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Title: The Trial of the Chosen – Living in a World of Mutants

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus; AU

PJatO Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And everything else related to Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus. Aside from the Gods, of course. They are all copyright by the old Greeks. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, underage, explicit intercourse, masturbation, anal, hetero, shoujo-ai, mutants

Main Pairing: Nico/Percy

Side Pairings: Octavian/Percy, Leo/Percy, Ethan/Percy, Jason/Percy, Piper/Annabeth, Charles/Silena, Chris/Clarisse, Frank/Hazel, Grover/Juniper, Malcolm/Katie, Tyson/Ella, Jake/Will, Lou/Miranda, Drew/Thalia/Bianca

Percy Jackson Characters:

The Sirens of Poseidon: Perseus Jackson, Piper McLean, Silena Beauregard, Drew Tanaka, Lacy Hunnigan, Mitchell Logan, Tyson Jackson

The Fighters of Ares: Nico di Angelo, Clarisse la Rue, Frank Zhang, Chris Rodriguez, Bianca di Angelo, Hazel Levesque, Reyna Anderson, Mrs. O'Leary, Aurum, Argentum

The Crooks of Hephaestus: Leo Valdez, Nyssa Black, Charles Beckendorf, Jake Mason, Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll, Grover Underwood

The Hunters of Zeus: Jason Grace, Thalia Grace, Zoe Nightshade, Calypso Nightshade, Phoebe Burge, Hylla Anderson, Kinzie Cohen

The Avengers of Hermes: Ethan Nakamura, Annabeth Chase, Lou Ellen, Katie Gardner, Miranda Gardner, Juniper Gardner, Malcolm Cage, Luke Castellan

The Seers of Apollo: Octavian Simmons, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Ella Dare, Will Solace, Austin Barton, Kayla Hein, Alabaster C. Torrington

Court: Counselor Paul Blofis, Judge Chiron Brunner, Counselor Nancy Bobofit

Summary: Poseidon, one of the most powerful mutants, used his son to spy on his enemies. But what after they got caught? How will Percy struggle through the trial? And through love?

The Trial of the Chosen

Living in a World of Mutants

3. Drawn to the Light


The prosecutor had long since become their enemy. The way she was tearing Percy apart was more than irritating and aggravating. The blonde man glared irritated, only the redheaded woman next to him kept him from jumping up to tear the irritating lawyer apart.

"Tavy, calm down", whispered the redhead.

"Yeah, Tavy, calm down", snickered the freckled brunette man next to the woman.

If Alabaster doesn't stop with the teasing, I may consider slicing him into nice, little pieces. I know he doesn't care for Percy. He couldn't stand him right from the beginning. And perhaps... Perhaps I should have listened to his instincts for once. Rachel shoots me an irritated glare as if she can read my mind. Sometimes she creeps me out, even though she is my best friend.

"What are we going to do now anyway?", muttered the blonde man next to Alabaster.

"I don't know", shrugged the freckled brunette bored. "Kidnap him once he's through with his statement and tie him to Octavian's bed so our dear Tavy will finally leave us alone...?"

"Remind me to take Kayla and Austin next time instead of those two", muttered Octavian.

"Will do", chuckled Rachel amused. "Though, really. What's going on in your head?"

If only I would know that myself. My eyes wander over to the beauty with the sea-green eyes and I know I should hate him for what he did. I know he manipulated me. Never before have I felt like that. All I want is to hold him close, kiss every inch of his delicious skin and take him, over and over again. It has to be magic. He certainly manipulated me. It's not rational that I still think like that, even after his betrayal. He still has me under his spell, that little witch.

"Stop frowning like that, it's not attractive", chided the redheaded woman next to him.

"I want him back", growled Octavian determined, his fingers clawed into his jeans. "I want back what's mine. I don't care about anything else, I just want him back."

"Well, that would also solve the annoying problem that he knows all our secrets", drawled Alabaster a bit amused. "So we'll stick with my plan of tying him to your bed?"

