Lessee if we can straighten this out!

After Nerehc! A Phone Call Home To His Mommy!

Drilovsky Household

Fanny Drilovsky worriedly stood at her kitchen counter as she stirred the boiling soup before her. "Ah sure hope this thing is for real." She spoke quietly. "Thanks for coming over to help, Mika."

"Anytime, Fan." The Filipino woman smiled, walking over with a bottle of hot sauce. "You sure it's all right to pour hot sauce on this?"

"That's what the book said." She shrugged.

"Still feels kinda weird. Where'd you get this book exactly?"

"Oh, Shaunie got it from his vacation to the Mushroom Kingdom. He decided ta give it ta me 'cause he knows I love to cook. Pretty sweet, actually. Anyway, what we're makin' is supposed to be Spicy Soup. Piping hot soup that can heal any sort of ailment. Perfect for the reckless firebender. It's the best thing I coulda found. But just in case, I also made her this Fresh Juice." She held up a small glass of said juice.

Francis walked in shortly after to watch his mother finish stirring. "That should do it." Fanny said.

"Mind if I take it up?" Francis asked.

"Sure. Just be careful, Francis. It's hot." Fanny placed the hot bowl on a towel and handed it to Francis as he carefully held it in his open right palm, and took the Fresh Juice in his left hand as he carried the items upstairs.

"You don't really think Cheren would do this, do you?" Mika asked.

"It does seem awfulleh suspicious."

"He never really did seem the type to do that. Thatsh almosht ash random ash me."

"Hahahaha! Very funny!" Fanny smiled.

Upstairs, Panini remained unconscious as her brother arrived in her room with the soup and juice. "You okay there, Sis?"

"Ohhh…" she moaned.

"Eat this and you'll feel better. Hopefully…" With that, he placed the edge of the bowl by her mouth and tipped it so that the steaming soup would slowly flow inside. "And here's somethin' to wash it down…" He grabbed the Fresh Juice and bent the tiny straw before sticking the straw in her mouth. Panini weakly sucked on it and swallowed the juice.

Panini released a light yawn as her blackened eyes were slowly healing, allowing her to open them. "Francis?... What's going on?"

"Don't worry. Cheren's being dealt with. We'll get you better soon."

"Cheren?..." she suddenly began to remember. "No! It wasn't Cheren that attacked me."

"What? Then who?"

"He…He looked just like him. But then his eyes… they were different. They… were full of malice."

Francis gasped and punched his palm in anger and realization. "A Negative."

Sector V C.O.O.L.-B.U.S.

"You just can't stay put, can you, Bro?" Aurora asked as the team was flying back toward Virginia.

"I don't know what your problem is, Dude, but attacking my dad, Mr. Crystal, and Ms. Wickens isn't cool." Dillon told him.

"Guys, it wasn't ME! It was my Negative!" Cheren tried to say.

"He's telling the truth." Lin followed. "I saw him with my own two eyes. And felt him with my own two feet."

"And who are you again?" Artie asked.

"I'm Lin, Toph's daughter. Don't you guys watch The Legend of Korra?"

"I haven't really watched that show. What exactly is the nature of your-"

"Guys, can we just focus?" Cheren interrupted.

"'old on. If 'e's your Negative, what would he be doing here?" Sheila asked.

"He said he wants to ruin my reputation and make a 'better' one. I have to stop him before it's too late."

"First, let's try and explain things to our parents." Aurora decided. "They're probably pretty worried, seeing as you 'snuck out' at the same time your double attacked."

Shortly after, the crew arrived back at the treehouse and met with the Uno and Drilovsky parents, as well as Mika and Francis in the front yard of the house. They took land and stepped off the ship as they approached the four adults and Francis. "Mom, Dad, I'm sorry I snuck out, but you have to believe me, I-"

"We know, Cheren." Rachel cut him off. "Panini woke up, and she explained what she saw."

"Is she OK? !" Cheren exclaimed. "Can I see her?"

"She'll be fine. She just needs time to rest is all." Fanny assured him.

"And we'll call the other parents to let them know what's happening." Rachel assured. "That should clear your name for now."

"Then our mission now is to find my Negative and bring him to justice." Cheren declared with a determined expression. "Sector V, let's head out and begin our search."

"Not so fast, Bro." Aurora kept him from entering the bus. "It's been a long night. You'll need your sleep if we're going after someone like him."

"I can't sleep now. I need to-" Cheren cut off his own sentence with yawn, "I need to find him…"

"There, there, Mate." Sheila gently patted his shoulder as she and Mason led him inside. "Le's get that weary 'ead of yours on a boat to Dreamsville, eh?"

"Hehehe. Poor kid." Rachel chuckled as they watched them leave.

"So, any of you guys actually think about how we're going to find this Negative?" Lin asked. "I mean, how do we know where he'll strike?"

"You just leave that to me." Mrs. Chariton smirked before walking away.

"Where are you going?" Patton called to her.

"What do you do when a kid's misbehavin'?" Mika asked, turning back at them. "Call his mommy."

Sector L KNN News Station

"Hello, everyone, and welcome to KNN News. I'm Numbuh 10.11, and this is Numbuh 10.0." Melody began. "Just last night, the dreaded rogue Numbuh 3621 struck again. However, after a more recent phone call, it was discovered that our elusive rogue was, in fact, NOT our Supreme Leader, but rather his despicable Negative. Our fair Supreme Leader himself is currently planning a search for this renegade outworlder, just as soon as he meets with a group of the operatives his double had assaulted. Join us again tonight, to find out if his search becomes successful, or if he ends up at the wrong place, at the wrong time."

