Love & Consequences

By: Lexvan

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A/N: This is the sequel to my "Pool Party" story.

Last time, in "Pool Party"...

"So I guess we just stay friends.", Angelo said with a small smile.

"I'm sorry.", Cornelia said as some tears ran down her face.

"Don't be.", Angelo said as he reached over and wiped her tears away. "It's in the past. Let's just move on and be friends. Okay?"

"Okay.", she said with a smile that Angelo returned.

Cornelia then checked her watch and her eyes widened.

"I have to get going!", Cornelia said as she got up from the table. "I have to get home to babysit my sister. "I'll see you later!"

"Later.", Angelo said as he got up from the table.

But then Cornelia came back and gave Angelo a hug surprising him.

"Thank you for understanding.", she said in his ear.

"Anytime, Cornelia.", Angelo said returning the hug.

As they pulled away from each other, they smiled at each other before Cornelia headed for home.

'I understand, Cornelia.', Angelo thought to himself sadly. 'I don't like it, but I understand.', he thought before a smile grew on his face. 'I also know that some relationships don't last. So, I can wait. Cause if things go the way I think they will, you and Peter may not be together for long.'

With that thought in mind, Angelo headed home to kick back and relax in his pool while playing the CD he just bought in his water-proof discman. He wasn't wishing ill-will towards Cornelia and Peter's relationship, mind you. But he knew that if Peter didn't give Cornelia the attention a guy should give a girl and soon, then that relationship was done for.

And who was he to just stand by and let a chance like that pass by?

Now, on with the story!

Chapter 1: The Prom

Cornelia's POV

Why is this happening? Of the nights for him not to be here, it has to be this night! Who am I kidding? I hardly see him now! And he hasn't been here for any of my other dances either. But this is my Junior Prom, for crying out loud! I even felt like the ninth wheel in the limo with the girls and their guys.

I should of came with Angelo in his limo.

Some night this turned out to be.

Angelo's POV

Poor Cornelia.

How can Peter not be here with her for her Jumior Prom? That's messed up! I know he's trying to get intro the pros with all the tournaments he's entering, but this is Junior Prom! One of the only two Proms we'll have. And there Cornelia is sitting alone at a table. I've been patient long enough! I'm going for it!

Normal POV

As she sat at one of the tables set up for those at the Prom to take a break from dancing, Cornelia looked over at her friends as they were dancing to the music. Will was wearing a black thin strapped dress that stopped at her ankles, with matching short heeled shoes. The dress had a slit on the left side that went up to her thigh. Her hair was a bit longer and her bangs were curled. She also was wearing a gold necklace with gold earrings, and a gold bracelet on her right wrist and a red rose corsage on her left wrist. Matt was wearing a black tux with matching shoes and a red rose boutonni re.

Irma was wearing a forest green dress with a strap on the left shoulder that went down to her ankles as well, with matching short heel shoes. The dress had a slit on the right side that went up to her thigh. She was wearing a silver necklace with pearl earrings, that her mom let her borrow. Her hair had grown and went down a little past her shoulders. On her left wrist was a white lily corsage. Stephen was wearing a white tux with matching shoes and a white lily boutonni re.

Taranee was in a red dress, that went down to her ankles as well, with matching short heel shoes. Her hair, that she had grown out a little, was in small braids that went down just past her shoulders. Around her neck was a gold necklace, holding a small ruby, that her mother gave her, along with a pair of gold earrings. On her left wrist was a yellow rose corsage. Nigel was wearing a black tux with matching shoes and a yellow rose boutonni re.

And Hay Lin was in a white Chinese dress, that went down to her ankles, with slits on both sides, with white short heel shoes. On her dress was a silver flower patterens, with a silver Chinese dragon design that went around and upward on her dress. Her hair was let out as it flowed down to her knees, with some of it wrapped into a bun on top of her head. Around her neck was a silver necklace with silver earrings. On her right wrist was silver bracelet with a small dragon design on it, while on her left wrist was a white rose corsage. Eric was wearing a white tux with matching shoes and a white rose boutonni re.

Cornelia smiled at her friends as they were dancing with their boyfriends. For in the last year, Hay Lin and Taranee told their boyfriends about them being Guardians while Irma told Stephen more about it. And they took it pretty well. Cornelia and Taranee even told Peter who took it pretty well. After that, the girls told their parents about it all. They did the smart thing and had them all together in one group when they told them. In time they accepted it, even though they were a bit upset that they told their boyfriends before they told them. Which was understandable. But all in all everything turned out well for the girls. It was Prom and there weren't any dangers in the Known Worlds that they had to worry about.

Everything was going great for them.

Well... Almost all of them.

