He Consumes Her

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So you all know the drill, this story will contain corporal punishment of a teenager, so if you don't like DON'T READ! Flames will go ignored and unanswered and possibly even laughed at, so kindly do not waste my time, those of you who don't approve of these kinds of stories. It's my story, not yours. Constructive criticism, however, is fully accepted.

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SUMMARY: This story takes place during and after the events in the episode "The Sacrifice" from season 2. Basically my take on what Damon should have done when Elena challenges his concerns for her in this particular episode. Damon gets extremely fed up with Elena's willingness to put herself in very dangerous situations as well as her feisty and defiant attitude when being confronted. He finally decides to take Elena in his hands and give her what he believes she truly needs. WARNING: corporal punishment of a teenager. Please do not read if this offends you.

DISCLAIMER- I do not own any of the characters or the series, so besides the content of this episode, this story idea is purely my own.

Chapter 1- Heavy Choice to Make

Elena sighed as she made her way through the apartment in Richmond, waiting for the nameless vampires to arrive and take her to this terrifying vampire known as Klaus. She took a much needed sip of water, to cool the dryness that had developed in her mouth from the unsettling thoughts that invaded her mind.

But what disconcerted her even more, was the feeling that someone other than the dark-eyed girl Alice, was watching her. Following Alice's gaze behind her, Elena whirled around and gasped in surprise as she came face to face with a very livid Damon.

"What are you doing here?" he asked with a quiet anger that she had not yet heard from him.

"What are YOU doing here?" She repeated the question indignantly.

The tension was not broken as Rose's appearance momentarily distracted Elena away from Damon's piercing gaze. "You called him?"

"I'm sorry Elena…" Rose replied calmly.

Elena couldn't hide her frustration. "You said you understood!"

"She lied!" Damon's voice answered sternly.

Elena turned back to look at him, trying to ignore the feeling of fear that was enveloping her insides at the glower Damon was giving her.

Elena heard Alice's voice pipe in unexpectedly, awkwardly slicing through the tension that was permeating the atmosphere. Upon his annoyed command, Rose quietly but quickly grabbed Alice and led her out of the room as to give the pair some obviously needed privacy.

"Come on, we're leaving." The older Salvatore brother said while looking expectantly at Elena.


"I said we're leaving!" his eyes flashed, the words spoken as a command.

"I'm not going with you." Elena responded again, her voice full of confidence.

"YOU do not get to make decisions anymore!" He spoke austerely, as if to a naughty child.

"When have I ever made a decision? You and Stefan do that for me now this, this is MY decision."

Damon's rejoining look questioned Elena's sanity. "Who's going to save your life while you're out making DECISIONS?" He enunciated the word with a sneer.

"You're not listening to me Damon, I don't want to be saved! Not if it means that Klaus is going to kill every single person that I love." Elena's voice became softer as she ended the last sentence, thinking that she had won the argument.

Boy was she wrong…

Damon's face hardened even more, and as his eyes flashed, it was hard for him to not bare his fangs in a dominant manner as he quietly exclaimed in a no-nonsense way, words that Elena was not expecting to hear.

"Get your ass out the door before I throw you over my shoulder and carry you out myself!"

Elena's eyes narrowed at the bold threat, daring Damon to actually go through with it.

Deciding not to wait, Damon grabbed Elena's arm but it was quickly yanked out of his grip as she defiantly snipped, "NO!"

There was a brief struggle between the twosome, before Elena's arm came swinging up to punch Damon in the face. His hand easily caught her fist, and she gasped as he squeezed her hand, forcing it away from his face. Elena's breath hitched in her throat, as Damon slowly but firmly leaned in very close to her face, so that their noses were barely touching each other's.

The stare emitting from his eyes was so powerful and intimidating that Elena tore her eyes away from his, uncomfortably trying to find a different spot for her eyes to rest.

Damon would have none of that…his mind practically screamed Look at me! And as if she had heard it, Elena unwillingly brought her eyes back up to meet Damon's cold ones.

The brief silence that followed was so thick that one could've cut it with a knife. Elena felt herself shuttering as Damon held her hand firmly in place, and wanted to cower under the icy, wrath-filled glare that he was giving her.

"Don't EVER…do that again…" The tone of his voice could've brought her to her knees, but Elena merely responded with a breathless exhale, which wavered as he continued to stare her down.

At that moment, Damon decided to exit the room for a moment, seeing as he needed to calm himself down and tame the flames that were raging in his heart. Elena Gilbert, you just wait until I get you home…

Elena sat down in a chair, pouting like a child who had just been scolded and sent to timeout in the corner. Well in a way…you kind of were…her conscious tittered at her, confirming the thoughts she tried to shut out. She hated how little Damon made her feel…almost vulnerable in a way…and yet, she couldn't shake that feeling that it was all because he truly cared for her.

Stefan had never been that stern with her…not yet anyhow. Do you think they'll ever be a YET with him Elena? Her conscious asked, making her shake her head in annoyance at the nagging voice.

Rose quietly joined Elena as Damon went into the other room to compel Alice.

Think about it Elena…her conscience continued to banter, Stefan is very sweet and loves you true, but has he ever really tried to stop you from doing something dangerous? He usually just gives into your pleas and demands, even if they are intended to be good, they're usually life-threatening on your part. Damon doesn't do that…he tries to keep you out of harm's way.

"Shut up!" Elena hissed out loud to herself, causing a confused and questioning look from Rose.

Ignoring the look, Elena mentally argued with her subconscious. Stefan loves me though! He would never let anything happen to me, he's protective enough! But even in her mind, Elena could not deny the slight doubt that crept into her musings.