KND Moonbase

When it came around noon the next day, Sector V brought Cheren Uno up to the Moonbase on their C.O.O.L.-B.U.S.. The group of operatives made it to the bridge outside of Cheren's office, and met up with the kids that Nerehc had assaulted, with the inclusion of the rest of Sector W, who were Sally and Harvey Harper, Fybi Fulbright, and Aranea Fulbright. "Guys, I hope you all know now that wasn't me."

"Duh. Of course we know. And that's why we're gonna help you find him." Melody decided.

"Guys, I can't let you do that. Nerehc is way too dangerous and destructive for me to risk any of your lives."

"Sorry, Cuz, but we're gonna have to defy you there." Anthony stated.

"Nobody likes having their good name slandered." Sally told him. "And that bully hurt a bunch of our friends. That's why we'd be honored to help you defeat him."

"And frankly, that guy could REALLY use some breath mints." Vweeb commented.

Cheren sighed, "Look, guys, I appreciate the offer, but-"

"Dude, we're helping you. Plain and simple." Berry Bean decided. "Somethin' tough to understand about that or somethin'?"

"Hehehe…" Cheren could only smile and chuckle.

"All right, now let's cut to the chase, any idea where to find him?" Aranea asked.

"Umm.." Harry Gilligan started to think.

"Thine drawing of the 'um' maketh me think not." Fybi said.

"We brought someone who might have an idea." Came the voice of Darcy Chariton, who stood with her sister, Sunni. They directed their attention at the Chariton kids and took notice of the girl standing between them. She seemed an identical copy of Aurora, only her clothing was different. She was decked out in a black top (on one side was a spaghetti strap, while the other side had a slanting sleeve that ends below her other shoulder) with red trimming, and a red skirt with black lace. She wore a pair of huge red boots, which were marked on the top by two black tear-drop shapes, and featured black shoelaces, and the bottom was windup with black ribbons that faded into red. The soles and heels of her boots were black.

Sheila's eyes widened in confusion as she looked back-and-forth between the girl and Aurora. "Oi, now I'm seein' double here. No one told me Aurora 'ad a twin."

Aurora sighed, "No, Sheila… this is my Negative."

"E-yep." The Negative nodded, an emotionless frown on her face, and half-closed eyes. "I'm Arorua EiznekCm Onu, Nerehc's older, more competent sister."

"Oh great." Aurora rolled her eyes. "I assume you're going to be tarnishing my reputation now?"

"Naah. That's sort of my brother's style, I have more important things to do. Anyway, Sunni and Darcy's mom just came and told us what Nerehc's been doing last night. Unfortunately he escaped before we could do something. Anyway, I heard he was planning a trip to Miracle City, Mexico at around 7:30 this evening. If you plan to catch him, you might wanna arrive a little early 'fore he does."

"Miracle City? I've heard of that place." Dillon spoke up. "It's supposed to be a 'spicy cesspool of crime and villainy.' I heard that an antihero used to live there, called El Tigre."

"I remember it, too." Chris said. "A city of crime is definitely the place for Nerehc to visit."

"So, how come you don't help him?" Aurora asked her counterpart.

"I already told you. I have more important things to worry about. Like schoolwork. Don't have time to help my brother in his little games."

"All I can say is she is DEFINITELY your opposite." Mason stated.

"Got that right. That color scheme SO does not work for me."

"I could say the same about you. I mean, '80's clothing? You gotta quit living in the past." Arorua stated, tonelessly still.

"Hey! FYI this was the LOOK back then! You seriously overuse the black and red theme."

"Oh, like YOU aren't little Ms. Blue-and-orange-stravaganza?"

"Prithee, must thou fight now?" Fybi asked.

"She's right. Our focus is on Nerehc." Arorua reminded. "We can't get distracted."

"Hey, I'm still not done with you!" Aurora shouted.

"So the plan is to fly over to Miracle City, Mexico at around sunset, and basically try and gang up on Cheren's Negative in the hopes he'll eventually get tired." Artie summarized.

"That's the general gist of it." Makava replied.

"Okay, but before we head over, I need to drop by my house for a bit." Cheren said as he walked off. "There's something there that might be able to help us."

After watching him leave, Lin decided to ask the group, "Soo, are there like, a bunch of forests on the moon, orrr…" Everybody just sighed.

Uno Household

Cheren landed his ship in the yard and hurried inside to find his mom still filling in papers at the living room table. "Oh, Cheren." Rachel looked over when she heard him come in. "Did you find out where your Negative is?"

"Yeah, we're going to stop him. But first, Mom, I need to borrow the Three Sacred Treasures."

"What? Why?"

"We're all going after him together and I don't want my friends to get hurt as much. I need to borrow the Three Sacred Treasures so I'll have a better chance at stopping him."

"Cheren, remember what I told you: you'll have to master the other weapons before I can trust you with the Sacred Treasures."

"Mom, you didn't trust me when everyone thought it was ME doing all that damage! The least you could do is trust me with these."

