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Chapter 4: Strange

…Another world girl…

We're on a journey in an unknown world, having an unknown identity and an unknown place, having nothing except one another.

It's cold…

It's silent…

Could we really do it?

I was snap out of my thought and the cold that's lingering slightly break. I felt a warm squeeze against my hand. I look over to my side and saw the blue-haired boy giving me a small reassuring smile. I smiled at his efforts of reassuring me that everything alright.

I then reciprocated the action and right after I do that a thought came into my mind 'As long as we have each other, reassuring each of us I think we don't need anything anymore even though this journey might never end'

All the doubts in my mind slowly shatter and we continue walking through our path filled with snow, cold white beautiful snow.


Its night time and I'm with Tomoyo right now walking towards her house.

Well I don't really have things to do aside from wasting my time at Sunohara's dormitory or gaze at the stars at the park so this is really a new thing. I also will have a free dinner while I have myself accompanied by them.

'I wonder what kind of people they are' I thought to myself. Well she hasn't really told me much about her family. She only mentions some things about it when we chat. The only thing I know was she has a brother who is having a vacation now for he can't go to school for certain reasons and her parents was both in business.

Right now silence was the only thing between us. For some unknown reason I'm becoming slightly nervous 'Why am I becoming nervous?' I thought to myself. 'It's not like anything is going to happen…wait…' I then turned my gaze to Tomoyo and then back to the house which causes me to stop from my thoughts.

We arrive in front of a two story house.

I then look at Tomoyo again and ask "Is this your house?"

"Yes" she stated as she walk towards the gate. Upon arriving she began to unlock and then I called up to her.

"Wait" I stated.

She stops and averted her gaze to me and asked "Why?"

I don't know but for some reason I'm nervous. "Uh...nothing...but are you sure about this?" I asked.

She looks at me, raised an eyebrow and asked "Of course. Besides after all the things you did consider this as a payment"

"Well are you sure your family won't mind?"

She chuckled and stated "Oh so you're thinking about that. Don't worry I'm sure they won't mind besides its not like I'm bringing home a random person"

"What do you mean? Do you mean they already knew me?"

She then stop for a while and then spoke "Uh no but they somewhat know you for I told some stories about you to them" she then made a small smile and said "Besides you save me once right?"

After she said that I sighed and just smiled. I then stated "Well I hope they don't mind me like you said"

She then continued opening the gate while stating "It's really not a big deal"


With that our conversation ended. She then opened the door and gestured me to enter. I nodded and entered the house. Upon entering I waited for her since she locked the gate so I started observing her home.

Her house was quite smaller than mine but it's a two story one. They have a lawn and a pond and their house was surrounded by a stone wall which is about 5-6feet high.

I was snapped out of my observation walk by my side and stated "Well let's go Tomoya"

I gave a nod and we walk towards the house. Upon arriving at the front door she opened it and shouted "I'm home and I brought a friend of mine"

Tomoyo then gestured me to follow her and we arrived at what looks like their living room. She opened the television and it was at a news channel.

We sat there in silence which causes my uneasy feeling to grow slightly. I don't know why I feel this way but maybe because I'm just a new guest here but wait when I'm at Furukawa's place I didn't feel this kind of feeling. I'm thinking about how her parents would think. Well I think if I would meet Tomoyo's parents like how I met the parents of Furukawa I would be slightly relieved.

I then decided to break the silence and think of something to talk about.

"Your house looks nice" I blurted out without thinking.

She looks at me with a curious gaze and stated "Well I think so"

After that the conversation ended I turned my gaze back to the television.

After a few minutes I then heard her chuckle which caused me to frown for no reason. I think she's chuckling at me so I turned my gaze back to her and ask "What?"

"Nothing…It's just it's not like you to look so nervous"

I blushed slightly, looked away and stated "I'm not I'm just in deep thought"

"Oh really? Then what are thinking about?" she stated while giving a small smile.

