A cry from child could be heard from the other side of the door. Dark wasn't allowed inside, not yet anyway. He had been pacing the floors and stopped the door had opened. Link had also been sitting and waiting outside and when it was time to enter, the two men walked into the room. Wrapped in a tan blanket was a small baby. Being held by it's mother, the former Catalyst, Adina. Her green eyes peered to the child and smiled tiredly. Her hair was a mess and she was alittle sweaty. She poked at the little baby's innocent cheeks. The doctor looked toward Dark and Link, walking over to them.

"The baby is a boy." he spoke. "Very healthy too. There were no problems."

"Good." Dark sighed in relief and walked over to Adina and his crying child.

Usually, Dark would have the impatience of a child when wanting candy, but since the child was of his own, he had a change of heart.

"So, what of a name?" Dark asked her.

"How about naming him after his uncle?" Link pointed to himself with a huge smile.

Of course it was a joke, but Dark had given him a look that would say 'Hell if I'd let that happen'.

Adina giggled. "How about Vassil?"

"Vassil..." Dark repeated it in his mind and then nodded. "Sounds royal and dark. I like it."

"A great name you've chosen, Adina." Link complimented.

"Thank you." she held her dear child close to her. "Our son will be a fine warrior just as his father."


Sitting on his chair in front of a warm fire, Schimdt the old mage stared in the flames.

"Peace has returned to Hyrule for now." he spoke to himself and smiled. "But not all is over... For in two hundred years a new evil will arise. One stronger than Ganondorf. I have foreseen it. This colossal beast would spread it's evil seed onto Hyrule. Hero... Will you be reborn in time to save this land once more?"

The old man looked up to his ceiling, sitting back and thinking of the dark future that was to come.

"My power weakens. I can no longer see the rest of Hyrule's fate. Please... Save this world..."

Schimdt closed his eyes slowly. The warmth of body faded and only the outside was kept warm by the fire.

Very short and to the point! This is the Epilogue that'll go into another LoZ fanfic. Yes. A sequel! And yes, it is another Adventure/Romance one. x3 I hope you all enjoyed this story. It was very fun to type up too. Thank you for all of your support everyone! I love you all!