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The final battle is almost over. TIME TO SHOW WHO'S BOSS!

For this last chapter, I put a bit of Ianmus, and family moment between Samus and Adam. ENJOY!

Adam carefully placed four metal pads on the wall. Once that was done, he took out a small remote and walked briskly next to Sylux, who was crouching safely behind the remains of the door that had been blown up earlier.

Silently, the Commander pressed the button.

The entire wall exploded, sending debris and half-melted metal in all directions.

Sylux snorted. "Why didn't you just have me blast a missile at that wall?"

"With the continuous impacts from space, the explosion caused by a timed-bomb will resemble most to the delayed explosions. A missile will far too much noise, before exploding. That could rise a couple of suspicions. A bomb would only make them think that there was a collision not so far from here, and it just reached the door." Adam explained patiently dully.

Sylux simply glared. "Let's go."

Samus and Anthony raced past the chambers and into the sectors. "Hurry Samus! The Control Center is this way."

Samus nodded. "I know. We have to stop the Emperor before he attacks Adam!" she panted.

The thought of what she had closest to a father, be crushed by the kriken like Lhikan was, filled her with dread. She added a spurt of speed, and raced down the hallway.

Ian picked himself up from the floor and wiped the blood that was trickling from the side of his mouth. "Weyna! How's the ship?" he yelled through the smoking and nearly destroyed ship.

A captain ran up to him. "Weyna's dead. His monitor blew up in his face. And half of the crew is dead. Report: The Shooting Star has lost 93% of its engine power. Only 2% of the guns remain, and the shield generators have been entirely destroyed."

"What happened to the Razor Sun?"

"I've lost radio contact with everyone excluding the survivors of the crew." He said. "But guessing that we weren't finished off, I suspect we've given her a hell of a beating."

Ian nodded. "Do you know our current location?"

The captain tapped away on a damaged computer. "I can't be sure, but I know that we're drifting away from the battle. What do we do?"

Ian bit his tongue, trying to keep himself from panicking entirely. Wondering what his brother would do at a time like this, he thought carefully.

Finally, he made his decision. "Tell the crew to put as much distance between the ship and the fight." He ordered. "When we're out of the kriken's range of fire, send everyone in escape pods, destination Atlanta."

The captain ran to give the crew the orders.

Ian, half blinded by the smoke, staggered towards the front window. Waving the smoke away, he tried to make out what was happening in space.

He saw some dogfights taking place, the cruisers blasting away at each other. But that was not what he was looking for.

He found it-or rather-them. The Athena's Stand was firing all its guns at a smaller corvette, breaking it apart, giving it no chance to retaliate. It moved towards the capital, covered by two other cruisers who were gliding next to it, keeping the other kriken ships at bay.

Looker farther-which was not easy-he could make out what remained of the Razor Sun. The giant flagship had been entirely pulverized, and was slowly floating away, completely dead by the deadly attack of the Shooting Star.

Ian took a couple of steps backwards, and turned to run out of the room towards one of the escape pods, when he crashed right into someone. The two people rolled down the damaged floor, before hitting a wall. "Ow…" Ian muttered, rubbing his head. "Who is this?"

"Sorry about that. I just received a message from Admiral Dane ordering us to remain in the surrounds of the battle. What do we do?"

Ian looked at the man, and thought madly. "Um…Stay just in the outer ring of the battle. Avoid fighting as much as possible."

The man nodded, and ran to give the orders.

Ian clenched his teeth. He seriously wanted to leave the battle. The Shooting Star was almost entirely destroyed, and was easy prey for the other ships. But he knew why Dane refused to have him flee. Even nearly entirely destroyed, the Shooting Star still had a few Canion guns still usable, and it was the only ship that could receive the documents sent from the capital in the entire Federation Armada.

Ian felt his stomach churn as the corvette began to slowly circle the battlefield.