As she was dancing with Nigel, Taranee looked over to see Cornelia sitting alone at their table where they all had their purses sitting at. She felt sorry for Cornelia seeing as she came to the Prom alone. Sure Nigel and the guys danced with Cornelia at least once or twice, but it wasn't the same. Instead of Peter being here with Cornelia, he decided to go to another basketball tournament. She even remambers the argumant the couple had a week and a half ago.


"What do you mean you can't take me to the Prom?", Cornelia questioned Peter as they were standing on the porch of the Cook home.

"There's this major B-ball tournament the week of your Prom.", Peter explained. "And if I'm good enough, I may get a shot at the pros!"

"So I'm suppose to go to the Prom alone while you're playing in some tournament?", Cornelia snapped.

"I'm sorry, Baby.", Peter said. "But this is important."

"Well, the Prom is important to me!", she said as her eyes began to water. "And I was hoping to spend it with who I thought loved me!"

Listening from inside the house was Taranee who was hoping that Peter would change his mind and take Cornelia to the Prom.

"Please, Peter.", Taranee said to herself. "Don't screw this up!"

"I'm sorry, Baby.", Peter said. "But this is something I have to do."

"One night.", Cornelia said as she hung her head down. "That's all I ask of you, Peter. Just one night that we can spend together. That's all I ask of you. To spend one of the few important nights of my life with me. Is that to much to ask?"

"No offence, Cornelia, but what I have to do is more important than the Prom.", Peter said. "Besides. It's just a dance."

'Ooooooh!', Taranee thought to herself. 'Bad move, Bro! Bad move!'

"Just a dance?", Cornelia questioned as she lifted her head to look Peter in the face. "Just a dance? Alright fine! Go to your tournament! And I do hope you have fun winning! As for me, I'll go to the Prom alone! And you know something else? I'm going to have a good time without you!", she said as she walked off the porch and headed home.

"Whatever.", Peter said as he headed inside the house.

Once in the house, he was met with an upset Taranee who had her arms folded across her chest giving her brother a look that told him she wasn't to happy.

"What?", Peter questioned.

"Are you crazy?", Taranee questioned. "If you don't take Cornelia to the Prom, it'll be over between you two! You hardly visit to take her out now! But if you don't take her to the Prom, it's over for you two!"

"Relax, Sis.", Peter said. "After the tournament, I'll take her out on a expensive dinner and it'll e all good."

"Cornelia doesn't care about expensive dinners and stuff!", Taranee said as Peter walked past her. "She just wants a guy that'll be therer for her when she needs him. Just like she's been there for you!"

"It'll be fine, Taranee. Trust me.", Peter said as he headed up to his room for some rest.

"I hope you're right, Peter.", she said sadly. "I truly hope you are."

End Flashback

'You're a fool, Peter.', Taranee thought to herself as she continued to dance with Nigel.

"You okay, Taranee?", Nigel asked.

"Yeah.", Taranee said. "Just thinking about Cornelia."

"Same here.", Irma said as she and Stephen were dancing next to her and Nigel. "But what can we do?"

"Irma's right.", Will said as she and Matt danced next to them. "If we were to go and try and comfort her, she'd juat tell us to go back and have fun dancing."

"No matter how much we tried to talk to her.", Hay Lin said as she and Eric danced next to them.

"She is a stubborn one.", Matt said.

"Sometimes to much for her own good.", Stephen added. "It would be nice if she were to open up more."

"True. But then again, she's stronger than we give her credit for.", Nigel said.

"Besides. I don't think she's going to be alone for long.", Eric said. "Take a look."

Everyone looked to see Angelo walking towards Cornelia. Seeing this didn't make Taranee to happy, but then again, she also knew that no one deserved to be alone during the Prom. So, she did nothing as she danced with Nigel. As for Angelo, once he was close enough to the table Cornelia was sitting at he remembered what she was wearing when they all met up outside the dance hall. Cornelia was in a blue, thin strapped dress that went down to her ankles as well, with matching short heel shoes. It had a slit on the right side that went up to her thigh. Her hair was the same as always, as it flowed down to the small of her back. She wore a gold necklace with diamond earrings, and a gold and silver bracelet on her right wrist and a red rose corsage on her left wrist, that she had to buy since Peter didn't bring her there. Angelo of course was wearing a black tux with matching shoes and a red rose boutonni re.

Once at the table, Angelo sat next to Cornelia who had her right elbow sitting on the table with her head resting in her right hand looking bored. Seeing this, Angelo did the same thing while letting a a fake sigh. Cornelia looked at Angelo out of the corner of her eye as he let out another fake sigh before leaning over and nudging her with his shoulder smiling at her. She at first gave him a small smile before he nudged her again making her smile some more.

"There's that smile.", Angelo said with a smile of his own.

"Thanks.", Cornelia said as she sat back in her chair. "I needed that."

"I know what else you need too.", Angelo said as he stood up.

"And that is?", she questioned looking up at Angelo who suddenly offered his hand to her.