Rachel sighed, "Cheren, I'm sorry we didn't trust you were telling the truth. But the Three Sacred Treasures really are dangerous weapons. I just wouldn't be comfortable if-"

"Mom, please." Cheren stepped closer with a pleading look in his eyes. "I have to borrow them. If I don't stop him, he's only gonna keep hurting people. I have to do what I can to stop him AND protect my friends. And besides, you said they aren't meant to kill people, right? I won't lose them, and I'll be careful with them, I promise. Please, Mom."

"Hmm…" Rachel looked away in thought. "Well, you have been getting better with your training… and I do sort of owe you. I guess it wouldn't hurt to trust you with them."

"Aw, thanks, Mom." Cheren smiled, hugging his mother. "You won't regret it, I swear." With that, the leader excitedly ran up to his room to enter the secret treehouse.

Treehouse of Coolness

"Three Sacred Treasures ACTIVATE!" Cheren exclaimed, kicking open the box as a beam of light erupted from it. "FORM OF-" The three weapons appeared upon his form, the Arrows of Light on his back, the Mirror Shield in his right hand, and the Master Sword in his left as he raised it skyward, "A really badass operative! Ho-ho yeah! This is what I'm talkin' about! Get ready Nerehc 'cause here I come!" With that, the boy charged out the door.

Desert area over Mexico

As the sun was beginning to set over the desert in Mexico, the many teams were soaring around the heavens in search of the evasive Negative. "Well, Miracle City's just straight ahead, and it's almost 7:30." Artie spoke, driving Sector V's C.O.O.L.-B.U.S.. "Nerehc Onu should be showing up in a couple of-" The ship shook all of a sudden as lightning was struck at them.

"Guys, we found 'im." Melody called from her ship. The Sector V team stood up and looked outside their window as Nerehc flew around outside using his rocket-feet, smirking as he flew backwards away from them and waved.

"Hey, get back here!" Cheren yelled, leaping out the ship's door. The Supreme Leader kicked on his shoes together and activated their built-in rockets. "Thank youu, Artie!" With that, Cheren shot after the Negative and rapidly swung the Master Sword at him.

Nerehc drew out the Devil's Sword and clashed against Cheren's blade before trying to fly away from him. "Grr! Pablo!"

The small Mexican boy soared by them on a hang-glider as he played Nerehc's theme music on his guitar. (Play the "Dark Pit Flight Theme" from Kid Icarus: Uprising!)

Stage 1: Canyon of Miracles

Mission: Catch the crazy Negative, Nerehc Onu!

Act 1

"So, I see you decided to grab some new weapons." Nerehc smirked.

"That's right. You're no match for the Three Sacred Treasures."

"And I see you got some more air-worthy feet. But let's see how long those shoes of yours can last. Just try and catch me."

Cheren kept flying after the Negative as both of them swung their blades against the other. Nerehc flew further ahead, so Cheren tried to slow him down with Light Arrows. Nerehc slowed and flew behind his Positive to try and strike him from behind. Cheren dodged around and kicked Nerehc from above, making him plummet down a little. Nerehc regained control and flew further away, Cheren shooting downward and giving chase. The two were flying close to the ground as Cheren was above Nerehc, who turned to face up and swing more strikes against Cheren's sword. Nerehc then flew around him in circles before shooting further ahead of him. Cheren added more gas to his rocket shoes and kept after him at high speed, the two rapidly flying around and throwing swings at the other.

The two ended up gripping the others' neck as they tried scraping their heads along the hot and sandy ground. The two looked ahead and gasped as they were coming for a sandstorm in the desert. The two split apart as they were caught inside the sandy winds, Cheren squinting his eyes as he tried to keep his glasses on and see. He noticed Nerehc speeding around towards him, attempting a kick, but Cheren back-flipped and dodged and tried to throw punches at him. Nerehc shot up higher, and Cheren gave chase, the two eventually shooting straight up out of the windy storm and up above the clouds. They kept flying farther and farther before shooting back down through the clouds and toward the desert.

As Sector V and the operatives tried to keep up with them, the crew took notice of the bunch of ships coming from the direction where Cheren and Nerehc were headed. "Uh-oh. Looks like the Brotherhood wants in on this fight, too." Artie observed.

"They're probably pretty peeved that Nerehc took out their secret lair." Aurora figured.

Both counterparts gasped and dodged as the Brotherhood ships launched missiles and projectiles at them. Both of them flew around and began slicing off the guns on tanks, then flew upwards to slice the wings off of Killer Moth's moths. As all of this happened, the Ying-Ying Bird was flying around the area, and Hannibal Bean was secretly watching them from its back. "Mmm, my, my, Nerehc certainly is the destructive little demon, isn't 'e? His disguise weren't half-bad neither. I almost thought it was Cheren, and then Ah wouldn't even NEED the Chaos Kin. Oh well. Either way, lessee how this here battle plays out."

Cheren and Nerehc dodged to the side as Johnny Rancid and Johnny 13 flew by on their motorcycles. The two bikers turned around and gave chase as Johnny 13 sent his Shadow after them. Dillon York jumped out of the C.O.O.L.-B.U.S. and used Shadow Glide to fly down and tackle the Shadow. Mason and Haruka spewed Poison Breath down at Rancid, blinding the biker's vision and causing him to crash in a pillar. Sheila punched Light Spheres down at Johnny 13, making the ghost shield his eyes in defense as he crashed into another pillar. Cheren and Nerehc evaded the Brotherhood's tanks and shot toward a wall, shooting straight up and over it before crashing. Nerehc flew ahead again and kicked fireballs at Cheren, but the Supreme Leader caught the flames in his Mirror Shield and bounced them back, Nerehc avoiding as he kept going ahead.

