Here we go. I realized last chapter was a bit of a let down and I hope this one will be better. Let me know what you think, if this is worth going on.

After walking down the numerous white stairs outside the Confessor Palace, The Mother Confessor and her mate, Lord Rahl and his Mord'Sith made their ways to the main street of Aydindrill. The walk was silent, the city was silent. People had gathered in the streets to see them but none dared to make a sound. Their heads were bowed in fear, mother's holding their children tightly in their arms.

Kahlan and Richard had to walk to a square where a platform had been constructed, allowing them to talk to the people of Aydindrill. Kahlan couldn't wait to get there and get this thing over with. Everything she wanted was to be with her daughter who was in the Palace, although the little girl was in good hands, she didn't really like to leave her alone. In the corner of her eye, she could see Richard, walking to her right, while Tim and Cara followed them. She did her best to walk with her head up high but everything she wanted to do was run to her room and hide. Seeing her people so scared of her, it was breaking her heart. Sometimes she would even see flashes of hatred in their eyes. Ever since she was a little girl, people had been afraid of her but this, now… it was different. She was a monster, unable to control her own power. She knew she had been cold and heartless when people came to her, but she couldn't let herself care again. Her heart had been broken in millions of pieces and couldn't be healed.

"What's going on here?" Richard whispered, taking her out of her thoughts.

"Isn't it obvious? They hate me." She replied coldly.

"Why?" He asked with his ever endless need to know everything.

"You know why… I've certainly confessed someone they know or said no to one of their requests." She told him, trying to sound as distant as possible.

"Heartless witch!" A male voice shouted in the crowd. People gasped and froze waiting for the Mother Confessor to punish one of them.

"Evil wrench!" Another voice shouted.

"She's confessed the Seeker!" The voice of a woman shouted.

Before they had time to realize what was happening, the whole crowd was yelling at Kahlan, calling her the worst names possible.

Instinctively, Richard closed the distance between him and Kahlan, gripping his sword in case one of the people around them tried to hurt the Mother Confessor. Behind them, Tim and Cara imitated him, grasping their own weapons. Richard's eyes were scanning the crowd, for the moment, they were just yelling, none dare to move towards the Mother Confessor knowing the power of her touch. The silence of mere minutes ago was replaced by the sound of an angry crowd.

Something moved quickly on Richard's left and he heard Kahlan scream.

Quickly turning to her, he saw the arrow struck in her stomach. He immediately wrapped his arms around her as her knees gave up. Shielding her with his body, he felt an arrow hitting him on his right side as he carefully laid her down on the floor. The red stain on her white Confessor dress made it obvious that she had already lost a lot of blood.

"Cara!" He yelled as he looked up to find his friend and protector. The Mord'Sith pulled the Sword of Truth out of Richard's scabbard and threw it in the air in the direction of the roof of a house. The sword hit the man holding a bow and arrows in the chest, killing him instantly as Cara ran to get the sword back and secure the area. Tim was also protecting them, sword in hand.

Once Richard was sure they were protected, he looked down at Kahlan. He knew he had to get her out of here as quickly as possible and back to the safety of the Palace.

He pulled the arrow stuck in his side out of his body, thanking the adrenaline for making it feel almost painless. He knew he would lose a lot of blood but that was the only way to carry Kahlan back to the Palace. He could let Tim carry her, but he didn't want him to touch her.

"Cassie…" He heard Kahlan whispered.

"It's okay Kahlan. She's fine, she's inside the Palace with Sylvia and Zedd." He told her reassuring her. She closed her eyes and her head fell on a side.

"Kahlan! Kahlan! Stay with me. Open your eyes." He told her, brushing her hair out of her face.

"Look at me." He told her as she finally opened her eyes.

"I'm going to carry you to the Palace and let Zedd and the healers take care of that arrow. I'm afraid that if I pull it out by myself, I may hurt your baby." He explained her.

"Richard… I…" She started but he cut her off and said: "Don't try to talk, just use your strength to stay awake."

