Emily met Johnny in the parking lot. Ponyboy was with him and the three of them sat silently, looking at the stars. Suddenly, Emily started to cry. Johnny and Pony looked at her and she dropped her face in her hands and sobbed silently. Johnny placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Emily? Emily what's wrong?" Johnny asked.

"D-dad b-beat Mom a-again t-today. She w-was all b-bloody and h-hurt." Emily cried. Johnny wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer. She cried on his chest while he rubbed her back. He couldn't do anything about her father but he could comfort her. They sat there for a while until Emily pulled away. Johnny wiped her tears away and kissed both of her cheeks before kissing her lips. Emily rubbed her right eye.

"Can we go for a walk? In the park?" Emily asked. Johnny nodded with a smile and got up, pulling Emily gently to her feet. Ponyboy got up too and the three of them walked to the park. Emily clutched Johnny's hand and her head rested on his shoulder. Johnny had his other hand on his baby. They walked in silence until they reached a fountain. Emily dipped her hand in the cold water. Ponyboy sat next to her and Johnny kept standing. It was getting late and they knew they had to get home soon. Suddenly they heard footsteps. The three of them turned around to see Bob, Randy, David and a few other Socs approaching them. Emily stood up quickly and so did Ponyboy. There was a total of seven Socs. Randy grabbed Johnny's collar.

"I thought I told you to stay away from my sister." He growled. Randy punched Johnny in the stomach and Emily winced. She grabbed Randy's hand as he prepared to hit Johnny again.

"Randy stop!" She screamed. Randy nodded at two Socs and they grabbed Emily's arms and pulled her away. "Randy no! Please stop!" Emily yelled while struggling with the two much bigger Socs. Randy punched Johnny again and kicked him. Emily's eyes welled up with tears and they fell down her cheeks. "No! Randy please!"

David grabbed Pony and kicked him while Bob went after Johnny. Johnny was lying on the sidewalk, his hands holding his bleeding chest. His head was bleeding and his arms and legs were bloody and bruised. Bob kicked Johnny again in the stomach and he screamed in pain. Emily's tears blinded her as she struggled. David pushed Pony's head into the cold fountain water.

"Johnny! Randy please stop! Please!" Emily cried. She kicked on of the Socs in his soft spot and he quickly let go of her. Emily pushed the other Soc away and ran to Johnny. Bob grabbed her before she got near him.

"No! Let me go!" Emily yelled. Bob's grip was of steel and his nails clawed into Emily's wrist. Randy continued to punch Johnny. Finally, Emily pulled her arm away from Bob and ran to Johnny, blocking him from the next blow with her own body. Randy stopped mid-swing and looked at Emily in surprise. She was crying and her wrists were bloody.

"Randy please." Emily whispered. Randy let his arm drop to his side and he glared at Johnny.

"Em get up. Don't waste your time with such scum. He deserves to die." Randy said. Emily shook her head.

"Please stop Randy." Her voice was hoarse from crying.

"Shut up! He's a fucking Greaser!" Randy yelled. Emily looked at Randy in shock, he had never yelled at her. Emily shook her head again.

"What the hell Em? What the fucking hell?" Randy shouted. His eyes were angry slits and his hands were trembling in anger.


"I told you to stay away from him! Why don't you ever listen?" Randy continued.

Emily took a deep breath. "Randy you can't hurt him. I love him. And- And I'm pregnant with his baby."