"Would you care to dance, Ms. Hale?", Angelo asked with a bow and a smile.

Cornelia was about to take his hand but she hesitated a little. Angelo saw this and knew why.

"Forget about Taranee and those that would look down on you.", Angelo said. "This is the Prom, Cornelia. You're suppose to have fun with your friends as well as the one you came with."

"But I came alone.", Cornelia said.

"That just leaves your friends.", Angelo said with a smile. "Come on. You danced with the girls' boyfriends while I danced with each of the girls. We owe each other a dance or two. Or three."

"Well when you put it like that, then let's dance, Mr Vanders.", Cornelia said as she took his hand with a smile.

"As you wish, Ms. Hale.", he said with a smile.

Watching them make their way onto the dance floor were their friends, who were happy for them. Even Taranee. But she still had her worries. Once on the dance floor, Angelo and Cornelia began to get down and dance to the music that was playing. As she was dancing, Cornelia began to feel a bit better now that she wasn't just sitting at alone feeling sorry for herself.

'This may not be so bad a night after alll.', she thought to herself as she was feeling better.

Through out the night, Cornelia and Angelo were having a great time together. Every few songs they took a break along with the others and got a bit of rest. But soon, after the Prom King and Queen were crowned, it was time for the final dance. Which was of course a slow dance followed by the couples walking out together showing off what they were wearing for the newspaper photographers to take pictures of them.

"Okay, guys and gals! It's time for that final dance!", the DJ said as he was about to play the music. "So find that special someone and get on the dance floor!", he said as he began to play the music.

The girls and guys got on the dance floor leaving Angelo and Cornelia feeling a bit awkward.

"You know what? The heck with it!", Cornelia said as she stood up and turned to Angelo. "Let's dance!"

"Really?", Angelo questioned.

"Yes, really!", Cornelia said smiling. "You've been there for me when I was down. So, the way I see it, you're a special someone. So let's go!"

"If you say so.", Angelo said with a smile as they headed onto the dance floor.

Once on the dance floor, Angelo wrapped his hands around Cornelia's waist, while she wrapped her arms around his neck. They then began to danced to the music. As they were dancing, Cornelia took the opportunity to lose herself in the wonderful feeling of Angelo's arms, feeling her body become calm and content at his gentle touch. She buried her head in the crook of his neck, enjoying his feel and smell of his cologne. Soft hums of contentment escaped her everytime he gently rubbed her back. As the song played, she kept herself pressed to his chest. Angelo just held her knowing she needed to be held, no questions asked. But then again, Angelo didn't mind holding her close. After they had their talk in the mall, he and Cornelia were still close friends. And he respected the fact the she wanted to give Peter a chance. But things weren't going the way Cornelia had hoped. Angelo saw this and knew that sooner or later it would be over between them. He wouldn't mind of it was sooner as he danced with Cornelia. As he held her close, he could smell the perfume she was wearing as well as the scent of her hair from the shampoo she had used. Both scents went well together.

'Will I ever get a chance with her?', he thought to himself as they danced.

As they danced, Cornelia was thinking back to how Angelo was there for her when she was down and needed a friend there for her. He could of been going out with his friends or with some girl. But he was there for her. She knew that he wanted to be with her, yet he respected her enough not to try anything. She cared for Peter, but a girl can only take so much. Taranee kept telling Cornelia to give her brother some time to see that he was doing Cornelia wrong. But after their argument, a week and a half ago, slowly but surely Cornelia was fed up with it all. As the song was nearing it's end, Angelo and Cornelia looked into each others eyes and saw something that was going to change things as they smiled at each other. At the same time, Taranee felt Cornelia's strong emotions and feelings towards Angelo.

'NO!', Taranee thought to herself. 'She wouldn't! They wouldn't!'

As the song was ending, Angelo and Cornelia looked into each others eyes and knew that what they were going to do next may get them in some trouble with their friends, but at that moment they didn't care as they smiled at each other. Once the final song of the Prom ended, they shared a kiss which shocked their friends big time.

"Ummm... Wow!", Eric said in a soft tone as he stared at Angelo and Cornelia kissing.

"Yeah!", Hay Lin said in the same tone. "Wow!"

"Well that's one way to end the Prom.", Stephen said.

"You can say that again.", Nigel agreed.

"I so did not see this coming.", Will said.

"I... I got nothing.", Irma said not believing her eyes.

As their kiss ended, Cornelia and Angelo looked into each others eyes smiling.

"I guess this changes things between us, huh?", Angelo questioned as he ran his fingers through her hair.

"I guess so.", Cornelia said as she smiled at him with a slight blush.

But then they remembered that the others were there and turned their heads and saw the shocked expresions on some of their faces. But out of all of them, Taranee had a look of anger as she glared at Cornelia and Angelo.

"Oh boy.", they both said knowing that it was going to get ugly.

Real ugly.

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