stop.
"I think we're safe." Carl gasped, leaning on his knees.

Sophia was looking around in panic again. "I think we're lost." she finally said, eyes wide as she took in their situation. Carl looked around.
"We'll find our way back." he stood up all the way, looking around. Now they'd done it. Lost with no way of getting back.

(Back at camp)

"Little shits." Daryl grumbled, slinging his crossbow over his chest. Sophia and Carl had run off without a word to anybody about where they were going. Carol was in tears again, goin on about how she just got her daughter back. Rick was organizing search parties. He wanted them found before dark. Daryl decided to go alone again.

Time to play the hero again. Damn kids. Why the hell can't they just stay put. And why couldn't Lori keep an eye on her son? Heading back across the field in the direction Daryl assumed they had gone. He had just found Sophia, now she's gone off with Carl. Of course. Daryl could hear Rick and Shane behind him, following. Just when he wanted to get away from the two, they decided to follow anyways.

Daryl jumped when he heard a gun go off and he looked to where the sound came from.
"Oh no!" He heard Rick gasp behind him and they broke into a run. Usually a gunshot ment someone was killing a walker. Most likely that little shit. Carl must have been using Daryl's gun. No wonder he couldn't fucking find it!

Legs burning, chest aching, they ran, looking for the children. What if one was already bit? Who shot the gun? Maybe it was one of Randall's group! Rick was in the lead now, Shane close behind him as they ran. Daryl's heart lurched when he heard Sophia scream in the distance. Then he thought of Carol. She would be heart broken to know that her daughter died in the woods.

"Hey, I hear something! I think it's them!" Shane whispered as they neared the clearing. "Quietly." Rick stepped out from behind a tree, letting out a cry of surprise as they walked into a wall of walkers.

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