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Chapter 5

Luna's POV

I wake up on the roof to see the spider. "What happened" I ask. "You were out cold and this whack job tried to take you away" He gloats. I roll my eyes and notices my phone ringing. "Hello, who is this". "Crystal, where are you, you are an hour late for work". Wait what. I only left Pete's at seven. I must have been out for a while. I check my phone and see it's ten. "Sorry Nath, I don't feel too well so I was going to call for the night of" I lied. I hate having to do this, but I need to fine Lava. "Ok, take it easy". I see the spider sitting on a wall. "Thanks, but mind telling me where he went" I ask, hoping he would know. "I think he went towards the docks, why". "It's personal, so you can't come, got it" I growl at him. "Kay, kay" he puts his arms up in defence.

I hop down of the jetty. Where or where could he have gone. I look around and see nothing. He has to be here. My in-build night-vision lets me see as if it was day, with it I see a foot print. I put my and against it and try to locate it's owner. I look up to where the owner is and before I get there I see webs trying to blend into the night. Useless, I see in the night just like I would during the day. "I know you're there web-head, come down here" I yell slightly annoyed. He jumps down with grace. "Well I guess you found me". "Yeah and I told you not the follow" still annoyed. "I just thought you could use the help". He sounds like a teen aged boy. "I'm fine on my own". I walk off and continue looking for Dr Lava. I realise it's turning day and teleport back to Peter's. I return to plain old Crystal and try to sleep, least one hour tonight. I could use more than halve and hour an day.

Peter's POV

I creep into my room hoping not to wake my guest or Aunt May. I try to sleep but than I think about Luna. She's a loner but really beautiful. Also sometimes she's kind and laughs at my joke, probably just from pity, they are lame sometimes. She also is strong and smart, I bet she could give Crystal a run for her money in a science test. But than again, Crystal is also amazing. I think I'm falling for them both, which I know wont and well, Gwen and Liz.

Luna's POV

I wake up to the smell of burning eggs. I rush down stairs checking the time. Yes got an hours worth of sleep. I walk down stairs and see Peter trying to cook. "Hey Pete, trying to cook again" I smile. He just laughs and gives me a plate of burnt eggs and black bacon. "Petey, how about I cook, the eggs and bacon shouldn't look like this" I state. "Oh ok, I really can't cook" he sounds down. "Here let me show you, first you crack 3 eggs and whisk in some milk, parmesan and pepper. Than heat up the pan and melt a little butter in the pan. When the pan is heated pour in the egg and get out the bacon. Now, watch, cut the rid off and cook in a heated pan. Melt some butter in this pan as well. Cook the bacon till sightly brown and stir the egg. The eggs should have brown but mainly yellow. Now, Peter, get me two plates. Now pour the egg onto the plates and make sure bacon is crispy. Now than doesn't that taste better" I smile. "Hey thanks, mind teaching me how to cook something else next time" Peter said inbetween bites. I walk up and change from his clothes. I put my normal clothes on.

I am waking home with my gifts. I see a fight between the annoying spider and the idiot Rhino. Well it is pretty cool today so he might have a chance. Wait the other idiot got him in the swimming pool. I don't think Rhino can swim.

"Hey, I'm home". No one home that's odd. "Hello, is any one here" I yell. Ok maybe they just when out. Morgan has a soccer game tomorrow and Pat normally spends his days painting. Brendan might have went for a walk with dad, so I shouldn't worry. I see a note on the table as I make myself a cheese toasty. It reads, If you want you family to come home again, go to the docks tonight.

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