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It was a boring day, just like any other day for the past two years. Kahlan Amnell, Mother Confessor of the Midlands was sitting on her chair in the grievances room, her legs and arms crossed, listening to her people accusing each other of crimes or begging for money or power, most of the times both. She wondered how one day she came to like helping people when she now couldn't listen to them anymore. The ones guilty of crimes were always begging for her mercy, thinking she would infringe to the Code of Aydindrill. The law was the law and it had to be followed.

"No." She simply and sternly replied to an insignificant request.

"Thank you Mother Confessor." The dirty man replied before almost running to the door of the large room. Even if his request was dismissed, he knew better than to insist and get on the nerves of a Confessor, specially this one. They hated her and she scared them, but she didn't even seem to care. She came to terms with the monster she was long ago.

"Next." She said with a sigh. Time for the grievances was almost done and she couldn't wait to leave the room, of course she would have to go back in the afternoon but it was her duty as the Mother Confessor, she couldn't escape from it and she knew it but she was just eager to see her baby girl. It was time for her lunch and Kahlan never missed an opportunity to spend time with her daughter. The grievances sessions she held inside the Palace were more and more crowded every day. Three months ago, the Seeker had saved the world from the Keeper, the green cracks on the grounds were gone and the lasts Banelings had been killed. People started to live normally again, killing, stealing, cheating, arguing…

"According to the code of Aydindrill, you are guilty." She told a mid-aged man, he was a salesman or something like that from what she barely heard him say.

"Mother Confessor, please hear me out. Ever since I started to work tragedies happened, first Darken Rahl and then the Keeper himself messed with our lives. Now that the new Lord Rahl saved us all, we have a future again, I just needed some money to get back on my feet." He argued.

The new Lord Rahl, she didn't even know how this was possible. Richard Cypher was in fact Richard Rahl, Darken Rahl's brother. She felt like living the life of another, sometimes she even wondered if a sorcerer hadn't casted a spell on her, sending her in another life, at another time. But every time she looked at her daughter, she knew this was real life… her life.

It's been two years since she had last seen him. Two years since he had left to go on with his quest and defeat the Keeper. During this time she had heard many things about him, that he was dead, badly injured, that he had failed his mission and decided to go back to Hartland, that he was married, that he was now Lord Rahl, that he had rebuilt D'Hara's army to conquer the Midlands… She prayed none were true. Deep in her heart she knew none were true but worry always crept upon her. The only real thing was his new title of Lord Rahl. She knew it was true because a Mord'Sith came to the Palace to look for him claiming he was the new Lord Rahl.

One day, the cracks on the grounds disappeared and she knew he had succeeded his quest. It's been three months and she didn't know where he was. He should have been back already… maybe he was dead after all. Maybe he had to sacrifice himself in order to save the world of the living. Zedd always said that with great power came great responsibilities, maybe the price of saving thousands of lives was giving his in return and she knew for sure that he would be willing to pay the price. She tried to forgetting him many times or at least not to think about him but every time she looked into her daughter's eyes she thought about him and she wondered if her baby would ever get to know her father. But after three months, her hopes were slim to none.

Coming back to reality, she realized that the salesman was still in front of her, waiting for her to say something.

"The law is the law and my word is final." She stated. "Next." She added coldly.

She looked at the door on her left, hoping it would open and that Sylvia would enter the room with her daughter, indicating that the time for grievances was over. She sighed again at the closed-door and adjusted her position on her big wooden chair. A blond woman made a few steps towards her and said: "Mother Confessor, my husband is missing."

"There is nothing I can do for you. Wait until he returns, if he does one day. Next." She cruelly said to the now crying woman. With time she will get over it, over him. She will get tougher and eventually her pain will disappear. She will go on with her life because she has no other choice and because people expect her to do so. So she will grit her teeth and her clench her fists and she will get up every day, making people think that she is okay.

"Thank you Mother Confessor." The woman told her between sobs. Just like the people before her, she knew better than to argue with the Mother Confessor.

Kahlan turned to the guard on her right and gestured him to get closer to her.

"Command me Mistress." He told her.

"Find Sylvia and make sure everything is alright with my daughter." She ordered.

"As you command Mother Confessor." The guard replied before leaving quickly. She watched him leave by the door on her left.

"Mother Confessor." She heard as another sigh escaped her lips. It wasn't even the middle of the day and she couldn't wait for it to end. She just hoped that the person who just spoke would be the last and that Sylvia would arrive soon.

