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"Shit!" I said looking towards the front of the house where the door creaked open, "This is bad, really, really bad." "What's bad?" Allison cried hysterically. "Ashlynn, what's bad?" she screamed again when we didn't answer. "Allison, get back," my uncle said urgently while we all stepped back. "What is it?" she asked looking at the door confused. "It's the alpha." Scott said, his eyes glowing yellow. "Ashlynn, protect Allison!" Uncle Chris yelled at me. I knew the alpha wouldn't hurt her, he was after Aunt Kate, but Uncle Chris didn't know that. Right as I went to grab her, he darted out of the house and started circling us like we were his prey. Which I guess when you think about it we were. Even though he only wanted Kate, he was hunting all of us, waiting for the opportune time to take us out of the equation.

Down went Chris, then Allison and scott, until it was only Aunt Kate and me standing. "Come on!" she hollered. I shook my head sadly as it started to gently rain and stepped away, "You shouldn't have done it Aunt Kate. There were innocent children in that house. Kids who I practically thought of as my own." She looked at me shocked, "Ashlynn? What are you talking about? You didn't even know them!" Hot tears rolled down my cheeks as I spoke, my voice choking, "You're wrong. I did know them. They were my family. You weren't around when momma died. You didn't even come to her funeral." She shook her head in denial. "Daddy was distraught and he was depressed for a while after it happened. So we came here to Beacon Hills to stay with the Hale family. I grew up with a lot of those kids. I loved them and you killed them. You almost killed me, but Peter was able to get me and his kids out under the ruse to go play even though we were all sick just minutes before you locked them all in. Then, he went back inside to try and talk them all into leaving immediately when you set fire to the house.

I watched and listened as the people who I'd come to think of as family, were burned alive. Did you know that daddy was supposed to be there? Instead he had volunteered to go to the store to get medicine for the ones who were sick. He'd left twenty minutes earlier." I walked up to her and softly placed a kiss on her cheek, "It's ok though. I forgive you, Aunt Kate." And as I stepped back, the alpha - Peter looked at me with understanding as he swept by me knocking me off my feet. Though I was able to catch myself, I was dazed for a few minutes and didn't see Peter drag Kate into the house or Allison run in after them. As I lay there waiting for everything to come back into focus, I began thinking about how we got here; to this moment in time. I thought back to when and how I learned the truth of the Hale fire.