She nodded and he lifted her in his arms. She allowed herself to rest her head in the crock of his neck, inhaling his scent. She couldn't describe how wonderful it was to be in his arms again. Even through the pain in her body was making her head spin and her vision blurry, she enjoyed every second of it.

"You're going to be okay." He told her as he started his walk back to the Palace, followed closely by Tim. He knew he had to talk to her in order to keep her awake.

"Cassie is probably waiting for you in her room." He said with a smile at the thought of his little girl. The pain in his right side was getting worst with each step he took, he could feel his clothes sticking to his skin because of the blood he had already lost. He was more than relieved when he found himself at the entrance of the Confessor Palace.

People were buzzing around him, talking to him, looking at Kahlan but somehow he didn't see them, he was focusing on getting Kahlan to her room. Each breath he was taking was torture, the pain was so intense that he couldn't talk anymore. When he finally reached Kahlan's room, the door opened in front of him, he laid her down carefully on her bed and collapsed on the floor. Kahlan was now unconscious and Richard himself was on the verge of passing out.

"Richard!" He heard Zedd said, that's only when he realized that his grandfather was already in the room. The poison at work inside his body had weakened him, he had to walk with a cane. His face was pale and sweaty. He no longer looked like the great Wizard of the first Order but like an old dying man.

"I'm okay." Richard mumbled, holding onto the bed to get back on his feet.

"Let me look at you." The tall Wizard ordered him.

"No, Kahlan and the baby first." He replied with determination. "You are too weak to heal us both. Just take care of her. I'll be alright." He added.

"Alright my boy. But let Sylvia and the healers take care of you then." Zedd told him as he turned to the maid. He knew better than to argue with his grandson when it came to Kahlan's life or safety.

"Help Lord Rahl to get to his room." The maid ordered to two soldiers standing at the door who nodded their agreement in return.

Glancing at Kahlan as Zedd was already working on her with the healers of the Palace. His instinct wanted to rush by her side to hold her and let her know that he was here for her but his head told him otherwise. The heart-wrenching sorrow that was consuming his heart and soul for the past two years took the best of him as waves of tears hit his eyes. She hated him. The last thing she probably wanted was to have him next to her. He was a coward and had left her to raise their child alone. She also had to deal with the Con'Dar alone. The way people treated her enraged him. They didn't know her, she wasn't a monster, she was kind and loving. He didn't know why the Con'Dar got so out of her control but he knew it wasn't her fault and that she blamed herself for taking the souls of innocent people. He understood now, why she was to cold and seemed heartless, it was just her protection against everything that was happening to her. It broke his heart even more to know that he was the one to blame for it.

"Make sure she's okay." He told Zedd before walking out of the room with the help of the soldiers.

Trying to concentrate on books was almost impossible. Richard needed to focus his attention on the books spread on the bed around him, it was an obligation for him to find a cure for Zedd. His grandfather was already weak and using his powers to heal Kahlan instead of fighting his infection was worsening his condition. Although Richard was glad and thankful that Zedd had been able to heal Kahlan. The events and devastating news of the day were too much to bear for him and he had been unable to concentrate.

Looking down at his chest, he cursed under his breath at the sight of the bandage wrapped tightly around his chest to help the healing of his deep wound and broken rib. He was painfully breathing but he couldn't lose time resting when Zedd's life was at stake.

"I wanted to thank you for saving my life." He heard. He could recognize her voice even if he was deaf. He was so concentrated on dealing with his pain and looking for a cure that he didn't acknowledge that someone had entered his room.

"Kahlan…" He breathlessly whispered. He quickly got on his feet while a sharp pain hit his chest. He pressed his left hand over his injury and tried to control his breathing.

"You should lay back." She told him.

He couldn't get himself to look into her eyes. What was he supposed to say to her? Zedd had told him that despite the fact that he successfully healed her, he couldn't find the spark of life inside her. She had lost her child because he hadn't been able to protect her out there. He should have seen the arrow coming. Once again, he was to blame for her pain and sadness.

