A/N: I do not own Voltron Force. In this story, the Voltron Force is basiclly the Vanders, Jun Lin, and Harold. Their uniforms look like the same ones from the Voltron Force show, only they have short sleeves like Hunk's uniform. But they can have long sleeves if thye want them to be. Remamber that, like in the Voltron Force show, the voltcoms can read the thoughts of it's wearer. And they each have two voltcoms. Also, anyone that has a sword made from the voltcoms will look like the blazing sword that Voltron has. And I'm talking from long swords to short swords and broadswords. If you need to know what I'm talking about, watch the Voltron Force show.

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Chapter 8: Beachside Battle

As both sides charged at each other, the Voltron Force's voltcoms glowed as their weapons of solid energy appeared in their hands. Angelo had a pair of lightining blue long swords, Marcus had a pair of red blasters, Sam had a pair of green battle batons, Malcom had a blue bo staff, Leonas had a pair of small yellow war hammers, John had a lightining blue broadsword, Jun had a pair of green combat fans, and Harold had a yellow short sword in his right hand and a yellow small shield on his left arm. Once close enough, Matt knocked out one of the soldiers and took his sword and shield and used it in the battle. Harold was quick to disarm three soldiers and take them down with a strong roundhouse kick to their heads. Seeing this surprised Cornelia as she took down a group of the soliders with a powerful wave of sand burying them neck deep.

"Whoa!", she said surprised at her father's fighting skills before she went back to fighting.

Sam was taking down his fair share of soldiers with Leonas at his back sending a soldier or two flying with his war hammers.

"You okay ther, Bro?", Leonas asked his brother.

"It's all good, Leo!", Sam said as he knocked out a soldier with a five hit combo with his battle batons. "It's all good."

"Glad to hear it!", Leonas said as he saw a group of soldiers charging at him.

With a smirk, Leonas raised his war hammers and slammed them into the sand sending a powerful shockwave at the soldiers. Once it hit them, they were sent flying into the water.

"Have a nice swim boys!", Leonas said before going after some more soldiers.

In another part of the beach, Matt and Malcom were fighting side by side.

"I take it that you guys fight guys like this often.", Matt said to Malcom as he disarmed a soldier and knocked him out with a high kick.

"You have no idea.", Malcom said as he dropped two soldiers with his bo staff. "And this is the easy stuff!"

"I hate to see the hard stuff!", Matt said as they both defeated a group of five soldiers.

"I hate to say it, but you might.", Malcom said with worry.

Seeing Malcom's worried look, worried Matt as the both of them went back to fighting soldiers. Elsewhere, Hay Lin was sending some soldiers into the air with a twister. Seeing this, Marcus blasted them with his blasters knocking them out as they fell to the ground.

"Now that's one way to take down some badguys!", Marcus said. "You up for another go, future cousin?"

"You bet!", Hay Lin said with a smirk as she sent another group of soldiers into the air with a her twister. "Fire away!"

"Don't have to tell me twice!", Marcus said as he began firing away.

As for Harold, he had just taken down a few more soldiers when he was standing a few feet from Durran who had his sword and shield at the ready.

"Finally! I shall have my vengance!", Durran said as he took a fighting stance.

"Like I haven't heard that befoe!", Harold said as he took his fighting stance.

Both warriors then charged at each other beginning their duel! Blade clashed against blade as they fought. They even bashed their shields against each other. They then clashed their swords against each other and held it, both trying to get the upperhand.

"I've had plenty of time to improve my skills, in prison, Human!", Durran said with a sneer. "I shall have my revenge!"

"We'll see about that, pirate!", Harold said as he gained the upperhand and was able to push Durran back. "We shall see!"

As they continued their fight, Irma and Taranee were taken down their fair share of soldier. While Taranee would melt some soldiers' weapons, Irma would freeze other soldiers' weapons.

"These guys aren't so tough!", Irma said as she made a wave of water knock down some soldiers. "If this is what Angelo and his cousins have to fight, then he's not as tough as he looks!"

"Yeah!", Taranee said with a grin as she melted some soldiers' weapons. "These guys are easy pickings!"