There was a chirp. Suddenly, the door erupted in a ball of flames. Krikens flew in all directions as two soldiers leaped through the door. One, wearing banned and stolen Galactic Federation armor, made an impressive twist, dodging all the Imperialist blasts fired by the krikens. Without wasting an instant, the bounty hunter activated his gun, and the Shock Coil began pouring out tons of electric-type bolts, which wrapped around the krikens, one after the other, killing in mere seconds.

Another human shot through the smoke. This one wore a Platoon 7 marine power suit. Firing his machine gun, it peppered the krikens with bullets, punching holes in their bodies.

Adam skidded to a halt, and turned around. "Looks like we've reached the Control Center." He said. His expressionless mask on, his voice completely dull.

Sylux simply ignored the statement and watched the room. "So, fearless leader, what's next?"

Adam ignored the sarcasm. "This…is weird."

Sylux looked around. He soon realized what the commander was talking about. The room was unnaturally dark, and very empty. Excluding a couple of krikens, there was no one.

He half raised his gun. He opened his mouth, when a huge explosion slammed into his back, throwing him forwards. He crashed against a set of chairs, and lay still, completely stunned by the blast.

Adam instantly whirled around, his gun raised, ready to fire. He found himself standing in front of a four armed kriken, who was twirling his blades around. "Ah. Adam Malkovich. One of the Leaders of the Galactic Federation. You shall make a good trophy for my nearing victory."

Adam raised his gun, and pulled the trigger.

It made a very unpleasant clicking sound.

"God no." He whispered, as he pulled his gun back, preparing to run.

The Emperor roared with laughter. "Shall we start you little deathbed?" He lunged at the defenseless Commander.

Samus ran as fast as she could, the fear of Adam falling like Lhikan did pushing her forward.
Anthony raced right behind her, his plasma gun loaded, and aimed ahead of him, ready to blast down anything that stood in their way.

The two of them blasted a door open, and raced inside the room behind it which divided itself in two directions. Samus instantly decided to go left, hoping to reach another chamber or something of the sort.

The two of them hit a dead end.

Anthony growled, and leveled his plasma gun. "This thing's going down." He said, as he pulled the trigger.

The gun fired a thick greenish sphere of plasma, which smashed against the wall, pulverizing it entirely. When the smoke cleared, Samus instantly raised her arm canon, ready to blast down any kriken that opposed her.

The dust cleared.

Samus gasped.

The Emperor was swinging his four arms around, trying to knock down a person. The man jumped out of the way of the Imperialist blasts, and knocked the blades aside with his canon, which was now heavily damaged.

"ADAM!" Samus yelled.

The noise momentarily distracted the commander. He turned to se both Anthony and Samus standing there, watching the battle.

The Emperor wasted no time. Bringing one bladed arm crashing downwards, he made the attempt to cut the man in half.

Adam raised his gun just in time to intercept the weapon. Despite avoiding the worst, the momentum was strong enough to knock him off his feet and crush him onto the ground.

Samus raised her gun to blast the kriken off the commander, but there was a flash of blue light, and electricity seemed to surround the kriken.
The Emperor roared with both anger and pain, and lunged at another man. This one was wearing blue armor with some glowing greenish lines. The man dodged easily, and continued to fire his barrage of the Shock Coil.

Samus gaped at Sylux. Since when was he on their side?

Without stopping his attack, Sylux tossed a box of cartridge filled with bullets at the commander. "Help me anytime woman." He snapped at Samus. "You too, fat man." He added to Anthony, who instantly dived into battle, firing his machine gun none-stop, but bullets simply hit the kriken's armor, causing no damage at all.

Samus raised her gun, and fired a barrage of Power Beams. The weapon was strong enough to dent the armor, but not enough to break it.

The Emperor spun his blades in complete circles, and began deflecting the Power Beams and Anthony's bullets in all directions.

Sylux leaped backwards to avoid a Power Beam. "WATCH IT!" he yelled.