Gathering all his strengths, he finally whispered: "I'm so sorry you've lost your baby."

"I never was with child." She told him calmly.

"Wh… What?" He asked taken aback by her confession. How could it be possible?

"The Council was eager for me to have another daughter after I had Cassie." She started to explained as an answer to his unspoken question.

"I couldn't get myself to lay with Tim, so Sylvia helped me and we made everyone believe that I was with child to buy my some time. Then we would have come up with something telling the child was dead. It worked up pretty well after all." She said with so much sadness in her eyes that it broke his heart.

Richard jaw's dropped and he made a step towards her. He stopped himself as he remembered that he had lost the right to hold her and comfort her two years ago.

"I'm sorry." He whispered, not really knowing what to say.

"I bet you're happy that I didn't share my bed with him." She bitterly told him.

Richard closed his eyes for a moment. She had opened up to him and now she was cold and distant just like before. When he opened his eyes, the look in hers let him know that she was waiting for an answer and that she was also trying to read him. She had never done that before. Her trust in him was gone.

"Yes." Was everything he could answer. Of course he was happy that she hadn't lain with anyone else.

"And did you think that by coming back here you could take me in your bed like nothing ever happened?" She asked, her anger rising. She didn't know or understand why but she wanted to yelled at him… hit him. Maybe it was because of the pain and sadness, she was so mad at him for leaving. Of course he left for his duty but somehow she hoped he would have chosen her instead of his quest. It was selfish, she knew it but she couldn't help herself.

As he didn't answer, she continued: "You are a Rahl after all." She knew this would set his blood on fire.

"Kahlan…" He warned gently.

"What? Lord Rahl… don't you like what you see?" She asked as she slowly started to unlace her dress. "Maybe you would like to see more or have your Mord'Sith join us." She told him, stepping closer to him.

He shook his head and said: "Don't do this Kahlan. I know you are mad at me, but don't act as if I was anything like Darken Rahl."

"You don't worth more than him." She snapped. The second she heard herself pronounce those words she regretted it. She didn't mean to be so mean to him, but he was about to leave again for the People Palace, leave her and her daughter. People always said there was a thin line between love and hate and now Kahlan understood the meaning of those words.

Breathing heavily, Richard said between clenched teeth: "I know I hurt you but I had to leave to defeat the Keeper."

"You choose your duty over me… over us." She replied as tears formed in her eyes.

"Damn it Kahlan!" He yelled. "I'm the Seeker, it was my destiny to stop the Keeper! You... you of all people should understand better than anyone the meaning of duty. That's why we came to Aydindrill in the first place!" He continued.

"Did it even cross your mind that I wanted to go with you, be with you?" She cried.

Richard opened his mouth to answer but he saw her eyes turning red and black. She jerked her head backwards and released a huge cry.

"Kahlan." He called her.

She immediately grabbed his throat and pushed him against a wall. She looked at him as he closed his eyes, ready to receive the blast of energy her powers would free in his body. He felt her hand tighten her hold on his throat, maybe she just wanted to kill him instead of confessing him. Either way, he would not fight her.

Opening his eyes, he looked at her intensely and she finally released her powers. His brown orbs turned black and his body shook under her hand. It was different than before. He remembered the feeling of her powers when they made love, but this, with the Con'Dar, it was totally different... It felt cold… When his eyes returned to their original color, her head titled to the side, staring at him.

"It's okay. I understand." He told her. Her anger against him was so strong that she couldn't control her powers.

Realization that he was not confessed hit her and she let go of him. Her eyes turned blue and she gasped in horror. The pain of his injury and the shock of her powers had drained Richard from his energy. He slid against the wall and sat down.

"I have to go." He heard her whispered before she left the room.

He closed his eyes, everything was lost. They couldn't be in the same room without yelling at each other's… Two times she had been in the Con'Dar because of him. He had to heal Zedd and fast because he couldn't handle her anger for him. It was too painful to have the woman he loved more than anything hating him so much.