Just then, some soldiers were about to sneak up on them from behind. Irma and Taranee were to late to do anything when they jumped at them. But suddenly, Angelo got the jump on them and not only disarmed them, but knocked them out as well with an energy wave from his long swords. Afterwards he just simple turned and walked away.

"Oh! And by the way.", Angelo said as he stopped and turned to face Taranee and Irma. "Unlike you two, my cousins and I have to fight these guys with either our bare hands, weapons, or our voltcom weapons. We don't have powers, like you, to make it easy."

With that said, Angelo headed back into battle leaviing a stunned Irma and Taranee.

"How did he hear us?", Irma questioned.

"Who cares.", Taranee said. "Let's just end this fight and get it over with.", she said as she flew towards another group of soldiers that were getting to their feet.

"Right behind, ya!", Irma said following Taranee.

As for Will, she was blasting groups of soldiers with wave after wave of energy.

"This is way to easy!", Will said with a smirk as she took down another group of soldiers.

Suddenly, a two soldiers threw some bolos at Will tying her up and making her fall to the ground.

"Hey!", Will snapped as she hit the ground.

She then looked to see seven soldier aim their blasters at her.

"Uh-oh!", Will said fearing the worse as she closed her eyes bracing for what was to come.

"Will!", Susan and Dean cried fearing for her.

"Will!", Matt shouted as he ran towards Will as fast as he could.

"Will!", the other Guardians shouted as they flew towards Will as the soldiers fired their blasters..

Suddenly, Jun jumped in front of Will and deflected all the blast with her fans. Will opened her eyes to see Jun standing guard over her.

"Back off, boys!", Jun yelled as she sent a power wave of energy from her fans sending the soldiers flying.

"Wow!", Will said as Jun turned around and looked down at Will. "Thanks, Ms. Lin."

"No problem.", Jun said as she used her fans to cut Will free and help her to her feet. "Just be careful next time and watch your back."

"You okay, Will?", Matt asked Will as he ran up to her and Jun.

"Yeah.", Will said as the other Guardians landed next to her. "Thanks to Ms. Lin."

"Ummmm... Guys!", Hay Lin said looking around. "We have company!"

Everyone looked around to see soldiers coming at them.

"It never ends!", Jun said as she charged into battle.

"Wow!", Irma said. "Your aunt is tough, Hay Lin!"

"Yeah!", Hay Lin said as flew off to help her aunt with the others right behind her.

As for the girls' families and boyfriends, they were watching the battle unfold before them and were amazed at what the girls and Matt could do, based off what they were told by them. Not to mention how Jun, Harold, and the Vanders were fighting.

"This is so cool!", Chris shouted as he was watching all the fighting.

"Go, Daddy! Go!", Lillian cheered for her father.

"Did you know about this side of Harold, Liz?", Susan asked Elizabeth.

"No!", she answered while shaking her head. "I had no idea."

"Well this is one way to find out.", Tom said. "And then there's John and his nephews."

"They sure know their stuff.", Eric said.

"Look at them go!", Nigel said.

"Now that's awsome!", Stephen said.

"They're not so tough.", Peter said under his breath.

"I wonder how long they've been doing this.", Dean wondered.

"I'd like to know the same about my sister.", Chen said. "And how did she know about the girls?"

"You can ask her when this is all over, dear.", Joan said as she notice something out of the corner of his eye. "Oh no!"

Soon everyone saw that they were surrounded by soldiers who were eached armed and ready to take them hostage.

"Where did they come from?", Anna questioned as she held Chris close to protect him, just as Elizabeth was doing the same with Lillian.

"The better question is, what do they plan on doing with us?", Theresa questioned.

"My guess is take us hostage.", Lione figured.

"Surrender or die!", one of the soldiers demanded.