The two were headed into a twisty canyon area, where Nerehc zoomed around and lost him throughout the many walls. Cheren looked and found Punk Rocket and Angel flying toward him, so the operative powered a Skyward Strike to send Angel falling down, then shot a Light Arrow at Punk Rocket's guitar before flying more through the canyons. From a distance, Nerehc charged a jolt of lightning and fired it at one of the walls beside Cheren, who looked up and gasped when tons of boulders began coming down. Sector V and W's ships flew down as both Lin and Michelle used Boulder-n-Chains to grab two of the falling boulders and used them to beat away the others. Cheren uncovered his vision and sighed in relief before keeping after his Negative.

The two flew higher above the canyons as Cheren shot arrows after Nerehc. Nerehc slowed down a little to get beside him as the two started to clash their weapons again. Nerehc shot behind Cheren and kicked him down to the dark trench below. Cheren regained control of his jetshoes and watched Nerehc continue to fly away, speeding after him. He watched his Negative soar over another jagged wall and kept after his tail. When he arrived over the wall, he viewed a field of several Brotherhood tanks, and noticed Nerehc taking land on one.

"Time for a little target practice!" Nerehc smirked, taking the soldier out and controlling the tank himself as he locked onto Cheren.

Cheren gulped and barrel-rolled away to avoid being shot by the tank's guns. He flew down behind a wall to take cover, but the wall was blown away by the tank. He flew away to take cover behind another moving tank, then quickly flew away before it was blown up. He then shot behind another tank that was only a few feet from Nerehc's and flew out before it was blown up, shooting for the Negative's tank and slicing it totally in half with a powered Skyward Strike. Nerehc was blown out of the tank, shaking his head before flying even faster from his double.

"You're not getting to Miracle City on my watch!" Cheren yelled as his Negative was escaping into a region of steep mountains. Cheren skimmed the area from the heavens in search of where his Negative had gone to. But before he knew it, Nerehc had shot straight up and punched Cheren upside the head, causing the Positive to spiral around and for his glasses to drop to the far ground below. Cheren flew right-side-up again and shook his head from the dizziness, his eyes squinting as the world before him became very blurry.

"Aw, what's wong?" Nerehc asked in a cocky, babyish tone as he flew around him. "Wittle Chewen can't see without his gwasses? Any moment now, you'll lose those precious weapons of yours, too- OOF." The Negative was instantly zapped by a laser from down below, causing him to plummet to the ground.

"The Ding Dong Daddy don't ever miss diddly." The road-loving villain, Ding Dong Daddy, smirked. His car was flung away however when Anthony and Michelle took land on the ground and sent him flying using earthbending (but it was really Michelle's skill that did it).

Sector V flew beside Cheren as Aurora said, "Cheren, you won't be able to fight him without your glasses. Fly down and look for 'em. We'll take it from here." With that, the group of ships flew down toward the mountain range.

"Ohhh…" Cheren groaned, struggling to see clearly. The Positive slowly drifted toward the ground to begin search of his glasses. (End song.)

Nerehc hurried into a center area of the mountain range and panted heavily as Pablo took land on his glider beside him. The Negative tried to kick flames out of his feet, but was unable to fly. "Crud! Ding Dong Daddy took out my flight. I've gotta escape 'em through the mountains. You stay here and just… play that guitar or somethin'." With that, the rogue child ran ahead.

Pablo just looked in his direction and shrugged as he calmly played his guitar. (Play "Ruins of the Temple" from Kid Icarus: Uprising.)

Act 2

The three ships took land in the mountains as the operatives all stepped out. In the distance, the relaxing music that came from Pablo's guitar echoed throughout the mountains. "Okay, Nerehc's been temporarily grounded, so he couldn't've gone far on foot. We'll split up and go after him." Aurora instructed. "Sector L will be a team, Sector W, Sector V, and the aliens and werecats will be teams. Now spread out and go after him." Everyone nodded and split up into different directions.

Melody, Danny, and Eric made their way down a narrow, snaky pathway that seemed to lead downward, watching as Plasmus blobs emerged from the walls. Both Melody and Danny bended water out of their bottles to form water fists, using them to squish and splatter the reddish-pink blobs. A bunch of agents from HIVE Academy were charging through as well, but the two waterbenders covered them in the liquid and froze them solid. The trio kept passing through and eventually reached a small beach area that was surrounded by the mountain walls, overlooking the ocean as the sun set over the horizon. Eric tapped their shoulders and pointed over at their right, indicating the destructive Negative attacking Mammoth, Gizmo, Seemore, and Kyd Wykkyd. Melody switched on her wristwatch communicator and spoke, "This is Mel to Aurora, we found him at the coastside."

"Good. Take him down, but be careful."

As Nerehc easily beat away Gizmo and Seemore, still keeping his smirk, he was suddenly bashed and sent flying toward the sea by a giant fist. The Negative stood and looked up at Melody and Danny readying their water fists. Nerehc gritted his teeth and shot fire, but the duo spun and dodged as they splashed water at him. Nerehc rolled to the side and continued to shoot flames around the place, in which Eric cowardly dodged and ducked. "Umm… I'll just watch from over here, thank you." The nerd stated before carefully backing away.