He protects you yes, but not in the way Damon does. Stefan protects when you are IN the midst of danger, whereas Damon won't even allow you to leave his side if it means endangering your life. Again, Stefan may be caring and strong, but does he challenge you the way Damon does? Does he make you feel as protected as Damon does?

That's not fair! Elena screamed back in her head. Not every man or vampire can be a Damon! Stefan has different methods of protection that's all. She smiled smugly, thinking she had one the internal argument with herself.

Unfortunately, her conscience wasn't finished yet. True, not every man can be a Damon, but then again, not every girl is a 'you' and needs a man like him Elena. Your particular personality demands an opposite like him…you refuse to listen to Stefan and Damon both, and yet Damon is the one who always comes after you and prevents you from REALLY getting hurt or even doing anything at all.

Elena frowned and felt her cheeks turning red as she realized her conscience was right,

Face the music Elena, Stefan may love you, but yet you can't deny that for someone who isn't even your boyfriend, Damon CONSUMES you, and you know it don't you?

Elena squeezed her eyes shut, trying to block out the unwelcome but truth-filled words that were filling her mind. The sound of a door opening broke through her thoughts.

"Time to go," Damon stated in a matter-of-fact voice as he glided over to Elena and Rose, "Alice is soundly asleep and won't remember anything about this horribly STUPID day."

The front doors to the apartment suddenly burst open, interrupting the chance for Damon to utter his next sentence.

Three vampires strode into the apartment, causing Elena and Rose to jump out of their seats. Damon quickly walked in front of the two girls, taking on a protective stance.

"We're here to meet the doppelganger." One of them stated as they halted in mid-step.

Trying to be brave, Elena began to walk towards them. "Thank you for coming-"

"I will break. Your. Arm…" Damon whispered icily as he roughly grabbed her wrist and blocked Elena from getting anywhere near the other vampires.

The next few minutes were a blur for Elena as one of the Originals, Elijah, suddenly made an appearance, causing Rose to run away in fear, and finally killing the other three vampires after questioning them. His quick departure afterwards, left Elena stunned and Damon relieved that they were alone and unhurt.

"But…I don't understand…I thought I was what Klaus wanted?"

Damon slowly turned to face the girl he loved with all his heart but could never be with, silencing her with his gaping mouth and beyond incensed gaze. "YOU asked them to come HERE?" Elena winced at the rising volume in his voice.

"I had to Damon, I'm not just going to stand back and watch the likes of them terrorizing the people I love in Mystic Falls! I'd rather be the sacrifice than be the cause of my best friends' and family's deaths!"

Damon's face contorted into a mixture of disbelief and rage as he advanced towards her. "Elena, this is the most STUPID and RECKLESS thing you could have ever done! There would have been plenty of other ways to handle this particular situation but ohhhh nooo! You had to be stubborn, run off, and try to play hero for the rest of us!"

Elena shrunk away from his advancing form. "Hey! I wasn't trying to play hero, I was just trying to protect the ones I love!"

Damon sneered at the lame, repeated excuse she was giving him, and got right in her face. "Clearly, you cannot be trusted to make your own decisions or even be alone anymore without getting some harebrained notions into your head that could jeopardize your life! Well that ends NOW little girl!"

Elena squeaked as Damon suddenly picked her up and threw her over his shoulder, before stalking out of the apartment and slamming the door behind him. "HEY! DAMON PUT ME DOWN!"

"Sorry dumpling, you've lost your walking privileges!" He replied sarcastically as they descended the stairs.

Elena began to pound on Damon's back while growling angrily at the position she was in. "DAMON! LET GO OF ME NOW!"

"I have a better idea, how about YOU stop acting like a child and just accept the fact that I'm NOT putting you down until we get to the car where I will be driving you home!"

This response only made Elena struggle more and she began to pound even harder on Damon's rock hard back. "No no no no no no no no no no nooo!"

Damon was getting tired of her insubordinate and childish behavior, and quickly applied a stinging swat to her backside. "Don't tell me NO Elena Gilbert!"

Elena shrieked at the feeling of the unexpected swat, and felt her face turn red with embarrassment as they exited the building and made their way to the car. "DAMON SALVATORE THIS IS NOT OKAY!"

Elena heard the car door being opened and yelped as Damon swiftly plopped her down into the front seat, and buckled her in as if she were incapable of doing it herself.

"Damnit Damon I'm not a child!" She yelled while trying to push his hands away. Damon firmly swatted them away and finished buckling her in. "Oh really Elena? Prove it!" He slammed the door shut and came around the driver's side.

As he got in, he saw Elena sticking her tongue out at him in the corner of his eye. "Thank you for proving my point." He replied with a fake grin as he turned the key in the ignition and roared out of the parking lot.

Elena angrily bit her lip and crossed her arms while turning to look out the window. She was fighting the overwhelming urge to cry; she hated the way she was feeling at that moment. Damon had no right treating her that way, it wasn't his right!

And yet someone has to do something Elena…Stefan certainly won't go to this length, and you can't even deny that you feel like you deserve Damon's scolding don't you?

Elena angrily wiped away a single tear that was slipping out of her eye. She would NEVER admit that she secretly felt Damon was justified in his actions, NEVER! And yet, no matter how overwhelmed she was from her heated emotions, Elena could not deny the fact that she was feeling VERY cared for by the older and more authoritative Salvatore brother…who knew he had such a paternal side?

"Don't pout Elena it's not going to have any effect on me, I'm not Stefan." He muttered while snickering quietly.

"No, you most certainly are not!" She snorted before sighing heavily and leaning her head against the window.

Damon shook his head with frustration, still seething over how close she was to being killed. When we get you home Elena, we are going to have a LONG discussion about what to do and what not to do when facing up against other vampires…especially the immune to death, freaking ORIGINALS!

This was going to be a long evening…

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