Samus realized that she was only making things harder, and stopped shooting. Instead, she changed to her Super Missiles and looked at Adam for permission.

The commander finally managed to reload his gun with the new cartridges. He saw Samus was staring at him, and noticed why. He nodded. "Careful where you aim." He said.

Samus grinned, and fired a missile right at the Emperor's head. The missile made impact with a deafening explosion.

She rested her arm canon on her shoulder. "And the girl has to do everything as usual."

She heard Anthony through the smoke. 'Isn't that what girls are for? Working I mean."

There was a loud cough, followed by laughter.

"Enough with the jokes. He's not done yet." Adam said.


"Well…I thought so…" Anthony admitted.

Without wasting a second, the kriken lunged at the man, ready to slice him in half. Just as it was about to cut him in half, Sylux tackled the soldier out of the way, causing the kriken's attack to hit the floor with a resonating 'Thang'.

Adam raised his gun to shoot, but a very cheerful 'tchik' came from it. The Commander's eyes went wide. "You gotta be kidding me!" he shouted at the broken gun in exasperation.

Samus would've thought that the scene would be funny if their lives weren't on the line.

The Emperor, still continuing his assault on Anthony and Sylux, pointed one of his guns at Samus, and fired an Imperialist beam.

Samus dodged it, and just when she was in mid-air, she saw a tiny gleam coming from the kriken's lower left shoulder.

She realized what it was.


Lhikan dodged and slashed at the Emperor wildly. The kriken dodged with extreme ease.

But just as the kriken moved out of the way, a tiny piece of Lhikan's blade penetrated the armor, and broke, remaining lodged there, unnoticed


"A piece of Zephyr?" she whispered. It hit her like a truck. Lhikan had died, but he had opened the front door to defeating the Emperor.


The bounty hunter dodged and jumped out of the way. When he was on the left side of the kriken, he watched the creature, wondering why Samus was asking to attack this precise location.

An explosion from space lit up the room entirely, and the tiny shard of Lhikan's suit deflected a part of the light, making it visible to all.

Sylux instantly jumped in. Samus had always known his great speed and agility, but she never saw him move like this.

Left, right, the blue armored man was a flash of lightning. The Emperor made desperate attempts to stop him, but Sylux was just too fast.

Even the emotionless, experienced and genius Adam was impressed.

When Sylux was at a body's length of the kriken, he slashed with his arm canon like it was a blade, and sunk it as deep as possible into the armor.

The Emperor screamed.

Everyone saw the tiny shard slowly dig its way in the body and armor. Carried by the momentum, it went through the flesh, the veins, and through the heart.

The Emperor fell over, dead.

The Galactic Federation Armada battled against the Kriken Empire's Fleet.

Dane gave orders to the Armada, as the Federation Cruisers engaged the Kriken Fleet, desperately trying to create a path to the capital.

"Get the Pegasus out of there!" he yelled in the mike. "Terrina! You don't stand a chance! Get the cruiser to the coordinates four-seven-twelve-one! The Capricorn will help you!"

"But Ad-"

"No buts!" the admiral snapped violently. "Do it now before you get blown apart!" Dane instantly ended the connection, and turned to the crew behind him. "Have the Athena's Stand engage the Kriken warship at three-oh-fourteen-ten. We need to get that thing down!"

The huge cruiser slowly turned to the respected coordinates, and headed towards a reddish-black warship was giving the Sagittarius a hard time. The krikens didn't seem to have noticed them, as the ship continued to fire at the Sagittarius, slowly injuring the outer shields.

"Open Fire." Dane ordered.

The Warship never knew what hit it. The Athena's Stand vomited a barrage of bolts, torpedoes, and missiles at the distracted enemy. The krikens had reinforced their shields at the front, in order to engage their former target with fewer difficulties. As a result, the blasts slammed into the weaker ones, which gave in almost instantly, leaving the hull completely vulnerable.

The ship was chewed apart. In mere moments, it was an explosion as bright as a supernova.