Octavian turned to glare at the brunette, earning a bemused shrug. Rolling his sky-blue eyes, he turned back to the main act. To the pretty boy. His evil tempest. Licking his lips, he had to suppress all the images coming to him. All the images of all the things he had done with that amazing body.

"I don't know, it was dark", the words spilled from those rosy, plumb lips.

Octavian observed with a frown how Percy fidgeted with his hands, his eyes practically glued to the floor. Probably to keep himself from using his powers. It would expose him and endanger him. Not that he wasn't in major danger already, but still.

How can someone as innocent and pure and good be so manipulative...? I can't believe that he would betray me like that. But... taking a look around, at di Angelo, Valdez, Nakamura and Grace, I know it's true. He used them the same way as he used me. And oh, I will punish him for that.

"Really?", asked the prosecutor suspiciously. "You seem to remember the drive pretty well. Think again. What happened under the water?"

Percy lifted his head, his sea-green eyes held such a startling, cold glare that the prosecutor jumped slightly. Octavian turned to see the other Sirens flinching at that. They knew that if their friend wouldn't watch it, it would have a truly nasty end. Gritting his teeth, Octavian stared.

I hate being unable to act. I want to behead this disgusting female and take Percy as far away from her and her stupid questions as possible. Why does she even want to know this? Isn't this trial about Poseidon? Percy didn't even know about his father back when his mother had died. Such a truly horrible person, reminding him of this night!


Looking at Octavian makes me feel bad. I've known it. Known that it will end like this. Right from the beginning. When I first met Percy, I've seen it unfold, in the blink of an eye. Us, sitting here, watching how Percy gets grilled by this lawyer-chick.

But that's nothing I could have shared with them. Maybe it would have prevented a possible catastrophe, but it would have also prevented my stoic best friend from experiencing love. I had to make a decision. Warning Octavian and stopping the affair before it could happen, or let him fall in love and force us to sit by how the only boy knowing all our secrets gets interrogated.

It was a hard decision, until I looked into Octavian's eyes and saw them melt. Seriously. Ever since I've met him, he had always been... cold and distance. But he was so open and happy with Percy, I couldn't take that away. I needed my best friend to finally be happy.

The silence in the court room was of a giddy, nervous kind. Rachel too leaned in more attentive, even though she had seen the outcome of this day already. But something about Percy always managed to draw people in. And she suspected it was far more than just his mutation.

"You'll get him back", whispered the redhead determined, patting Octavian's knee.

"You sound so sure", snorted the blonde with a dark glare. "I've tried to see it, but my gift failed me. Again and again. As if the future is blank."

"That's because you're trying to look into your own future, Tavy", chuckled Rachel amused. "You can't see your own future. That would be cheating."

He frowned at her with calculating, cold eyes and she shuddered. She had preferred him while Percy had been with him. The green-eyed teen had made Octavian... softer. She just hoped everything worked out the way she had seen it. The problem with the sight however was that the future was not written in stone. It was very... changeable.

Her bright, green eyes scanned the court room for the other players. She saw Nico di Angelo fidgeting with the shadows around him. Not very obvious, but her keen eyes were trained to notice mutants and their extraordinaire behavior. Leo Valdez was equally nervous, she could see him steaming a tiny, little bit, though Charles Beckendorf and Nyssa Black on either side of him tried their best to hide it. It was good to have good friends. Jason Grace was, as always, hard to read. The boy was nearly as stoic as Octavian, it was horrible. And Ethan Nakamura? If looks could kill, well they could in some cases, but if that would be Ethan's mutation, then probably anyone aside from Percy, Annabeth and Luke would have dropped dead by now. The Japanese's two second-in-commands were sitting on either side of him, frowning darkly. Though Luke Castellan was frowning just a tiny bit more. The man sat Rachel on edge. And that was rare. Annabeth though, she rather liked the blonde girl. Maybe in another time, they could have been friends.

And the most important players. The Sirens. They were sitting close to Nakamura, most likely because Piper didn't want to leave her... girlfriend? Victim? Toy? Well, whatever she may consider Annabeth, out of her sight. Those heartbreakers. Rachel snorted slightly.

