Emily waited silently in the dark of the parking lot, the hospital reports in her hand. Her long dark brown hair was in a half pony, like usual, and she wore a simple white summer dress that reached just below her knees. It was half past 10 and she had told Johnny to meet her at ten in the parking lot and he still wasn't there. Emily waited until 11:30 before going back home. Something was wrong; Johnny always appeared when Emily asked him to come. Emily walked into the silent house and entered the kitchen. She poured herself a glass of milk and sat on the table, drinking it. Suddenly the door to the mansion opened and her elder brother walked in. Randy placed a kiss on Emily's head before grabbing a glass of milk too.

"Where were you?" Emily asked.

"Jumping a Grease." Randy answered as he gulped down the milk.

"Randy-" Emily began.

"Chill Em, he was nothing but a fucking Greaser." Randy wiped his mouth with a tissue. Emily nodded uneasily and Randy got up from the chair. He left the kitchen and Emily sighed while looking out the window into the darkness.


The next day, Emily saw Ponyboy at school. She waited until they were alone in the parking lot.

"Pony, where's Johnny? Did something happen to him?" Emily asked.

Ponyboy looked away as he frowned. "If you wanna see him, come to my house at 6."

"Pony what happened? What's wrong? Tell me." Emily said; her voice filled with dread.

"H-he got jumped. By a buncha Socs." Ponyboy answered. Emily gasped. "N-no." She whispered.

"Last night we found him. He's busted up pretty bad." Ponyboy continued. "I gotta go." Ponyboy turned around and quickly walked away. Emily clutched her books to her chest as her eyes filled with tears.


At exactly 4:00, Emily knocked on the door of the Curtis' house. Steve opened the door and when he realized who it was, he nearly shut it again. Sodapop appeared behind him and allowed Emily inside. Soda led her into the living room where Johnny was sitting up on the sofa lengthwise with a blanket. His face was bruised and bandaged and his arms were bandaged too. Emily's eyes welled up and she ran to Johnny, wrapping her arms him and pulling him closer. Darry and Dally stood in the corner, watching silently and Two-Bit was sitting on the other sofa.

"I'm so sorry." Emily whispered against Johnny's hair.

"I-It's n-not your f-fault." Johnny managed to say. Emily smoothed his hair back and kissed his lips. She ignored the wound on his lips.

Darry left to the kitchen and came back with a cold glass of water. He helped Johnny drink it while taking his medicine. Emily held onto Johnny's hand.

"Johnny I need to tell you something really important." She said slowly.

Johnny looked at her with his big black eyes and smiled slightly before kissing her forehead. "You can tell me anything."

Emily nodded and laid her forehead lightly on Johnny's chest. She looked at him after a while.

"I'm pregnant Johnny. I'm pregnant with your kid." She said at last.