20. Movement

Green was always mesmerized by the way that Red moved—it was fluid, with the grace of a dancer, and it left him wanting more.

34. Vulnerability

Upon this mountain, Red was vulnerable, as the cold stung his cheeks and his nose and made him wonder if there was more down on the surface of the world that he'd abandoned.

49. Shyness

"You need to stop being so shy," Green purred as he brushed Red's lips with his own. "Or else I might have to coax confidence out of you in other ways."

25. Flushed Cheeks

Sometimes, when Red made a motion that was lecherous enough, Green turned crimson, and his reflection of his lover's namesake made Red smile.

58. Unrequited Love

No matter what he did or how long he was gone, Green was willing to love Red until the very end of both their lives—even if he did feel hindered by that somewhat.

48. Moonlight on Snow

In the dead of the night, Red would gaze out from his makeshift bed to the snow that dusted itself on the rocks of Mount Silver and think of home.

35. Determination

"Someday, Red, I'm going to force your virginity out of you," Green would say before Red would snort and throw the nearest object at him.

82. Grumpiness

Green was always fussy and bitter in the morning until either Red kissed him or he got his bowl of cereal, whichever came first.

24. Contentment

Pikachu slept next to Eevee because her fur was warm, and he was content to burrow into her, even when their masters were around.

17. Relaxation

Red's idea of a relaxing date was a horror movie; but, of course, Green knew that he only chose that particular activity so that he had an excuse to cling to the Gym Leader.

28. A Love Affair

Green had slept with many, many other men and women before Red finally came crawling back to Kanto, but he had to admit that Red was better than any of them.

8. Yearning

Every day, Green missed him and wished he would just come home.

Every day, Red missed him and wished he could find the courage to go home.