Author's Note: I know. I know. Who the hell writes Bionicle slash, right? More people than you might think. I'm kind of sort of just a little bit in love with Tahu, and Lewa pretty much is my definition of the world's best friend (or lover). This is what happens when I like two characters waaaaay too much. It's also what happens when I stay up late watching BIONICLE: The Mask of Light until two in the morning, then pull out my laptop and start typing. C'est la vie.

Warnings: Slash.

Disclaimer: I own nothing connected to Bionicle, LEGO, or anyone else who might want to sue me. That said, if I owned Bionicle, there would be some changes around the place. For one thing - what the hell is up with this plan of not wrapping anything up, simply ditching the plot in favor of that lame Hero Factory thing and just leaving all us die-hard, long-term, insanely-dedicated fans dangling? Rude. That's the only word for it. Plain rude.

A.N.2: Fic title is from the song 'Pride of the Summer' by Runrig. I personally like the live version from Year of the Flood best: the album version is great, but there's no beating that sheer energy in the live recording. Chapter title is from the song Midsummer by Heather Alexander.

A.N.3: Updates on this may be quite slow, because I have several other fics in progress. That said I have an amazing capacity for speed-writing when the mood strikes me, so this might be updated in the next few days. I can't say for certain either way.

A.N.4: This fic is post-Bohrok Kal. That means that the Toa are now the Toa Nuva, their powers have been restored, and they are currently in-between crises. The Rahkshi are coming, though, and when they arrive all hell will break loose... That said, this fic is going to stay fairly light-hearted (as much as it can with the Rahkshi on the loose). Poor Lewa definitely got the short end of the stick in the thing with the Bohrok, I just can't bring myself to torment him any more.

Chapter One: Cool Breeze, Sheltering Trees...

Gali folded her arms and gazed quizzically at the Le-Matoran. "I'm afraid you've lost me, little one. Is Lewa out flying, or is he in Po-Koro? Because you've said both, and I'm not sure which one you meant." The Water Toa's words were gentled by the twinkle of amusement in her soft orange eyes.

The Le-Matoran in question, Kongu, shifted guiltily. "Um... he went wind-soaring, on the way to Po-Koro?"

Gali laughed. "Alright, let me guess. He told you to make up some story to tell me, so that he could run off and get out of helping me repair the boats, right?"

Kongu looked sheepish. "Maybe? Yes?"

Gali shook her head, smiling. "Alright, Kongu, you're off the hook. Run along: I'll lecture Lewa in person, whenever I catch up with him."

"Thank you, Toa Gali!" Kongu exclaimed, laughing as he scrambled up a nearby tree and vanished. Still shaking her head, Gali returned to the beach, where Onua was waiting. The stoic Toa of Earth looked rather amused as well.

"Our brother skipped out, did he?"

"I should have expected it." Gali said, smiling. "He did say that he'd help rebuild the fishing boats after that terrible windstorm we had, but you know how much he hates the water. Pohatu and Kopaka should be here any minute, but Tahu was supposed to show up nearly an hour ago, and he's disappeared too. I wonder where he went?"

Onua chuckled. "Perhaps he and brother Lewa snuck off together?"

Gali burst out laughing. "Don't be ridiculous, brother! You know how quickly Lewa gets on Tahu's nerves: they wouldn't be within a hundred mio of each other if they didn't have to be."

Meanwhile, deep in the uncharted wilderness of Le-Wahi...

Lewa tilted his head back, enjoying the warmth of the sun on his face in contrast to the cool breeze that stirred among the green woodlands. He was standing on a wide ledge some way up the mountainside, gazing out across the vast emerald jungle of his home. His smile widened as he heard a voice behind him.

"Can you imagine Gali's reaction if she knew I didn't show because I was sneaking away to meet you?"

Lewa laughed gaily as he turned to face his lover, smiling mischievously. "You're much too worry-heavy anyway, love. Why boat-build, when you can wind-soar?"