"Well, Melody, I must say that is a very impressive look for you." Nerehc smirked, dodging another watery punch.

"Hey, you keep quiet. I finally just got my hair the way I like it and you go and ruin it."

"Uh-huh. I'm surprised you're actually trying to fight me. The fact you're all in KNN would make me believe you're out of practice. Sittin' around, telling boring news stories, never getting any REAL missions. All you really do in your spare time is make that pretty self of yours look good. You got no chance against someone who goes out in the field."

"Then care to explain how we're totally kicking your-" Danny was silenced when Nerehc sped over and delivered a powerful kick against his fat stomach, causing him to bounce and roll away.

"Point blank, fatty." Nerehc then smirked back over at Melody. "Two news anchors can bend, but don't know a thing about fighting."

"You wanna put your money where your mouth is?" Melody asked.

"Nnah. Easy gambles don't do it for me. I've already taken out the two nerds. That just leaves the hottie." Melody kept jumping around to avoid Nerehc's fireballs. She slammed her right water fist to the ground to force herself up and over, attempting to bring the other fist down on Nerehc, who only jumped further back. The Negative then charged over, and the two gripped the others' arms as they began to push against the other. Nerehc only lit his hands with fire to burn Mel, then jumped to spin-kick Melody across the face and knock her down. "Hehe." Nerehc chuckled cockily, then raised a brow at feeling a tap on his shoulder. He turned around and- "GAAH!" his glasses were suddenly swiped as Eric sprayed inhaler in his eyes.

"That's for pushing me!"

"Oh, forget you guys!" Nerehc yelled, and with that, he snapped his fingers and caused a dark vortex to open behind him, jumping inside as it vanished.

"He can do that? !" Melody exclaimed.

"Better call the others." Danny suggested. Melody switched on her wristwatch and began to do so.

As Sector V progressed up a hill, Aurora received a call from Melody. "Hello?"

"Aurora, this is Mel. Nerehc just escaped through a vortex."

"What? ?"

"Oh yeah, he can do that." Arorua called and responded. "Our mom's been teaching him all of her moves, including that. It's part of darknessbending. He's still in training though, so he can't warp too far."

"Good. Then he should still be around. Keep looking for him, guys."

With Sector W

"We're on it." Anthony responded as he and his team were currently walking down a small trail down a cliffside. At the end of said trail, the group stopped before a pitch-black dark cave.

"Umm… we're not going in there, are we?" Harvey asked.

"Duh. We have to find Nerehc. You never know where he might be." Anthony answered.

"But, uh… I don't like the dark."

"Don't worry, Harvey." Sally smiled, taking her brother's hand. "We'll keep you safe. Anthony and Michelle can use Seismic Sense to lead us through."

"Actually, just me." Michelle corrected. "Anthony doesn't know how to, yet." She smiled victoriously.

Anthony glared at her and said, "Let's just go. Okay, everyone hold hands so we don't get lost." The group of 7-year-olds (and Michelle) all linked to form a chain as Michelle led from the front, keeping her eyes closed as she felt the path ahead of them using Seismic Sense.

"Watch out, guys." Michelle cautioned as she carefully led them over a thin bridge that over some rushing water below. When they reached the other side, they found their selves in a cavern with several pillars connecting the floor and ceiling, and a hole in the ceiling where light shone out. Anthony gasped and ducked everyone out of the way to avoid a sudden bolt of lightning. The crew looked over as Nerehc blew the smoke from his fingers.

"There he is! Get 'im!" Anthony cried, and the group drew their weapons and began to battle the Negative. Nerehc tried shooting fire at Aranea, but the short girl easily ducked and rolled along the ground as she shot her C.O.N.E.-C.A.N.N.O.N. at Nerehc, hitting his wrist and making him shake the pain off. Nerehc looked to the side and jumped before Anthony could slide an earthquake at him. Nerehc's wrists were suddenly tied around by yo-yos as Sally and Harvey tried to pull him from opposite ends. The Negative pulled his left arm in and yanked Harvey away, ducking and allowing the boy to shoot into his sister and knock her down.

Nerehc broke free of the yo-yos and quickly began dodging as Anthony chucked rocks at him, sending them from the ground. "Well, if it isn't the shoeless Sector Leader. Step on any good bugs lately?"

"What's it to you?" Anthony asked, shooting another rock at Nerehc.

Nerehc dodged it and continued, "You know, I have a cousin that looks like you. And he is really annoying. Could he BE any more nice? ? Bluch! He's your Negative. That's why I'd much rather have you as a cousin. Operatives as evil and selfish as you are don't come around often."

"Like I'd EVER be friends with a bully like YOU."

"Why not? You're already a pretty big bully yourself. Every time you encounter that Vweeb, you won't hesitate to make him feel worthless. Anytime soon, everyone in the Kids Next Door will demand your early decommission."

"If Anthony gets decommissioned early, we're going with him." Sally responded determinedly.

"Not to mention, my cousin's the head of the squad, and I don't think he would do that." Aranea told him.

"Hm. Talk about having friends in higher places." Nerehc smirked. "That's totally cheating your way through life, if I must say."

