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"Okay, here's one in Tribeca for three thousand." Paige pointed out to Carly who looked completely hopeless "That's still way too much. All the money I saved up won't even cover two months rent. I'm going to have to work every minute I'm not in class until graduation." She answered putting down the newspaper and rubbing her temples. "Don't you even dare to think about not going!" I told her firmly "I'm not." She answered. "Good. Because you know how proud we are of you." Paige told her "It's just an internship" Carly said like it was a simple job "Yeah at InStylemagazine!" I exclaimed "Or you could just stay at the Waffle House as a waitress forever?" I asked her she made a disgusted face "No, thanks." She answered "Yeah, that's what I thought. Now pass me the French fries." She did and handed the paper to Paige.

Wade appeared from somewhere and dropped in the sit next to Carly "Hey, babe" and gave her a kiss on the forehead and turned to smile at us "Hey, Allison, Paige" he greeted me which made me smile at him "Holla" I winked which made him and Carly laugh. "Sorry, there were two drunken rednecks wrestling in the bathroom." Wade said turning to Carly. "There are no rednecks in New York" Paige said lifting her head from the paper, giving Wade a look. "No there isn't" Wade answered her looking uncomfortable which made Carly glared at her and the atmosphere got tense. Thankfully Paige broke it "Well I'd better go see what Blake's doing. He seems to like that car more than me nowadays." She stated and started to head there. "Well at that note I'm gonna go find my guy too" just as I said that Nick got out from the diner with Dalton who was holding his camera of course behind Nick. There was a homeless man sitting on the ground and when he lifted his cup Nick kicked it. god his bad guy attitude lately was getting frustrating "Or not" I told them again turning back to Carly and Wade. Nick dropped at the sit the next to me and Dalton next to him "Hey, babe" and leaned in for a kiss "Hey" I answered against his lips. I returned eating my French fries "So, what do you think guys? Gonna be a sweet game tomorrow, huh?" Wade asked them nervously "Yeah" Nick answered simply putting his arm around me then out of nowhere someone passed us holding fish and quickly gave me nausea Carly looked at me alarmed "I'm gonna go to the bathroom" I told them and got up quickly and headed there quickly. when I got there I threw up. After I did I rinsed my mouth with water and splashed some on my face I saw Carly behind me looking worried "You know you're gonna have to tell him soon right? He'll notice it…" she told me. "I know I have too but I'm scared and with everything that happed I don't know how to tell him" I answered her "Allison, you're gonna start showing soon." She told me "Can we not talk about it okay? I'll tell him just not now" I finished. She nodded and hugged me. Thankfully Blake agreed that I'll ride with him and Paige so I headed to his car while Carly headed to Wade's.

We drove for how long I don't know I lost track. Blake was driving and Paige was looking at her self in the mirror which didn't surprise me she reached for her lip balm but before she could apply it she dropped it near Blake's leg she tried to reach it but couldn't "Shit, Allie can you see where is it?" she asked "Yeah, move over I'll grab it" it fell near the paddle so I reached forward and bent down trying to reach it finally I grabbed it when suddenly I heard a car horn who made me jump I leaned back and saw Carly and Wade laughing and Dalton filming of course and Nick who looked like he could kill someone I hit Blake's arm annoyed when I saw him smirking at them Paige called Carly "Lip balm. I dropped my stupid lip balm and I couldn't reach it so Allison picked it up." She explained and they started talking "It's getting late. What do you wanna do?" Paige asked turning to look at Blake "Keep going, we don't even have tickets." Blake answered her looking at the road at this point I stopped listening and leaned my head on the window trying to fall asleep.

