Hello, peoples! The start of another of my Nextgen Series multi-chapters! Here we go!

Forest area; the foot of a strange volcano

The stars shone in the dark night sky as tons of supervillains driving their vehicles piled into a secret garage entry within the side of the volcano. The last one to enter was a school bus driven by the PTOOEY and Faculty 4 before the garage closed. As all of the vehicles took their parking, the legions of Brotherhood villains exited out and gathered into the next room ahead. But while the others had gone, the evil teachers stayed behind in their bus. Once the villains had cleared away from the indoor parking lot, the teachers threw off their disguises, revealing their selves as the future Sector V; Aurora and Chris Uno, Mason and Haruka Dimalanta, Sheila Frantic, Dillon York, Kirie Beatles, and Haylee, Artie, and Harry Gilligan.

Dillon placed on a helmet with a built-in camera and used Shadow Veil to become a shadow as he slid into a vent and came out the other side, inside the audience chamber where the villains sat at various dinner tables. Dillon hid within the ceiling and looked down on them with his camera activated. His view from the camera was being transmitted to Sector V's monitor, and they were able to see what he was seeing. "So, what exactly is going on here?" Dillon whispered into his communicator.

"The Brotherhood of Evil is back, and they set up Father's old Villains' Choice Awards show." Aurora replied.

"Euh. Musta took them a while to clean all that snot out the first time." Chris said, disgustedly.

"Yeah. And because of that mess our parents made, they tripled the security around the back areas. So we'll have to come up with a different plan to bring this place down."

"How're we supposed to do that?" Mason asked.

"Look! It's starting!" Haruka yelled, excitedly pointing at the screen. Within the audience chamber, music began to play as the curtains rose upon the stage. Several villains, like Mad Mod, Johnny Rancid, Mumbo Jumbo, Killer Moth, Knightbrace, Little Juan, and Robin Food, stood upon the stage as they began to sing.

Villains: Villains, we're the villains!

The most villainous of adult…


Robin Food: It's the night of nights

For all the evil sorts!

It's the Villains' Choice Awaards!

"Greetings, fellow villains, and how is everyone doing tonight?" Robin Food asked to the crowd.


"Fan-tastic." Robin Food spoke into the mike as he paced back-and-forth along the stage. "Now, as you all know, this is the first villain awards show in 20 years, since we've been trapped and frozen inside our own base. But now, the Brotherhood has escaped, and are free to wreak havoc like in the old days."

Ever since the medieval

We've been the Brotherhood of Evil

Frozen 20 years or more

By those annoying Kids NEXT Door!

I hate 'em, yes I do

Hate 'em, I'm sure YOU do, too.


But now that we're back

There's no time TO slack!

For as we returned from the sa-aack…

It's time to atta-ack!

'Cause Mumbo Jumbo's got magic

Legion's death was tragic-

"I'm kind of glad he's gone." Mega Mom commented.

Wuya's a ghost-

"Hii!" Wuya smiled and waved to the crowd in her ghost form, floating over a table beside Jack Spicer.

Meldar's a HOST!

"Hey there!" Meldar Prime greeted to the crowd.

"And Robin Food, hey that's me!"

"Don't forget Little Juan, baby!" Little Juan cheered.

"Now before we begin this show," Robin Food continued, "I feel it's only best we give an honorable mention to the mastermind who made this organization alive. Behold:" He directed their attention to the screen behind him, showing an image of Darth Genious, aka The Brain in his canister.

Robin Food: This is Revan Bane Sidious.

But we called him Brain

'cause that's his game

Or perhaps just Darth Genious.

Little Juan: He had the meanness!

"And it was thanks to his leadership that the Brotherhood won victory over the Kids Next Door, and almost all of the other worlds." Robin Food continued.


"But unfortunately, our plans were foiled, and Revan Bane was struck down by his own traitorous apprentice, Nolan York." The screen showed an image of the crippled boy himself, with a red 'Not allowed' circle over him.

"Woohoo! Go Dad!" Dillon cheered above. Mario instantly cupped his shadowy hand over his mouth to keep him quiet.

"And as his fellow villains, it is our duty to continue his work and bring crime and villainy to all." Robin Food finished.

Oh, Revan Bane was our leader

Instructional heeder

Long live Raven Bane

He'll always LIVE in fa-ame.

Bad as bad as could be

Even badder-

"Than me!" Technus yelled.

But now's he gone

But not the fun


Villains: Villains, we're the villains!

The villainous villains of adult…


It's the night of nights

For all the evil sorts!

It's the Villains'…

Yes, the VILLAINS'…

Choice Awaaarrds!