"Will you put a cork in it already?" Anthony yelled, kicking another rock chunk at Nerehc, who dodged again. The Negative was then pelted to the side of the head by Michelle, and he immediately shot flames along the floor that went over and burned Michelle's feet. Michelle screamed in pain and fell over as Nerehc smirked. However, Fybi suddenly suddenly shot over and shoved Nerehc away, flying above near the ceiling. The Negative glared and tried to shoot lightning at the angel, but she quickly dodged around, making him strike the ceiling and for rocks to come down. She aimed a foot forward and attempted a Screw Kick as she shot down, but Nerehc dodged, grabbed her ankle, and swung and bashed her against the ground.

Nerehc clutched Fybi's wings and declared, "I wonder what happens if a Nimbi loses her wings?" And he was about to set her wings aflame.

Filled with rage, Anthony began kicking harder rock chunks at Nerehc's head, eventually knocking the Negative to his back and sliding him under the hole in the ceiling. Anthony stomped the ground, and sent Nerehc flying out. The crew climbed out of the hole and watched as a group of Dai Li Agents surrounded Nerehc.

The Negative shot to his feet and snapped open another vortex before jumping inside. The agents directed their attention at the Sector W team before proceeding to fight them.

With Vweeb's group

"He got away from us, guys." Anthony's voice spoke through their wristwatches. "He's hiding somewhere else."

"Okay." Makava replied. "We'll keep looking."

"Dude sure is fast, I'll give him that." Berry commented as the four began a trek up a rather long trail.

"You think we can catch him?" Lilac asked doubtfully.

"Well, we have to try." Makava said. "If we don't, Nerehc will only keep hurting people."

"WHOA!" they jumped back when lightning struck the ground before them.

"There he is!" Vweeb exclaimed, pointing up at the top of a mountain. Nerehc charged another blast of lightning and struck down, the four dodging behind a stone pillar.

"Guess he's working on his aim." Makava figured.

"What now? ?" Lilac shouted.

"Just avoid him and keep moving forward. Let's go." With that, they ran behind another pillar and avoided a lightning strike, continuing up the trail as Nerehc was charging up another. When he finished, they crouched behind another wall and avoided before continuing. As they came to a bridge, the four crouched down to hide behind the bridge's railing, crawling their way across. When they made it on the other side, they tried to crawl out, but went back in when another lightning shot at them. They peeked outside and found the rest of the way pretty straight, with nothing to hide behind. They went back behind to avoid another lightning strike.

"Boy, he is not letting us in." Makava observed.

"I'll get 'im." Vweeb offered. "I'll hurry over and distract him, giving you girls enough time to catch up." With that, the tiny alien ran out from behind the railing, dashing his way up the rest of the gargantuan trail, undetected by Nerehc. The alien was quickly growing tired of going up the wide trail, but kept pressing forward. Eventually, he was able to reach Nerehc, who was still turned away from him as he tried to zap lightning down at the girls. Still unnoticed by him, Vweeb ran up to the Negative and crawled up his pants leg.

"Hey!" Nerehc yelled, shaking around and trying to swat the crawling alien in his pants.

"Now's our chance." Makava whispered as they hurried the rest of the way. By the time they made it, Nerehc had grabbed Vweeb and threw him against the floor. He drew out his sword and was about to stab him, but his blade was instantly held back by Makava's dual swords. Makava clashed her weapons against his, but Nerehc flipped back, and was instantly tackled by Lilac and Berry, causing them all to roll down the steep hill. Nerehc tossed the werecats off of him and stabbed his sword in the hill, able to stand and run up the slope.

Makava watched him from the ledge as Nerehc leapt right over, landing on the safe side. Vweeb drew out his ray gun and tried to shoot Nerehc, but the Negative easily shielded the tiny blasts with his sword before trying to stomp Vweeb, who leapt around like a grasshopper. "Heh. Aren't you a brave little Kateenian. My mom always told me about your people, how prideful they are. And we always laugh."

"Well, we are prideful." Vweeb said, continuing to jump Nerehc's sword swings.

"And very stupid. Seems your brains can only contain enough intelligence to fit those teeny bodies of yours. You may be strong on your own planet, but you're all nothing here. I can destroy a thousand of your people in minutes. You're HOPELESS." He tried to stomp him again, but Vweeb dodged.

"So what? I may not be the strongest fighter, but I still have friends to help me." Vweeb argued.

"Oh, so you can't fight people like me on your own? How bold. Well, we'll see how 'special' you feel when you end up another squashed blob on my shoe." Vweeb kept jumping rapidly as Nerehc kept stabbing his sword at him. He quickly defended when Makava swung her swords at him, clashing against her blades before knocking them out of her hands and sending them falling over the edge. Nerehc smirked and tipped his sword at Makava's neck, but Vweeb took this time to crawl up his pants leg again. Nerehc jumped around some more to try and shake Vweeb out, but the Negative ended up slipping and falling over the edge.

Nerehc kept rolling along the ground before finally landing hard on the surface below, Vweeb bouncing out. The Negative looked and saw the Girl Squad surrounding him, snapping his fingers and escaping through another vortex. The Girl Squad decided to focus their attention on Vweeb and shot their Girlifyers, but Lilac and Berry dropped down and defended him, unaffected by the shots as they ran to battle the girls.