Suddenly, a wave of energy came from up above and knocked some soldiers back. Everyone looked up to see John standing on a large rock with his sword in hand unleashing waves of energy all around him hitting the soldiers that had surrounded the girls' families and boyfriends. Once he took down enough of them, John jumped down from the rock and began to fight off the rest, which were easy picking for one of his fighting skills. But soon, more soldiers began to surround John and those he was protecting. Seeing this, W.I.T.C.H., Matt, and the rest of the Voltron Force, except Harold who was still fighting Durran, came and formed a protective circle around the girls' families and boyfriends.

"No one gets past this circle!", John ordered as he stood his ground with them.

"Right!", W.I.T.C.H., Matt, and the rest of the Voltron Force yelled ready to figth off anyone who came towards them.

"Well, this is one was to spend a Sunday afternoon together.", Angelo said to Cornelia.

"I can think of a few better ways.", Cornelia said with a small smile that Angelo returned.

Suddenly, Durran came tumbling towards his soldiers surprising everyone.

"You'll have to do better than that to defeat me, Durran!", Harold said as he walked up to the others. "And don't even think of getting past this circle!", he said as he stood next to Cornelia. "You okay, Cornelia?"

"Y-Yeah.", Cornelia said. "How about you?"

"Never better.", he said with a wink making his daughter smile.

"You were lucky fools!", Durran said as he pulled out a gem and used it to open a large portal for his soldiers to go through. "Next time will be a different story! Return to the ship!", he ordered his troops while pointing at the portal.

The soldiers quickly ran through the portal and were soon all gone, leaving only Durran standing there. With a smirk on his face, he turned to walk towards the portal. But suddenly, he reached behind his back and pulled out a gun and turned around and shot six darts from it in different directions, surprising everyone!

"Look out!", Leonas shouted as the darts came at them.

Harold was able to block a dart while Angelo and Matt blocked one each but the other three hit their mark. One hit Sam in his left arm, while another hit Cornelia in her left leg, and the third hit Theresa in her right shoulder.

"Enjoy the poison!", Durran laughed before running through the portal as it closed..

"Aw, crap!", Sam said as he pulled out the dart before he along with Theresa and Cornelia fell to the ground going unconscious from the effects of the poison.

"Sam!", Leonas yelled as he knelt down to his brother.

"Theresa!", Lione cried as he knelt down to his wife.

"Mom!", Peter and Taranee cried as they knelt down to their mother.

"Cornelia!", Harold, Elizabeth, and Lillian crid as they knelt down to Cornalia who transformed back to normal.

"I'll call 911!", Tom said as he pulled out his cell phone.

"Don't bother, Tom.", John said as he walked up to the Cooks. "There's no cure for this kind of poison on Earth.", he said as he knelt down to Theresa.

"What are you doing?", Taranee questioned as John scooped up her mother.

"Taking her to where we can help her.", John said. "Jun. Open the fold to Erutana."

"Right!", Jun saiod as she pulled out a green crystal and opened a fold to said world.

"You're not taking may mother anywhere!", Peter snapped as he stood in front of John. "She's going to a hospital to get help!"

Suddenly, Marcus grabbed Peter by his shirt and made him face him.

"We don't have time for this, pal!", Marcus snapped. "The only way to save you mother is for us to take her to the Palace of Lions! So, shut up and let us help her!"

"Do as he says, son.", Lione said getting to his feet.

"But dad!"

"Do it, Peter!", Lione said giving his son a look that said he wasn't playing around befroe giving John a nod that he returned as he ran through the fold.

Leonas picked up Sam and hoisted him over his shoulder and ran through the fold while Harold scooped his daughter up in his arms and ran through the fold as well. The rest of the Voltron force ran though the fold as well. But Angelo stopped and turned to the others.

"You all might as well come, too.", he said as he stood in front of the fold.

The girls' families went through the fold followed by their boyfriends. Peter gave Angelo a glare before heading through the fold. Then, the girls headed through the fold. Last was Taranee and Will.

"If my mother dies, you will pay.", Taranee said glaring at Angelo before going through the fold.

Angelo simply sighed while shaking his head. This just wasn't his week. Seeing this, Will placed a comforting hand on his shoulder and gave him a smile that told him not to worry. Angelo returned the smile before they headed through the fold allowing it to close behind them.

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