My blushed vanished and I returned my gaze to her, frowned and stated "Since when did you start conversing like this?"

Her smile turn into a chuckle and stated "I don't know…maybe because I just feel slightly more comfortable conversing with you"

I sighed and stated "Alright you win…well I'm feeling slightly uneasy"

This time she sighed and stated "Well if it's about you visiting here I already told you its fine"

I then look at her for a minute and a small smile appeared on my face and sated "Fine I guess there's no point in worrying"

After that two figures entered the living room. I think it was Tomoyo's parents. Her mom was having dark blue eyes and a hair having a different shade of grey which is tied in a bun while her father was a large man who is having grey eyes and short brown hair.

Her mother was having a cheerful look while her father was having a serious one. Her mother was looking at Tomoyo while I felt her father's stare at me which caused me to cringe a little.

"Welcome home Tomoyo I'm sorry I wasn't able to welcome you we didn't hear you call we just saw your shoes by the door so we assume you're here. It looks like you also brought someone today" she then averted her gaze to me "Good evening…?"

I snapped out of my thoughts. I then stood up, bowed slightly and stated "Uh good evening I'm Okazaki Tomoya sorry for intrusion"

"Good evening, I'm Akane Sakagami and this is my husband" She stated as she gestured to Tomoyo's father "Takumi Sakagami" her father nods. It seems he's still observing me for he's so silent. I do not really care what others think of me so they don't affect me but for some reason his stare makes me feel uneasy. "And you're not intruding here besides its been a long time since Tomoyo brought a friend to our house"

"Well thank you for your hospitality"

After that an uneasy silence fell among us. Good thing Tomoyo breaks the silence quickly.

"Good evening also oka-san oto-san" she stated as she nodded. "Well I hope you don't mind me bringing my friend here"

Her mother looked at her daughter, smiled and stated "I already told you it's alright. Besides its been a long time since you brought home a friend of yours"

"Well how about you oto-san?" she stated as she averted her gaze to Takumi-san.

"It's alright" he stated.

"Well now that's settled I brought my friend here because I asked him to eat dinner with us since he's just alone"

"Oh the dinner is ready were just waiting for you to come home. The rain that has just pass was slightly heavy so we knew that you would be late" she then look at me "Well you both must be hungry. Let's eat the table is already fixed"

I nodded and followed them through the dining area. The feeling of uneasiness was slightly being lifted but there's still some lingering for I think they are observing me. I don't know why but I think this is the first time Tomoyo brought friends at her home so I should understand that their observing me.

I let out a small sigh and decided to just act the way I usually do.

The dinner was finished and I can tell that it really was good. The atmosphere during the dinner was light yet heavy. It's a good thing that the dinner wasn't silent for Tomoyo's mother had much conversation she talks about. It seems her mother was having a cheerful personality, she just have a barrier at first for knowing the person until she became comfortable with the person and start warming up.

I still feel the gaze of Tomoyo's father for no reason but because I'm occupied with the conversation I was able to ignore it.

Right now I'm at the gates of their house with Tomoyo at my side since she said she'll accompany me till the intersection. I then look back at her house and said "Thank you for the meal it was really good"

Her mother smiled and stated "It's nothing you could come back here if you have time. I'm sure Tomoyo would want some company"

I smiled and stated "Well I could say the same for me" I then bowed slightly "Good night and good bye thanks for the meal again"

With that we got out of her house and walk towards our way.

Silence was between us and Tomoyo was the one who break the silence by asking "So what can you say about the dinner?"

"Well its fun the food is delicious the food you bring at school was delicious also and it's good to have someone to eat with"

"Well glad you like it" she paused and she slightly hung her head down "By the way sorry for what happened earlier"

I look at her in curiosity and asked "Huh…why?"

She continued to hung her head down and she stated "Well I brought up some memories you wanted to forget"

"Uh…it's okay besides I should be saying sorry to" I then saw her look at me curiously. I then made a small smile and stated "Well I let you wait at the rain right?"