"Allie wake up, were stopping to camp" Paige woke me up I nodded and sat up. Blake parked the car and we got out "Allie, Paige come help me set this up" Carly told us and we started walking with her. when we reached in front of Wade's car we stopped "Well?" Carly asked Paige "I couldn't, there's no point in freaking him out right now." She answered "As opposed to when you find out you're pregnant?" Carly said popping her eyes "Guys, I'm not sure, okay?" she answered defending herself "He's been looking forward to this game for months, I don't wanna ruin it by starting a fight." She tried to explain "Paige, he's not going to marry you his parents won't let him." I told her Paige only smiled shaking her head "Who says I want to get married? Besides, I've been late before." "When I know for sure, I promise to talk to him, okay?" we nodded. "Anyway, when are you going to tell Nick? You're going to start showing soon" she asked looking at me so did Carly "Soon okay I just don't know how". After we settled everything the boys started playing football of course Nick didn't join he sat at his chair looking at them play. I was sitting with Paige and Carly chatting when we saw the ball fall next to Nick and Wade waiting for him to throw back the ball which of course didn't happen Wade sighed and went over to get the ball bit just as he reached Nick got up suddenly and threw the ball at Blake who stumbled a little I became nervous and Carly went over there trying to prevent a fight I saw Wade walking away and Nick and Carly talking and Carly for a few minutes when she turned around and walked back to me and Paige and sat back holding back tears "He's an asshole I don't blame you for not telling him". "Hey, what did he say?" I asked her concerned and putted a hand on hers "It doesn't matter okay." And dropped the conversation which made me angry I got up and went over to Nick "What did you say to your sister?" I asked him he only rolled his eyes "Doesn't matter" he mumbled and Ignored me just as I was going to answer him the wind picked up and the most repulsive smell came with it which made my stomach turn and I ran to the bushes to puke. While I was puking my guts out I saw Carly walking over with a bottle of water, after I finished I rinsed my mouth and we walked back to the others.

After we headed back I sat in Nick's lap and he putted his arm around me leaning his chin on my shoulder kissing my neck. "You okay?" he asked whispering in my ear. "Mhm, better" I answered and turned my head to him and kissed him. When I pulled away I saw Carly running to Dalton and taking the camera from him "Oh, and the tables turn." She told him Focusing the camera on him laughing evilly. "Look how cute you are on camera. I think we might have to do a little makeover." She said and I immediately jumped from Nick laps "Makeover!" I shouted clapping my hand's happily making everyone laugh. I pulled him to the tent and pushed him in and we dressed him on a yellow jacket and some Glittery sunglasses. "You're coming out." Carly stepped outside first laughing with Dalton's camera in her hand. "I don't know." Dalton said hesitant. "If you don't, I will be so mad." At this point she was already outside waiting for him. Dalton shook his head no "Oh, no you don't" I said and pushed him outside and that made him stumble a little "Look how good you look!" Carly said beaming at him and laughing while filming him. Dalton stood in front of the boys and waved "Hey". "He looks like Elton John, but more gay." Blake's said making us laugh. "Elton John is gay?" Dalton pretended to be shocked. I quickly ran over to Nick and sat in his lap giving him a kiss and we started to make out. Suddenly a bright light shone at us making us pull away and I saw a truck up the hill.

"Yeah?" Wade shouted. "Hey, yo, man, you need something?" Blake shouted too straightening up. "Hey, can you turn off your lights, please?" Wade asked but nothing happened the truck only stood there "Babe I don't like this" I whispered to Nick starting to get worried. Blake held his hands up and making a shooing motion, "Hey, come on, man, get out of here. Nothing to see here. Let's go." Still nothing happened. "Can we help you?" Wade asked standing up. "Maybe we're on his property." Carly stated. "No, we didn't pass a gate." Wade said shaking his head moving forward. "Hey man, turn off your lights!" Blake shouted getting angry. "I'm serious man, turn your lights off, or I'm whopping someone's ass!" But wade stopped him putting a hand on his chest. "It's alright, it's cool, man." Suddenly Nick pushed me from his lap making me frown. He stood up and threw the beer bottle at the truck smashing the right front headlight. "Nick!" Carly screamed in disbelief. Nick ignored her as he made his way to the front of everyone, glaring at the truck. Dalton stood behind him and lifted his hands "What?". We stood there waiting for something to happen but nothing did the truck backed and drove away making me sigh in relief. "My man Nick here's hardcore!" Blake told him. I shook my head in disbelief and started to head to tent I shared with Nick as much I love Dalton the last thing I wanted was to wake up with him filming me. Just as I reached the tent a pair of wrapped around me making me gasp "Only me" I heard Nick. I turned around and hit his arm "You asshole! You scared me" and that only made him laugh "Sorry Babe" and leaned on to kiss me. "You better" I whispered against his lips "Love you" he said making me smile "Love you too". I took his hand we entered our tent Nick closed the tent's zipper. Just as he did I pulled him to me and started to kiss him hard. he returned the kiss, I tore off his coat and shirt leaving his shirtless my cloth coming off too.

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