Dane nodded. He grabbed the mike. "ColonelQannik. You alight?"

He got an answer almost instantly. "Thanks for the help Admiral. Things were getting ugly." Qannik replied.

Dane nodded. He was about to order something, when his personal comm.. system went on. He heard Commander Adam's voice.

"Admiral Dane, I'm calling to tell you that the Emperor is dead." He stated. "The capital is completely vulnerable now."

Suddenly, a part of the planet erupted in a series of explosions. Dane twisted himself sideways to have a better look. "What's going on? The planet just suffered from an explosion." He asked fearing that the Commander and the remaining surviving members of Platoon 7 would be in for an unpleasant surprise.

"We're on our way to the battle. What you've just seen was a little token an…ally left behind."

Dane nodded. He noticed a small X-shaped ship shooting away from the dying planet and into the battle. He gaped. "Wait…Sylux?"

"Don't think I've forgiven you Admiral. I'm still looking forward to see you dead." The bounty hunter sneered.

Adam's voice could be heard again. "We've managed to make a temporary truce." He stated once again, his voice dull and emotionless. "No need to worry about him."

Dane nodded to himself. "All right. Listen, the Shooting Star is out of commission. It's in orbit around the planet, a good distance from the battle. I'd like you to pick everyone up and get them to safety." He said.

"We're on our way." A voice which he recognized being Samus's answered.

The comm. System went out, and the blue ship shot out of the battle, towards the deep space where the heavily damaged corvette was limping.

Dane took a deep breath and refocused on the battle. He suddenly noticed something on his right. A huge surge of hope and confidence appeared within him.

The Kriken Fleet was completely unguided. And Admiral Dane had found a way to surround them and completely destroy them. He grabbed the mike.

"Okay, listen up leaders of the Pegasus and the Aries. Take your cruisers to the coordinates seven-oh-three-oh. Leaders of the Dragon, the Libra, and the Cancer, reach the coordinates twelve-seven-eight-one. Aquarius, Zodiac, Leo I want you all to get to the location one-seven-fourteen-twenty-three. The rest of you, hold your ground."

He ended his order

Ian allowed himself to catch his breath for a moment, before trying to open the escape pod.

A few surviving members of the crew were already inside, waiting for the mechanic/leader to enter.

Ian tried the escape code.

The computer exploded.

The crew groaned. "Now what?" Someone asked, fear laced in his voice.

Ian bit his lip hard. He had no idea what to do. The ship was dead, the escape pods were useless; what were they supposed to do?
Footsteps were heard.

Everyone turned, grabbing the few weapons they had: one blaster for each. The footsteps came closer, and slowed down. Ian raised his gun, preparing to give the order to shoot.

The offending person stopped right outside the escape pod's door, safely hidden by the metal wall.

A metal hand crawled on the side, and then-

"Hey guys."

Ian didn't know what to do. He felt like beating Anthony to bits, and hugging him on the same time. He settled for a glare. "Don't do that again." He snapped. "Now how the hell did you get in here?"
Anthony crossed his arms. "The docking bay. Then, I walked here. Samus is pretty freaked out for you. Adam…well I dunno. He's got his poker face on, impossible to know."

Ian nodded. He ordered the crew to get to the docking bay, knowing that there was a ship waiting to pick them all up. "How's Samus?"
Anthony grinned. The fight had dug out most of his energy. He was tired. Why not tease his friend while he still could? "Don't worry. You'll be in your bed with her tonight."

Ian reddened. "Is this really the moment?" he pleaded.

Anthony laughed. "All right, I'll drop it. Just note that she's fine. She'll probably kill you for not telling the full truth about the battle." He said.

Ian rolled his eyes. "She WILL kill me. But hey, the battle's almost done…right?"
Anthony shrugged. "I dunno. It was still intense when we flew by…"

Ian broke into a run. "Then we gotta help them!" he shouted.