With Sector V

The Sector V team had finally arrived at the top of a steep hill, finding themselves at some old temple ruin. After stopping to catch their breath, they faced directly ahead as Nerehc was engaged in battle with Food Patrol, Cheese Ninjas, and Hungry Men. "There he is!" Aurora exclaimed as they charged forward. After he was finished knocking out a Cheese Ninja, Nerehc flipped behind Aurora to avoid her fire punch, kicking the Sector Leader down. Chris tried to punch some fireballs at him, but Nerehc jumped behind and kicked him down beside his sister. Dillon snuck over using Shadow Veil and grabbed Nerehc by his legs as he pulled him into his shadow. Dillon laid a beating upon the Negative before tossing him out of the shadow, letting Kirie Beatles grab and start spin-punching him.

Nerehc jumped away from the Beatles child, defending with his sword as Artie shot his Diffusion Rifle. He ran to slice Artie's weapon in half, then jumped away to avoid Sheila's Light Spheres. Nerehc charged and swung his blade at the wereraccoon, but Sheila was able to hold him back, and Haruka wrapped a Poison Whip around his left leg and pulled him down. Mason then burped some Poison Breath in his face, making Nerehc shield his eyes and cough before standing and jumping away from the gas cloud. He rapidly spun his sword around when Haylee unleashed a barrage of gumballs from her G.U.M.Z.O.O.K.A., carefully taking steps backward. The Negative ended up tripping on Dillon's leg, which stuck out of the shadow in a pillar that Dillon was hiding in. Afterwards, both Chris and Aurora combined their firebending, spun around, and launched two fireballs at the Negative, sending him falling and bouncing down the steep slope that led them up there. (End song.)

"Enough!" Nerehc yelled, shooting to his feet as fire erupted. "Where's Cheren? I wanna deal with him RIGHT NOW!"

At this time, Cheren was still crawling around the ground in search for his missing glasses. Along his way, he crawled up to a pair of feet, looking up as Lin stood over him with a pair of glasses. "Are these yours?"

"Alright!" Cheren exclaimed, taking the glasses back. "Thanks, Lin. Now to get after my Negative."

The four teams had made their back to the central area of the mountains as Nerehc stood there, waiting. "Well? Cheren gonna show himself or what?"

"Right here." Nerehc looked over as Cheren approached from one of the entries, holding his weapons ready.

"He he." Nerehc smirked. "Perfect timing." The Negative snapped his fingers and caused walls of purple fire to appear and surround Cheren and Nerehc in the battlefield, keeping everybody else out. "Are you ready?"

Cheren drew his sword out, and they both yelled, "LET'S DO THIS!" (Play Dark Pit's Theme from Kid Icarus: Uprising!)

Boss fight: Nerehc EiznekCm Onu

Nerehc dashed to the side and shot fireballs at Cheren, but he caught them and bounced them back in his Mirror Shield. Nerehc did a spin attack and batted the fireballs away as Cheren shot over and tried to swing at him, but Nerehc back-flipped and flew around Cheren in a circle, making flames appear and float along his path. Cheren jumped and dodged when the flames shot at him, then quickly swung his sword when Nerehc shot over to clash with him. Cheren was able to push Nerehc back with the Mirror Shield, making his guard drop so that Cheren could lay a few hits on him. Nerehc recovered and flew around his opponent again to shoot fireballs, which Cheren ran out of the way and avoided. Nerehc then flew higher up and further away as he aimed his sword at Cheren, swooping down in an attempt to stab him. Cheren dodged and rolled around his Negative before striking upward and knocking him to the ground.

Nerehc stood and jumped into a vortex, coming out beside Cheren and pushing him down. Before Cheren could stand, Nerehc had jumped in again, this time coming out behind Cheren and kicking him against a fallen column. When Cheren looked back, he gasped and rolled away before Nerehc could stab at him. Nerehc got his sword stuck in the column and pulled it out before Cheren came to clash with him again. Cheren swung at his legs, but Nerehc jumped and kicked him away. Cheren recovered and jumped behind before Nerehc sliced his sword down. Nerehc turned and clashed with him again before Cheren jumped back. Nerehc rapidly tossed fireballs at him, but Cheren swiftly jumped and kicked off from pillar to pillar around the battlefield before shooting into his counterpart and dealing several blows against him.

The two leapt away from each other as Nerehc flew several feet in the air. The Negative raised his hands in the air and began charging a huge ball of lightning. Once he was finished, he broke it into five smaller balls and sent them flying at the Positive, who quickly performed a spin attack to send them back. The two kept repeating this and sending the balls back at the other. Eventually, Nerehc failed to send them back and took a powerful shock from his own lightning. As he remained shaking and jittering in the air, Cheren pulled out his Light Arrow and struck the Negative's chest, and Nerehc endured extreme shocking as he slowly sunk to the ground. Nerehc got down on one knee and panted heavily as the purple flames surrounding the field died down. Cheren approached his opposite with a victorious smirk as Nerehc looked up and glared at him.

"All right…" Nerehc panted, "There's only one thing to do now:"

Nerehc's crying voice echoed throughout the whole canyon. "MOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!" (End song.)

A few minutes later, they had all gone to the outside of the mountains where the parents were waiting, including Lehcar and Yllaw as Nerehc depressedly walked into their pitch-black car. "And when we get home, we're going to have a SERIOUS talk about running rampant in other universes." Lehcar scolded.

"Yes, Mom." Nerehc responded, getting into his seat beside Arorua, as well as his brother, Sirhc.

"Thanks for coming to tell us, Mika." Yllaw said to the woman.

