Hi everyone. Welcome to my new story. I really hope you like it. The idea was suggested to me by stacepike and it's a rather alternate version of the end of the 2011 season. This chapter is short but it will gather momentum. I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Love, IJKS xxx


Chapter One

It was Sergeant Charlie Buckton's last day at work. Having blurred lines of the law and fallen in love with a man on the wrong side of the tracks, she had decided once and for all that she would give up her career.

Standing in front of the mirror and pinning her badge to her shirt, she felt a mix of emotions. Part of her was happy and excited about the future. She, her daughter, her boyfriend and her boyfriend's brother would be leaving Summer Bay in a few days, ready to start a new life together where Charlie being a police officer and Darryl 'Brax' Braxton being an ex-gang member wouldn't matter.

But part of her was devastated. All she had ever wanted in life was to be a police officer. She couldn't help but think her father was probably turning in his grave at the thought that she had given it up for love.

That in itself felt like a very alien concept. How had she ever got to a point where she loved someone that much? Even the person she had fallen hardest for hadn't worked out. Two years ago, Charlie had surprised herself and everyone else by falling in love with a woman. She still thought Joey Collins was the most wonderful woman on the planet. She loved Brax the same amount but in a different way. Both relationships had been very different but very powerful. They had both set to change Charlie's life.

Having lost Joey, Charlie was pleased to have been able to make it work with Brax. She had dated another guy in between but Angelo Rosetta had never stood a chance. She had tried and failed to love him and the whole thing had just turned into one epic nightmare. Since their break up, after a few run-ins with Brax's gang, the River Boys, he had fallen in love with Nicole Franklin. She had taken back the baby boy she'd wanted to have adopted and she and Angelo had wandered off into the sunset together.

"Okay, Charlie," she said to herself, checking that her uniform was perfect. "You're still a cop. Make this last day count."

Taking a deep breath, she exited her bedroom. She froze the moment she walked into the lounge. There, she came face to face with a person that made her blood run cold. She stared at him, feeling panic and revulsion.

"Hello, officer," Robert 'Robbo' Cruze said.

Next time… Robbo abducts Charlie…