She turned her head to look in front of her and she saw three persons. It took her some time to realize that Zedd, Cara and Richard were here, in Aydindrill in the Confessor Palace, a few steps away from her. She couldn't believe it. She blinked several times before she understood that it was Richard, her Richard who was bowing on one knee in front of her. Paralyzed, she felt her heart constrict and held her breath. Millions of questions fused in her head. Why was he here? What did he want? Since when was he in the room? Did he still love her? Was he here to take his daughter? To start a war? Was he alright? Did he want to hold her as much as she wanted to hold him? Did he miss her? Was he here to take over the Midlands with his D'Haran army?

"Kahlan, dear, are you alright?" She heard Zedd asking.

She stood up abruptly and said: "Rise Seeker."

Richard stood on his feet and looked at her. He hadn't changed, yet he was not the same. His hair was a little bit longer, he did not look older but more mature, wiser.

"Or should I call you Lord Rahl?" She asked bitterly.

Their gazes locked for a moment and she finally spoke: "Congratulations on defeating the Keeper."

He nodded as a thank you but never stopped looking at her.

"What can I do for you?" She asked. She wondered why he wasn't speaking to her. She saw his expression change before he spoke, he looked angry, his jaw was clenched.

"We came here to ask for your hospitality, Mother Confessor." He stated.

"Clara." She called.

"Command me Mother Confessor." A young maid standing in the room said.

"Show Lord Rahl and his friends our guest's rooms." She ordered.

"Of course Mother Confessor." She replied before bowing.

"Actually…" Richard interrupted. "I was hoping I could talk to you. Alone." He added looking straight in Kahlan's eyes. The last thing she wanted was to be alone with him but she wanted to know what he had to say. He was the Lord Rahl now and the Midlands needed to know if he was a treat or not.

She nodded to him and walked to the door on her left and Richard followed her while Zedd and Cara followed the maid.

Suddenly the door opened to reveal Sylvia and Kahlan's daughter. The little girls walked to her mother who picked her up in her arms.

"Hi baby girl." Kahlan said, kissing her daughter's head.

"Lord Rahl." Sylvia said before bowing in front of Richard who didn't even looked at her, his eyes were fixed on Kahlan and her daughter.

"Sylvia, I won't be able to make it for lunch." She said.

"You go with Sylvia and be a good girl alright?" She told her daughter who nodded in return.

"Good." She said before kissing her daughter on the head once again. She handed the girl to Sylvia who left the room, leaving Richard and Kahlan alone.

"It's a beautiful daughter you have here Mother Confessor." Richard stated.

"What do you want?" She asked abruptly.

"Is she mine?" He asked back.

She slapped him. Hard. "It's good to know that you have so little faith in me Lord Rahl." She told him, swallowing back her tears.

"Looks like you haven't exactly been faithful yourself, Mother Confessor." He replied pointing at her belly. She looked down, she had totally forgotten about the bump on her stomach.

She took a breath, trying to find the strength to look at him again and she said: "That morning when you left, I woke because I've felt the spark of life inside me. I was so happy. I wanted to tell you but when I opened my eyes the only thing I found was your letter. So yes, Richard, she is your daughter."

"She's beautiful." He said tears pooling in his eyes.

"It's been two years. Why are you here?" She asked. She kept her Confessor mask on her face, in two years she had had time to master her skill. Even though she wanted to cry as well, she remained still. It was everything she'd ever dreamt about, her and Richard having a daughter, but now everything was so messed up it was more like living a nightmare than a dream.

"I promised that I would come back once my quest was complete so here I am. Besides, I wanted to know if your daughter was mine or your mate's. And as the new Lord Rahl I thought the Mother Confessor would be interested in knowing what I plan to do with D'Hara." He explained.

"You always had such a great sense of duty." She told him bitterly.

"I learnt from the best, Mother Confessor." He replied, looking at her belly once again.

She wanted to hit him again because she was furious against him. Furious because he had left her alone for two years, because she had to raise her daughter alone. She had lied to people about the father of her child, pretending that her daughter was Tim's daughter in order to follow the plan she and Richard had come up with two years ago. But mostly she was furious against herself because of her condition and everything she had done in the past two years.

"I'll arrange a meeting with the Council for this afternoon. You'll be able to explain us your great plans Lord Rahl." She told him.

"Now, if you'll excuse me…" She said, turning to leave but he stopped her by grabbing her arm.

"Do not touch me." She ordered, freeing her arm and grabbing his throat. It felt weird having someone touching her beside her daughter. She felt her powers surging from deep inside her and released her hold on him quickly.

"Leave." She ordered him as her anger was taking the best of her.

"Leave!" She repeated seeing that he was still looking at her.

She turned her back to him as she felt her powers slipping away from her grasp.

"I'll see you this afternoon." He told her before leaving the room.

Closing the door behind him, he heard the thunder with no sound of her powers. And her screams.