Okay, this ismy first real metroid story. And I only played the DS game, prime hunters. So my knowledge in the game is limited. If you find some things that aren't supposed to be the way they are, just write it down in a PM, or in the review.

Just to add to the summary, the story takes place when Samus is still part of the Galactic Federation military, but takes place a little after Gorea's death. The Kriken Empire is growing, and is beginning to be a serious threat to the Galactic Federation. Commander Adam decides to create a small legion, composed of seven people-excluding him-and is going to attempt to find a way to destroy the Empire.

New characters-characters I made up-are going to make their prescence in this fanfic.

This first chapter is just a prologue. It's a part of the story that hasn't taken place yet, but will occur later on.

Well with that great note, ENJOY!

Samus looked around. The room was pitch-black, making her eyes useless. She switched to night-visor, but some interference was buzzing, giving the helmet a hard time to adjust.

A shriek was heard.

Samus spun around, her arm cannon raised, ready to blast whatever was in the room with her. Silence fell again, and the darkness covered whatever happened.

Samus heard her radio crackle to life. Anthony's strong voice helped her control the threatening panic growing within her. "Everything's all right princess?"

Samus looked around the dark room. "Um…I dunno. I'm trapped in some dark room. Some help would be appreciated."

"Just tell me your location, and we'll be with you."

"I'm in the-"

A loud screech interrupted her. The hard deck plate she was standing on shook violently, nearly causing her to fall over. Samus looked around. A pair of yellow eyes appeared in the darkness.

There was another loud shriek, as an explosion lit the whole room for a moment, giving Samus the time to see her attacker.

As soon as she saw him, her courage failed. Screaming in fear, she tried to scramble to safety, but the beast grabbed her, and took flight. After reaching a certain height, he threw her onto the ground.

Samus hit the ground. Another explosion occurred, lighting the room for a second time. She just had time to see Ridley make an offensive dive towards her, before darkness engulfed the room again…

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