Finally, the song came to an end, and Robin Food spoke once more, "And now, may I happily introduce two of our top three commanders, who were still able to join us despite the death of their great master: Monsieur Mallah and General Immortus!" The villains cheered as the brown gorilla and the ancient general stepped up on stage. "It's sad that Madame Rouge was not here to join us, for as it seems that she is…" Robin Food gave a smirk before speaking quietly into the microphone, "getting married."

"OOOOHHHH!" the villains awed in amazement and surprise.

"Pleh." Dillon spat up above, disgusted at the mention of Madame Rouge, even more that she was getting married. And what's worse, he and his friends even know to whom.

"Yes, yes, to some magician fellow." Robin Food spoke.

"It's not me!" Mumbo spoke, running up to the microphone. "Just so you know!" He ran off before Robin Food continued again.

"Ahem, yes, well, anyway… With Revan Sidious gone, it is sad to say we do not have a leader. Which is why the purpose of this very award show will determine who is the more worthy of becoming Brotherhood leader. Let us get started with the first category." The lunch-stealing villain was about to open an envelope.

"Why don'tcha save yourself the finger strength and put that thing down." At this, an eruption of gasps echoed throughout the room as they all directed their attention to the center of the middle aisle. Dillon and the children gasped as well in shock, seeing as none other than Cheren Uno glared up at the stage, a pair of sunglasses over his frowning visage. In the background, they could all make out the sound of what sounded like Mexican-guitar music.

"Is that… Cheren?" Aurora whispered in shock.

"Oi, wut's he doin' there, Mate?" Sheila asked. "Did 'e decide to do this mission 'imself?"

"He would've let us know if he was coming." Aurora figured. "Let's just see what 'e's up to."

"Well, well, if it isn't Cheren McKenzie Uno." Robin Food observed with a glare. "Supreme Leader of this era's Kids Next Door. It is an honor to have you here at our humble show. You'd make a most excellent prize to the winner. But may I ask why have you shown up here on your own, rather than being dragged against your will?"

"Because you villains are weak." Cheren spoke in a cool tone. "Nothin' but a bunch of retired old lackeys who used up their last favor long ago. I can't have you making a mockery of what we stand for."

"And just when does an operative like you have right to tell us what we villains stand for?" Robin Food asked with a glare. The army of villains growled and put on expressions of anger as they all leaned in closer, readying their weapons to attack the lone operative.

"Heh heh heh." Cheren smirked and kept the maniacal gaze behind his glasses. "And just what is it you stand for?"

Robin Food put on a look of confusion. But before they all knew it, Cheren had pulled out a dynamite and tossed it over to one end of the room. The villains over there cried in horror and tried to escape before the dynamite exploded. Villains began running about the room as Cheren pulled out various ray guns and began shooting all over the place. The Mexican-guitar music played even faster as he took out tiny, MARBLE-like bombs and tossed them around, making the cave seriously begin to crumble.

"Whooa!" Dillon cried, hurriedly flying back through the vent and back into his team's bus.

"What is he doing?" Haylee asked.

Cheren pulled out a time-bomb detonator and stuck it to the ground as it started from one minute and began to count down. "Uh-oh! Let's get out of here!" Aurora decided, and with that, they stomped the pedal and sped out of there as fast as they could.

"WHOA!" the operatives screamed as the inside of the volcano exploded just upon their exit. The bus was blown open, and the operatives were sent flying out, bouncing and landing along the ground as they were slightly burned and torn.

The group crouched down and watched as a silhouetted figure slowly marched out of the flames of the volcano interior. There stood Cheren Uno, completely unscathed as he kept his cool look. "Hmph. What a bunch of dull villains." The operative glanced back as some Mexican child dizzily wobbled out of the volcano, covered in a few burns as he held a Spanish-guitar. "Pablo! Get going!" Cheren yelled.

"Uh, si, Senior." The boy, Pablo, stuttered before continuing to strum his guitar and play the music.

"Ah, much better." Cheren smirked. The Supreme Leader proceeded to walk away with a maniacal face as the Spanish child followed behind him. The operatives continued to watch him as he soon vanished out of sight.

"Did Cheren just do… THAT?" Chris exclaimed.

"He made more fireworks than men at a tea party rally!" Sheila exclaimed.

Aurora remained silent and continued to stare after her brother with a suspicious look.

And so begins the first part. The Brotherhood of Evil has returned, and Cheren already sends his greetings. Or… the person who SEEMS to be Cheren. But rest assured, they aren't dead… yet. Next time, we will investigate this odd little conundrum a bit more. Later!