"Hehe, no problem." Mika grinned.

"Our apologies for Nerehc's behavior." Lehcar said. "Sometimes, he can never seem to control himself."

"Ahh. It's okay." Rachel smiled. "Kids these days, right?"

"I'll straighten him out soon enough." Lehcar stated fiercely as she and Yllaw got into their vehicle. "Let's go home, kids." The half-demon woman started her car and proceeded to drive off, with Pablo sitting in the open trunk and playing a quiet, peaceful tune on his guitar.

As they were driving across the desert, Lehcar kept focus on the road ahead as she asked her son, "Son, what did I tell you about going out and wreaking havoc."

"I know, Mom." Nerehc told her, keeping his head down. "Don't get caught."

"That's my boy." Lehcar smiled. "We'll keep brushing up on your training tomorrow. Then you can go fight Goody Two-shoe's son."

"Heh. Cheren got off easy this time. I can't wait to face him again." Nerehc said with an evil smirk. Arorua only folded her arms and looked away grumpily, while Sirhc looked terrified and quivering, afraid how violent Nerehc would be in the future.

As Rachel watched the car drive off, she then turned as Cheren approached her. "Mom, I still have the Three Sacred Treasures."

"Hehe." She grinned. "So you do. I guess I was right to trust you with them after all."

"Yeah, you should've seen it!" Dillon exclaimed. "That Negative didn't stand a chance! He was all, 'BSSH-BSSHH'. And Cheren did a, 'KER-SLICE'!"

"Haha, yes." Nigel chuckled. "Even so, it's probably best to save the Three Sacred Treasures in case of emergencies."

"Well, it's great that we at least cleared that mess up." Fanny said. "And speakin' of which… we brought someone along with us." The Irish woman stepped aside to reveal Francis and Panini.

"Panini!" Cheren exclaimed, running over to embrace his friend in a hug. "You're all better!"

"Hehehe! Of course I am! Don't forget, YOU'RE the wimpy one here."

"We're sorry we didn't believe you before, Cheren." Francis apologized.

"Yeah. We should've trusted you from the start." Rachel followed.

"That goes double for me." Melody said, shamefully.

"Ahh, it's okay, guys. I'm just lucky to have a bunch of friends like you to help me. You make my job a lot easier, you know?"

"Hey, no one likes sitting around in a boring office all day and getting picked on for stuff they didn't do." Lin grinned, punching Cheren's arm playfully.

"Well, if we're all done here, who wants to go to Goofy Goober's?" Mika asked. "A little ice cream party might be what we need to celebrate after an adventure like that."

"YAAAY!" Shouts of agreement erupted through the crowd as they all piled into their ships, about to take off.

From behind one of the mountain walls, the Brotherhood villains watched them leave. "Hmm. Well, that was anti-climactic." Mumbo said.

"Guys, look!" Jack Spicer exclaimed, pointing out in the distance. "There's Miracle City! Biggest crime-spot in the world! Wanna go over and wreak havoc?"

"Heck yeah, let's get over there!" Johnny Rancid exclaimed. Cheers erupted throughout the crowd of villains as they all headed for the city.


They immediately stopped, turning to find a grey bird perched on a small rock. They stepped closer, seeing a familiar tiny bean beside that bird. "Ah heard y'all was lookin' fer a new leader. Perhaps Ah c'n fill in that role."

The villains all exchanged thoughtful, considering glances. The tiny bean gave a wicked smirk, exposing his rows of rotten teeth.

Unknown Location

The image of Nerehc destroying the town of Quahog played upon a crystal ball, which emitted green energy. "Uugh. Look at the boy, destroying things like he OWNS the place." Spoke the echoing voice of a female figure. "Humans make me so MAD. The world's better off without them!"

Name: Viridi

Race: Gods

Occupation: Goddess of Nature. Former caretaker of Celebi.

Ability: Logia-type plantbending. Powerful nature manipulator and animal telepath.

"Mmm, if it's any consolation, Mistress Viridi, the boy is being punished now." The silhouette of a male butler spoke.

Name: Arlon

Race: Lunarian

Occupation: Loyal servant of Viridi. Forces of Nature Commander.

Ability: Moonbending. Lunar-style hypnotism.

"I know, but it still aggravates me. How ALL of them just do what they want without care of who or what they hurt. I just wanna STEP on all of them."

"Uh, so why don't you?" another lady asked, her silhouetted form polishing her nails in the darkness. "You are a goddess, right?"

Name: Phosphora

Race: Skypian; Birkan region.

Occupation: Forces of Nature Commander

Ability: Lightningbending

"Yes, but I'm under house arrest. Stupid angel. But you are on to something, Phosphora, and I am way ahead! Already, I've fixed up my first Minish Door! Now I'll just think of where to set it, and pretty soon those humans will have a taste of their own medicine!"

"Mmm, but Mistress Viridi, are Minish Doors not supposed to only be placed once a century?" the butler asked.

"Ahh, who cares, Arlon? Whatever helps destroy those humans quicker. If this first Minish Door works correctly, I'll know to set up hundreds more, and those puny little humans will think TWICE before harming the creatures of my world! EEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!"

And so this story draws to a close. Lol might not've been the best, but I guess it was a pretty good intro to Nerehc. X) Anyhoo, next time, I believe I'll work on a story that I've been planning for a while, Mason and the Minish Door. Lllater!