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*Still with Ashlynn*
I knew that if Derek had been released earlier that he was probably hanging around watching Scott. I told Pops to go home without me as I walked towards the trees. After everyone left, I saw Jackson pick up Scott's glove. 'Shit! Shit! Shit! Why the hell did I forget about that?!' I stood there berating myself as Derek seemed to show up out of nowhere startling Jackson. I laughed as quietly as I could. When Jackson turned to look at him, he turned and walked towards me. "What the hell happened this morning?!" I demanded when we were far enough out of range for anyone to hear us. "When Scott dropped by yesterday, he smelt the blood. They dug up the grave and came to the conclusion that I killed Laura. Then, they called the cops this morning. They're lucky I haven't murdered them yet," he growled angrily. "Damnit! Why must they snoop where they don't belong. You're just trying to help. I mean, yeah sure you're really intimidating and kind of scary to some peopl..." my rambling was cut off as he put his hand over my mouth and pushed me against a tree. "Ssshhh..." he whispered quietly. I tried to listen for whatever it was that had caught his attention, but it felt like my heart was pounding in my ears. "What is it?" I mumbled softly through his hand. "I thought I heard something. It was just a rabbit, though," he said glancing around. I waited for him to let me go, but it seemed he hadn't realized he still had me pinned between him and a tree. And as I thought that, he turned his gaze on me as if he had just realized he still had me held against a tree. He didn't pull away like I'd expected though.

His eyes met mine. My heart skipped a beat as he pushed a strand of hair behind my ear. His eyes darkened and his gaze intensified. He brushed his knuckles along my cheek and my breath caught.

*Derek's POV*

I glanced around to make sure it was just a rabbit I'd heard when I realized I still had Ashlynn pinned against a tree. I turned to look at her. I knew I should pull away, but everything in me was screaming not to. Her eyes met mine. As I pushed a strand of hair behind her ear, I heard her heart skip a beat. Something about that just made me want her even more. Her breath catching told me my eyes had darkened with want. She glanced at my lips before meeting my gaze again. 'Does she feel the same way I feel about her? should I kiss her? What if.. what if she turns out to be like Ka...?' So many questions were whizzing through my head, but I cut it off at 'her'. I knew Ashlynn was nothing like her, nor would she ever be.

*Ashlynn's POV*

We stood there just staring at each other for what seemed like eternity and all I wanted to do as kiss him senseless. My eyes left his as I glanced at his lips before looking back up. I could practically see his inner turmoil. He was hesitant about us, but I didn't know why. I wanted to ask him, but I never got the chance because right as I was about to speak up, my phone rang, making Derek back away. I sighed disappointedly and answered, "Hello?" "Ash?" My eyes widened as I figured out who I was talking to, "Nix? Is that you?" "Yeah. I called to ask if you could pick me up from the airport? I know it's late, but 'they' didn't give me any money to use for a cab or anything," she spoke so softly that without my shifter hearing, I wouldn't have heard her. "Alright sweetie. Why didn't you call Pops?" I asked curiously. "I don't know. You were the first person I thought of." she replied. "Alright. I need five minutes to get to my car and I'll be headed there, ok?" I said smiling slightly. "Ok." "Alright." I went to hang up when she spoke up again, "Hey, Ashlynn? ("Yeah?") Thanks for everything." I teared up a bit as I said, "You're welcome sweetie." We both hung up and I looked at Derek, "Want to go for a ride with me to pick up your cousin?" Walking off in the direction of my house, he shrugged, "Sure. If it gets us away from this town for a little bit." (AN: Now I'm not sure if there is an airport in Beacon Hills, so I'm just gonna say that the main airport is in a town about twenty minutes away. Of course with Ashlynn's driving, about fifteen. :) )

We made it to my house in record time. "Dad?!" I hollered walking in. "Yes?" "Bray at Scott's? (He nodded.) Ok. Derek and I are going to Nix from the airport. She said 'they' didn't give her any money to use for a cab or anything. I figure we'll probably just stay in a hotel down there and come back here in the morning. Is that ok?" I asked in one breath. "I don't mind, but I thought Nix wasn't due to arrive for another week?" he asked confused. "I didn't ask. I figure she'll more than likely tell us when we pick her up. Don't tell Bray though. I want it to be a surprise," I said shrugging. "Alright. You two be careful now," he said dismissing us. I grabbed my bag and keys and we left. During the drive, we talked. Our topics ranged from school, to hunters, to our pasts, and anything and everything between.

True to my word, we arrived at the airport in fifteen minutes. I knew she wouldn't wait outside so we went in to look for her. Fortunately, we didn't have to go far, before I was glomped. Smiling, I wrapped my arms around her tight, never wanting to let go. "I'm so sorry! Please don't be mad at me anymore!" She cried sobbing in my arms. I held her even tighter, "Sweetheart, I was never mad at you. Disappointed yes, but never mad. I love you. You're like the little sister I never got. Right along with Erica. You needed help that we couldn't give and there is nothing wrong with that. What matters is that you're home now." At some point in my little speech, I started crying. "Now look. You got me blubbering like a baby!" I said laughing. It did the trick and she started giggling.

"Now I think you should turn around and see who I brought with me," I said grinning at her. She looked at me confused before turning around only to see Derek standing a few feet away from her. "Der?" she asked timidly. He smiled his rare smile and nodded. "Hey, Firebird." She launched herself at him and I smiled. "How about we save this conversation for when we get settled, yeah? Let's go find a hotel," I said sighing softly. Derek met my gaze and I saw understanding in his eyes. He was just as wary of telling her about everything as I was. Putting it out of our minds for the moment, we left to find a place to spend the night.

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