Tahu grinned, leaning back against the cool stone and studying his green-and-silver armored partner. "And you, Lewa, have absolutely no sense of gravity - figurative or literal." Despite his admonition, the Toa of Fire looked far more at ease than usual, lounging casually against the stone. His smile was warm and relaxed, a rare sight - that is, to anyone but Lewa. The Toa of Air returned the smile as he flung his arms around Tahu's neck.

"Yes, but that's what makes me so happy-free! You think-worry, I fun-joke, it all works out."

Tahu chuckled and pulled his slightly shorter lover in for a kiss. They lingered for a moment, enjoying the familiar pleasure of each other's lips. Eventually Tahu released him, grinning. "Do you think any of the others have guessed that that ridiculous tree-speak is completely affected?"

Lewa considered that. "Probably not." he admitted, relaxing against Tahu's muscular chest as he looked back out over the jungle, slipping out of the habitual dialect. "We use it all the time, so much so that I think everyone else has forgotten it started as a joke. The Turaga probably know - although with Turaga Matau's penchant for carrying jokes on way too long, maybe not."

Tahu smiled as he slid one hand around Lewa's waist, drawing the slimmer, lither Toa close. "It drives me absolutely mad, you know that? Listening to you talk like that, when the others are around... I have to fight myself constantly to resist just jumping you. The others think that I've got absolutely no patience, and it's entirely your fault."

Lewa snickered. "Can you picture Kopaka's face if you did just jump me one day? He'd probably think you had been taken over by Makuta."

Tahu laughed. "That would be an interesting sight. Maybe we ought to 'accidentally' let them catch us sometime soon: I'm tired of having to pretend that we're not together."

Lewa blinked up at him, his lemon-yellow eyes wide with surprise. "Really? I though you said it would only cause more complications?"

"It will, but it doesn't feel right keeping this a secret." Tahu admitted, gazing fondly at his beloved. "I love you, Lewa, and I want the others to know that. They have no idea how we feel about each other: not even the Turaga have guessed. Yesterday, Vakama told me that I ought to go easier on you, that I needed to learn how to see things from your perspective and that I'm too hard on you for making jokes and things like that."

Lewa's eyes widened. "Really? How strange... I don't even notice anymore when you snap at me. I've gotten so used to pretending I don't even have to think about it." He considered it for a moment, then brought himself back to the present and smiled at Tahu. "You know I love you, Tahu. If you want to tell the others about us, that's fine with me. Perhaps at the Turaga council tonight, after the Kohlii match?"

Tahu chuckled. "An excellent plan. That way we can tell our fellow Toa and the Turaga all at once." He leaned down and kissed Lewa warmly. "I really ought to ask your opinion at strategy meetings more often. When you stop jumping around and chattering long enough to think, you're really quite brilliant."

"I'll take that as a compliment!" Lewa laughed. Reluctantly, he withdrew from the Fire Toa's arms. "I'll see you after the match, yes? And don't let Gali start flirting with you again, I'm far too young and ever-handsome to become a murderer!"

Tahu chuckled as his lover picked up his twin katana from where they rested against the rock. "I'll keep that in mind while I'm watching her team get trounced at Kohlii. Until tonight, love."

Lewa gave him a last dazzling smile, then launched himself off the ledge and into the wind with a glad shout. Tahu watched the Toa of Air soar away, light and nimble as a bird, and couldn't have stopped his smile for anything in the world.

A Kohlii match, a peaceful council, and an opportunity to finally tell the other Toa about his relationship with Lewa. Tonight was going to be wonderful.



I know, the real Tahu would never be that naive or that upbeat, but that's why this is AU. I know some super-fan out there is going to give me grief for cutting Lewa's tree-speak out of the picture so much (hell, I'd give myself grief for it), but you would too if you were writing this fic. He'll still talk like that in front of the others - most of the time - it's generally just around Tahu, or when he's really emotional in a good or a bad way, that he drops it. That being a plot device to save my head from exploding, of course.