"Open Fire."

The Cruisers fired all their cannons at once. They're positions were exactly those Dane ordered moments ago.

The kriken fleet found itself surrounded, attacked in all directions, torn completely apart. They tried to break the circle, but it only allowed opened to more damage. Ships collided with one another, chaos ensued. Explosions took place all over the dying fleet. Krikens battled to the very end, thinking they were dying in an honorable way.

For the Emperor was dead. The great source of authority and evil that kept the Kriken Empire going was gone. And the power, no completely undirected, uncontrolled led only to three things.



Damp Fear.

And the Galactic Federation, smelling fear in their enemies, bombarded them with blasts that lit the cosmos. Their own determination being pushed by their victory that was just at hand, they didn't even care about their lives anymore.

The Kriken fleet was dying. It must be dead at all costs.

In his own, small ship, the blue armored bounty hunter watched the scene. He remembered the times when he too, fought in those battles. But those times were over.

He had saved the person who had always believed him.
Sylux turned his ship, and flew away, finally convinced that his debt was repaid. His last thought was, before entering hyperspace, that he would honor his student's memory. He will train the children, and maybe dump-something he'll never forgive himself for-his grudge against the Federation.

Sylux, for the first time in years, smiled. He'll never understand the amazements of the galaxy.

Samus walked in the hallways of the Federation's HQ, thinking about the recent events.

Sylux had wandered off to who-knows-where. She knew she'd miss him, but at least she knew that he'd be all right.

Lhikan had been given a proper burial. Samus had decided to stick with his wish of protecting Zephyr, and ended up fusioning it with her Varia Suit. Her suit, still having the appearances of Varia, allowed much more agility, had Zephyr's glowing ability to light the dark and could also fly with her new jetpack. She hadn't thought of a new name yet. But maybe she'd stick with Varia.

Anthony had been promoted lieutenant. The guy got over the shock three days after the news. Samus remembered the moment when he had literally forgotten about his promotion, making a fool of himself in front of Adam. Fortunately for him, Adam had been alone, and had decided to keep this embarrassing episode to himself.

Adam was now-tricked by Keaton-an Admiral. He wasn't happy about that, Samus could tell, but he never complained, so the blond soldier guessed that he secretly wanted that job, but was too reserved to accept it casually.

Ian…when Samus and Anthony had played Lhikan's joke on him, he was so freaked out, it was great. The joke? They replaced his clothes with girl clothes. Ian was forced to wear his brother's old uniform. Adam seemed to enjoy the little joke, but wasn't happy about having to share his old uniform.

Other than that, Ian had tried, without success, to keep the Shooting Star. His brother had firmly refused.

Admiral Dane had decided to give the run for the elections to be the Chairman. Being a democracy, even the Chairman was elected. Keaton was reaching the end of his mandate. But despite Dane's motivation, Keaton was still the favorite. Samus wished the Admiral good luck.

Samus looked out the window. The majestic view of Daiban made her smile. The Galactic Federation had suffered from the fight. Three cruisers had been lost, and a large number of soldiers had been killed. They had all been honored with a memorial on Daiban.

Sadly, they hadn't been able to completely destroy the Kriken Empire. A piece of the fleet managed to escape, and was trying to rebuild itself with its remaining territorial possessions. But the Empire had suffered in unimaginable ways. Whether they had survived or not, Samus knew that they wouldn't able to be a serious threat again.

An arm threw itself around her shoulders, making her jump out of her reverie.

Ian was giving her a boyish grin. "Hey Samus. Wanna crash at my place tonight?"

Samus rolled her eyes. Another thing about Ian-he seriously lacked the discretion. "Yeah, yeah. I'll see you there. Make sure Adam doesn't have the keys" she said.

Ian winked at her. He pulled out of his pocket and began twirling the keys in his fingers. "Count on me." He released the girl when Adam's heavy footsteps could be heard. "What's up Adam? Need my intelligence?"

