Prologue - Goodbye, Jill

"Please don't tell anyone about it", he said, a light blush on his face. He looked so very cute…

"I promise", I said.

"Not even your parents?"

"Not even my best friend", I promised.

He smiled shyly. "Thank you, Jill. You're really nice"

His compliment made me blush. My heart was racing in my chest... I was almost sure he could hear it.

"See you later, then", he said with a smile.

I left school and went home. There, I took a shower and dressed nicely before writing a note for my parents, telling them that I was going to see Kylie.

I didn't, of course. I went to the park.

Alois was already waiting for me.

"Hi", he exclaimed happily, "You really came"

I laughed a little. "Of course I came"

His bright blue eyes were shining as he took my hand. It felt nice, even though his hand was a little cold.

We walked around and talked about all kinds of stuff. We had so many things in common, too! We liked the same kind of music, we liked the same books, and even had the same hobbies! We matched perfectly, really, and I really hoped he felt the same way...

Eventually, Alois led me to a bench and we sat down.

"You're really sweet", he said softly. I blushed a little.

"You are, too"

He leant closer slowly until I could feel his sweet breath on my lips.

"Goodbye, Jill"

My eyes widened as I stared at him.

His eyes were shining bright red, and his teeth were glistening.

I wanted to ask him what this meant, why he had told me goodbye, why his eyes were like this all of a sudden, why there was a pentagram in his right eye…

But as I opened my mouth, he crushed his lips to mine.

There was a moment of pain, and then everything went black…