this is just a little drabble from a few year after the end of the movie.

Cassie's mother walked out of the bathroom and saw them on the couch. It looked innocent enough, the two of them sitting there watching an old movie on the TV, but there was something different in the way they sat. Him at the end of the couch, her a little closer than she needed to be. Him with an arm around her shoulders, her with her head leaning against him.

Most mothers would probably be worried about their, not quite eighteen year old daughter, spending so much time with, and being so close to, a not quite twenty-seven year old man. But Cassie's mother knows there's nothing to worry about, she knows that someday they will be together, she also knows that today isn't that day. She knows that Cassie is in love with Nick, but she also knows that, much to Cassie's dismay, Nick doesn't see her that way…yet.

Cassie's mother has seen the day he will realize that she's not a little girl anymore, that she never really was. She's seen the light bulb go on in his eyes as he finally sees the young woman she's grown up to become, and she's seen the smile on her girls face when he kisses her for the first time. So, yes some mothers would be worried. But Cassie's mother isn't one of them. She knows that this man would do anything to keep her daughter safe, that he would risk his own life for her, and has one more than one occasion.

So instead of being worried, she'll just sit down on the couch (at the other end) and watch the movie with them. And when he gets up and leaves to get them all dinner, she'll watch as Cassie follows him with her eyes as he walks out the door. And when Cassie sighs quietly she'll reach her hand out and place it on her daughters shoulder and give it a light squeeze, letting her know that everything will be alright.

She doesn't tell either of them what she's seen, she doesn't want it to change if she can help it. Because, while some mothers might worry about their daughter ending up with someone almost ten years older than they are, Cassie's mother isn't one of them.