Mesal Gear Ape Escape : Son of Monkey-ry

Summary : Set 5 months after Ape Escape 3, Kei is sent on a mission of life or death, finding out Specter has been rebeled against, this is truly the test of survival...(Contains Mesal Gear!)


Ever since Specters last defeat everything was going well. Dr. Tomoki finally was at peace live in a house in the city, almost everybody in the city was a fan of Yumi, Kei was the MASTER of Base-ball at school.

The same thing was always on Kei's mind though..."Will Specter come back even stronger than before?"...Aki always said the big old "No" along with Yumi but it kept staying on his mind, it was almost as if he knew Specter would came back with lots more monkeys.

Today was the day which worried Kei the most though, himself, Yumi, Aki, Natalie, the Professer, Jimmy and Spike were all going to "Monkey Park"! Kei slowly walked down the stair in his defeat of try to fake being ill so he couldn't go.

The 3 slowly started walking down the grassy road. "You better not be thinking about Specter again" Said Yumi. "Mmheh...wha...what did you say?" Said Kei. "Oh never mind.".

The 3 arrived at "Monkey Park" but it was dead, there was no noise, the others were nowhere to be found, "Huh where is everybody?" Said Kei. Then Kei began thinking anout Specter again. He'd had it, Kei ran inside "Monkey Park".

He heard shouts from the other two but he didn't care he needed to find the others and find Specter!

Suddenly he stopped and leaned against a wall a took a peek at the other side. He was right he knew there were to monkeys with "Pipo Helmets" on with...guns?

"I thought only black-panted monkeys had machine guns" He thought, but no, they didn't wear the normal "only pants" they was a red and yellow with red uniform for the red and yellow for yellow.

Kei luckily had been paranoid enough to hide the "Monkey Net" inside the bag of food.

Then he had an idea, he took a banana out and threw it, luckily the monkeys saw and fighted over it. Kei threw his net over the red monkey didn't work?

"Heh, Heh just dropping by-ARGHHHHH!" He began running away to a big warehouse. The monkeys luckily stopped following him to eat the banana. Kei stopped running in front of a poster saying "Mesal Gear , a new step to monkey-kind!" and had an arrow pointing inside slowly Kei sneaked in.

Suddenly he was in a huge underground hold with him on a small bit at the top, thats when he seen it at the bottom tied up were the Professer, Jimmy, Spike, Natalie and Specter?

It all pieced together now they rebeled against Specter and know they were going to take other the world with "Mesal Gear "!

He caught sight of a strange looking monkey this one had white hair and a white moutashe, a long brown coat and a revolver. Looking at the hold there were about three-hundred monkeys here.

Suddenly he heard a crack, looking down the flooring was cracking. Kei quickly stepped back as it fell. Suddenly three-hundred monkey helmets lit up bright red even Mesal Gear's did, all the monkeys looked up and saw him.

Kei was in for a WHOLE lot of trouble...

(A/N So how do you like the cliffhanger eh? Sorry if this kinda sucks but I had to get the first chapter done! Remember R&R!)