A/N: Hey guys, I know this isn't a chapter and I'm technically not suppose to be posting an authors note as a chapter, but I really felt that you guys should be given a heads up on what's going on since I've been so inactive.

My energy level has been on an all time low, I haven't even felt up to replying to pm's, and that has nothing to do with you guys, just me and my stuff. I've been going through some stuff since a bit before the beginning of the summer, and it's been hard because at the same time my lifes been going great, so I don't get why I've been feeling this way.

In a perfect world, I'd first finish the two prize fics I'd said I do (I haven't forgotten!) then write a chapter for this story before I head off to University this fall. But, this hasn't exactly been a perfect world for me, so I'm really sorry. I've just lost my steam for writing this story for the time being... maybe writing in general besides drabbles or something for a different pairing. And that really pains me to say that 'cus this story has been my baby for a bit over a year now.

I've also lost touch with my editor, who, through emails, has been a great help with my stories. We've been bouncing ideas off eachother for this story even before I posted it here, heck, she's the sole reason why I got the nerve up to post the first chapter on this site. So yeah, that has been a bit of a bummer, and I hope she's doing ok.

There's a bright side though! While I haven't felt up to writing new chapters, I have been reediting the first couple of chapters. I'm not changing any major plot points, just making sure it flows better since my writing style has changed quite a bit in the year, and I'm also adding things that hint to what happens later on. When I first wrote this story, I didn't exactly know where I was going with it, so some things weren't consistent with what happens later. If anyone wants to read what I have so far, just pm me and I'll be glad to email it you.

Also, I'm not really active on this site anymore in general, but that doesn't mean I want to lose touch with all the lovely people who have read and reviewed this story! So if you want to keep in touch, I'm active on both tumblr (wolf-is-i) and deviantArt (i-am-the-wolf). If I start writing again, I'd more then likely post it to the writing blog I made on tumblr (one-mad-wolf). So feel free to message me on those sites and watch me and I'll make sure to watch/follow back. Incase you can't find me, I'll hopefully post a link to each place on my profile sometime soon.

This isn't the end of the story guys. My hope is that after I'm done editing the chapters my muse for this story will be back and I'll continue. I'm not giving up just yet, please don't give up on this story.

Thanks for reading, that's all for now.