It was once said that darkness can not live without light and that darkness needs the light in order to keep itself from going out of control. There are some that choose to bring out the darkness in order to control the things they desire. But, there has not been one who has been able to control the darkness completely. Even the evil king from the past, known as Ganondorf, was not able to control all of it; even with the Triforce of Power.
The darkness is a completely uncontrollable unless set off by special catalyst. The catalyst is a dark purple jewel that shines in the rays of the moon. The jewel itself is made out of the souls of evil entities that once tried to control the darkness and lost theirselves to it.
The three goddesses, Farore, Nayru, and Din, who had foreseen this took hold of the dark jewel and formed it into a live being and placed this being in the land of Hyrule. They had predicted that if the catalyst took the form of a Hylian, that the power would be safe. But, they were wrong. A dark force had also predicted that this course of action would happen if the Goddesses had interfered.
The goddesses had thought that if the catalyst took the shape of a being, that it'd be safe from evil since it no longer had it's original crystalized form.

The dark man not only knew about the goddess' plan, but could also sense the catalysts power even if it was in the form of another. And so, the dark man sent out his beasts to capture the catalyst. The catalyst didn't even know it's own purpose or why it was being chased down by those beasts, but it didn't want to find out. Day and night the catalyst ran and hid wherever it could. The catalyst had no idea why it was being chased down, even when it asked, there was no reply. It was an innocent being with no memory of a nonexistant past.
The catalyst only remembered awakening in a forest and right away being chased by the dark beasts. It had no clue as to why this was happening, but it felt the need to run from it. It sensed the danger and the darkness from the beasts and knew that itself was in danger.
The catalyst took the form if a Hylian girl. Her outlook was entirely unique. Her eyes were an emerald green and her hair was white, but the tips of her hair were a light purple. Her skin was an apricot color, slightly pale, and she looked about seventeen. She knew little words when she first woke. She knew nothing about the world she now lived in; and when she was hungry, she'd eat whatever she could find. The second day in the world, she was already thin and sick. The things she ate and drank were not good for her body. The white shirt and pants she had on became brown, dirty, and torn.

One day, the beasts struck again. The girl ran across the green grasses of a huge lake. Lake Hylia, the grandest lake in the land of Hyrule.
The girl looked back to the demons. Because of her body getting weaker, the demons were able to catch up to her. Because she didn't stop, the closest demon used it's claws to knock her over, leaving 4 blood red scars on her back. The beast picked her body up off the ground, she looked as if she was going to pass out. The demons looked at one another, ready to take the girl with them; back to their master. The beast who had it's hand on the girl had suddenly stopped moving. A silver blade passed through the demon's chest and it disappeared into a black smoke and the girl dropped to the ground. The warrior used his sword to slice through the other two demons and they, too, disappeared into that black smoke.
The male picked up the young girl into his arms and she looked to him. She heard the male's voice, but with her current state, everything was a blur and she couldn't make out what he was saying. The male wore green but that's all she could make out before passing out. The mysterious youth took the girl in hand and took her to his home, in a forest not far from the lake.