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Chapter 1

Peter Parker/ Spiderman POV

I was swinging though the city in my red and blue spandex. The air rushing past him as he spots her. Luna the witch of New York. "Hey spider". "Hey Luna, how are you this fine night". Her short midnight blue hair with purple highlights floating in the wind. Here was short, just above her shoulders. "Fine. So what are you doing Spider". "Not much, just hanging around". That pale skin almost glowed in to moonlight. Her purple, green and white costume moving with her her. The skirt is purple, green trimming and white ruffles in a triangle fashion, The purple corset with green trimming and a line going down her curvy sides and two diamond on just below her chest showing her skin. Her white sleeves are puffed at the shoulders and skin tight with a green line going down the side. The purple cuffs with white trim cover the bottom of the green silky gloves. Her neck is covered by a a white coaler with gold studs near the tips and edges lined with green. "So what do I owe the pleasure of you swinging by". Her tone sarcastic. "Well I was in the area...". "Got it, but stay out of my way if trouble comes". Her voice calm but dangerous. I knew better than to say something about helping. I shiver after remembering what happened last time I help.


I was swinging though New York, looking for thugs. I spotted Luna fighting some whack-job called Edward. I saw her stop for a second and a circle filled with a un-known symbols. The thief charged for her and I knocked him down and got stuck in a black sphere. The ball was shocking to try to break. I punched it and got electrocuted. "Hey, get me out" I complain. I see the criminal down for the count on the floor. "No, you got in the way". I give her a glare under my mask as her purple and green staff tapped on it. The thing popped as the swirly pole with a white orb glowed on the top. I landed on the ground hard. "Ow, why did you do that. You said you wouldn't get me out?". "Simple, I lied".

End of Flashback

She can be mean if she wants. I thought I was going to be stuck there forever. I spot her casting a spell on the defeated crooked. I see a white light form around them and disappeared leaving rope. The cops turn up and spot her calling card. Bet she got the idea from me. It's white and a purple boarder. It read From the resident mage, Luna. She taps me on the shoulder. "Like the show". "Oh yeah, I still don't get why your magic glows white when your powers only can be used at night". "The moon is white". "True". I web-swingeing away. I got into my bed hopping I didn't wake my aunt.

DarkMythChaos: I know short but hey first story and I wrote this just before bed. So I was tried as when typing.