Adam stared at him, then at Samus. The girl noticed the barely visible message he was sending her. 'What have you two done this time?' Samus simply shrugged.

"Two things Ian. One, if I needed your help I would've asked for it. And two, if you have any intelligence, why don't you use it for once?" he said dully.

Samus winced. Looks like Adam still didn't like his brother around her.

Ian grinned. "Well, if you need me, just call!" he walked away.

Adam turned to face Samus. His features suddenly relaxed. "Samus really, why is he so happy?"

The blond soldier grinned. "He must have gotten some good news." She said.

Adam gave her a hard look. "I'll be keeping an eye on you." He stated. "Don't even go near my quarters."

Samus nodded, not daring to look at him in case her face betrayed her. She heard him sigh, and walk away.

Samus found herself underneath Ian, who was busy kissing her. "You…" she gasped as Ian started kissing her neck. "Sure Adam won't" she was silenced by Ian lips.

"I got the keys." He grinned. "And screw him. He can sleep in his office on his chair for once." He said. He kissed her.

Samus brought her arms around his neck, and began to deepen the kiss. After a few seconds of pure bliss, she began to feel the need for air. She loathed her lungs who were now screaming for air.

They both broke the kiss. "I sure hope you're right. Or else he'll blast you for doing what we're doing." Samus snuggled against his shoulder. She moaned contently, and stayed there, Ian's arms wrapped tightly around her. She wished this moment wouldn't end.

When Samus woke up, she was instantly aware of Ian still sleeping on top of her. She was also aware of a small light on the desk gently lit. Samus turned her head to see who it was.

She made a tiny gasp, and tried to hide deeper in Ian's sleeping body.

Adam, without looking away from his document, spoke. "Samus, I know you're awake. Quit pretending."

Samus tried to pull herself away from under Ian, but the man was too heavy, so she just lay still. She managed to get her voice going again. "H-how did you get in?" she asked.

Adam wrote something on the document. "Through the front door about ten minutes ago. It's close to midnight. Ian didn't lock it." He said.

Samus reddened. She sometimes really couldn't believe Ian's lack of attention. She waited the heavy end of the hammer to fall. It didn't. Adam was still reading his documents, twirling his pen once in a while. "Um…Adam? Are you angry?"

Adam stopped what he was doing and looked at her for the first time in the night. He thought a moment before answering. "Quite frankly, I'm not. And if you're thinking that I'm planning on embarrassing you, I won't. I'll wait till Ian is awake. If you want, I'll spare you."

Samus reddened. It wasn't easy to build up a conversation when your friend's brother was sleeping on top of you. "Um…Adam? There's something that has been bothering me for a while."


"Um…Sylux said that you were…reluctant to send me to help the Chozo. Is it true?"

Adam lowered his document, and dropped his pen on the table. His poker face was flipped back on, his expressions unreadable once again. "When you enlisted, I received a personal message from Old Bird. It said that I needed to protect you, even if it meant their lives. I wanted to stick with their wish. You were naïf and stubborn. It was hard to keep you, and eventually I had no choice but to let you." He said.

Samus waited. "This…there is more right?"

"You had a…well lovey dobey adventure going on with Ian. I didn't want to see you risk it."

Samu gasped. "So you aren't against us being together!"

Adam shot her a glare. "Tell me lady, what do you find so amazing in my brother?"

Samus blushed. "He's handsome, smart, sweet, and maybe a little dense too." She said.

Adam snorted. "You sound like my mom." He said. "How about a real pain when it comes to ideas? The Shooting Star? Remember when you just met? He called himself the Black Falcon? Those were my ideas. I invented them when we were kids."

Samus buried her head in Ian's shoulder, trying to hide the smile on her face. "Adam?"

"Go to sleep Samus. It's late." He said.

The hybrid obeyed. She slowly began to realize how it was to have a father. Adam really filled in that role.

She closed her eyes.

This was perfect.