I continue to ask myself the same question, laying on my bed, staring at the celieng. Why are my parents divorced?Was it about me?No, it couldn't be. I sigh and sit up. Summer break just started a month ago, and I'm ready for eighth I really wish I can start school already...To see all my friends...To see the happiness they bring me when we laugh, and mostly the only friend who gave me greater happiness, was, of course Jasmine. We've been best friends since sixth grade, and so on. But what made me loosen my happiness was when I heard, "Daisy, I won't be going to Cobalt next year..I'm going to University Prep. to get a fresh start...You know what I mean? We can always see each other, though..."

What happens next? We never made plans to visit, or to meet somewhere...The only possible way to cantact was our phones. We text, and sometimes even call..But I seemed to get more and more frustrated when we never got to each other or waited this long to, where the point when Summer break is almost gone. My most fear was, that we would to the fact, not remember how close friends we used to be. Why does everything bad happen to me? No, I must move on in life.

It's been over a month and a half now, and I seemed to get more busy around this year. Me and jasmine still text, though, and still had fun talking about stuff we friends talk about. The worst and most complicated part of my life is to deal with a Step Father, a Step Mother, my Mother, and My Father. I haven't been so comfortable with her yet, still adjusting. Stepfather?He's been around for a while. Week after week, my mom picks me up, and my dad picks me up the week after that. I wish it can be in one piece, not a shattered and broken family.

My mom is very patient and wise, She helps me with things, and I got to believe that "Whatever my mom said, I believed it." Of course when it came to cleaning, things can get a little ugly.. I get a shiver on my back when I hear my mom yell, "DAISY, CLEAN YOUR ROOM UP NOW!" Then, I knew I had to run my butt to my room and get it done fast.

My Father, is a very strict man. He'd lock my laptop in his closet, and force me to use it where he can spot me. Chores,chores,chores, was all it was. But he did let me have a little fun at times. But he has changed a lot veer since my step Mother came to our life. She's okay, I guess. I've never been in a place with a person who cusses a lot, so it get's me uncomfortable.

Now that I told you the information, The story begins.