If only we could clear that matter like decent human beings. Instead those dick-steered boys have to head-butt for Percy's affection. If they would only work together... But then again, if only Percy and his clan wouldn't have started being so curious about this. But perhaps... My eyes wander farther along the rows of mutants. Never before have I seen that many mutants at one place, in one room. Perhaps this is what we need. A trigger. To set us all free. I just hope I'm right.

"I was alone in the dark car", pulled Percy's enchanting voice Rachel back from her own thoughts, drawing her attention back to the main act. "My mother... my mother was already dead. I could see it in her eyes. I wished for her to wake up. But she didn't. Someone... someone came and broke the window, pulled me out and rescued me before I died."


"Someone saved you before you died?", repeated the prosecutor with a sneer. "Don't you mean way past the time any normal human would have survived under water?"

I stiffen and stare up at Percy. This is no good. This is what she is after. She wants Percy. She wants to expose him. But... But how does she know? How can she know...?

"Calm down, he knows what he's doing", whispered a voice into her ear.

If possible, I stiffen even more and turn some to stare at into those deep, storm-gray eyes I have fallen in love with... Shaking my head, I bite my lips hard.

"I know that. But you can't deny that she's up to something, Annie", hissed the native American.

There was genuine surprise in Annabeth's eyes upon being called by her nickname. But then again, the two of them hadn't spoken at all since Poseidon had gotten arrested. Annabeth blushed and retrieved her hand from the other girl's shoulder, averting her eyes.

"Good lord, just get a room and fuck each other's brains out", groaned the blonde man next to Annabeth irritated. "It's even more horrible to watch than Ethan pining after Jackson!"

"Shut up, Luke", growled Ethan, Annabeth and Piper at once.

Luke. Luke Castellan. I know who he is. I know he is the one that rescued Percy back then. But why? How? Where did he come from? I don't believe it was a coincidence.

"I don't really know what you mean", smiled Percy, tilting his head in an adorable way. "There was a bubble of air at the ceiling of the car and since my mother had freed me from my seat, I was able to breath, at least for a bit. I was lucky this stranger had rescued me."

"And you have no idea who had rescued you?", frowned the woman displeased.

She was displeased because openly accusing him of being a mutant was a no-go. Saying such things without proof was ridiculously dangerous for her. And he was an amazing liar.

"Not the slightest clue", replied Percy smoothly.

But I can still see how his eyes trail past me, locking with Luke's. Sometimes it makes me wonder if he truly doesn't know. If he ever confronted Luke, or if he kept it to himself to not raise suspicion. Titling my head, I start to curl a blue streak around my finger thoughtful. If the situation would be any different, I would just turn around and ask. But that guy makes me uneasy.

"Did you ever feel anything for me?"

The whispered voice so close to her ear made her bite her lips hard. Even without turning, she knew that there was a heartbroken look written all over Annabeth's face. And she couldn't face that.

From the moment I first saw you. When Percy first introduced us, I knew I had to have you all to myself. And when we first kissed, I knew I'd never want to kiss someone else. I want you to be mine forever. I want to hold you and tell you that all of this will be over soon and that it'll be alright and I just want to run away with you, run away from our clans. I want to kiss every inch of your body and stare into your stormy eyes while you babble on about some old Greek geek, because your eyes sparkle with so much enthusiasm when you do that.

"You know what I am. You know what we do. You're the brains, tell me what you think."

The warmth next to her disappeared as Annabeth hastily leaned back again, as far away from the native American as possible, her eyes tightly closed to not reveal the emotions within them.

I love you. More than I ever thought possible. But you were the one forcing me to go and watch Romeo and Juliet with you in the theater. And that one hit home a bit too close. Before I lose you to death, I'd rather lose you that way and know you're safe. Our lives are too dangerous and too complicated to intertwine. It will only cause both of us pain. And I've caused you enough pain as it is. You deserve to move on now. Even though it's against my instincts and my heart to let you go...

"After you've been rescued, why weren't you returned to your stepfather?", asked the prosecutor.