With that a small smile appeared on her face and she stated "Well could we call it quits?"

"Of course"

After that silence fell between us. After a few moments she then spoke again "Uh another thing…sorry for what happen earlier"

I look at her curiously and asked "Huh…what do you mean?"

She frowned at me and stated "Don't deny it your nervous because of his stares"

"So you noticed huh?" I stated as I gave out a light chuckle.

"Well it's been a long time since a brought a friend at home"

"Or you mean it's your first time bringing someone at your house" I stated chuckling.

She still had the frown but it was much lighter than before. She then stated "Yeah well you could say that. I only brought some at our house when it involves projects or assignments"

I gave out another chuckle and said "I guess I'm special then?"

I received a smack at my head in reply. "Don't let that get to your head"

"I'm just kidding" with that she joined me laughing.

After that we reach the intersection and stop.

"Well see you on Monday then?" I asked.

She smiled and stated "Yeah see you Monday"

After that she started walking towards her house. She stops and turns her around. She shouted "By the way wake up much earlier in usual we always run to school because of the time you wake up!"

I frowned at her and shouted "I don't want!" back. It just fall into deaf ears for she already turn around and started running towards her house.

I just let out a sigh and walk towards our house. I then remembered something 'That's right I didn't get to see her brother. I wonder why he isn't at her house'

I just shrugged of the thought since it doesn't really matter and started walking back to the house.


After seeing Tomoya off at the intersection I got to the house quickly. My thoughts drifted to my father's action lately. He isn't acting normal the whole time Tomoya was here.

I let out a sigh and then started thinking again. 'Why is he acting like that' I thought to myself feeling irritated. It has always been like this. Well not exactly about friends and classmates but small things such as this can change his attitude quickly.

This was one of the reasons why the simple fight between him and mom almost broke out into a divorce. It's a good thing Takafumi acted but he sacrificed his time in his life and is in the hospital for a long time. He is quick in judging. It makes me hate him.

I love him yes but his attitude is what I dislike. His reaction to things is too much that his judgments are being affected. It was a good thing that his almost divorce with mom made oka-san have more patience with him.

I let out a sigh again when I entered the door and remove my sandals. I then remembered the events lately. I ask Tomoya to play basketball with me. I was getting slightly irritated for he came late but it was all washed away when I was surprised that he came and then goes scolding at me. I smiled at that time for I should be the one doing the scolding part but he's the one who did it for I was an idiot for waiting. After we play some parts of his life which he didn't wanted to remember was forced back and because of that I felt a twinge of guilt that's why I invited him for dinner to at least make up to it so he would have some company. But it was slightly ruined for my father's action. I inwardly sighed again remembering the dinner. It is obvious that he's being affected by the silence and stares of him it was a good thing that oka-san was there to lighten up the mood.

Well I need to ask my father about his action. I'm sure there would be a reason for it. I need to know so I would be able to correct it for I'm sure he let his quick judgment get the better of him again.

I then walk my way towards the living room since I don't really have many things to do.

As I entered the living room I saw oka-san and oto-san sitting watching television.

After hearing me entering the living room my mother and father turned their gazes at me for a moment. Then mother ask.

"Did Tomoya-kun go home straightly?"

I was snapped out of my thoughts earlier and chuckle in my mind and let a small smile form in my face. "I don't know he tends to be outside his home more" 'He rarely goes home early' I thought to myself. I only know him for a few days and I already knew some of his habits. He isn't a bad guy but not exactly someone to look up to also.

"I see so he is an outgoing person"

I shook my head "Not really he just doesn't want to go to their house"

"Oh…why? Is there some kind of problem?"

"I can't tell I'm not really sure and it's somewhat rude to him"

She smiled and stated "I see well I respect your decision as a friend"

I then look at her and stated "Why do I feel like your interested in knowing him?"

She chuckled and asked "Why? What makes you say that? Surely it's not bad to know your daughter's friend right?"

I blushed out of embarrassment. I stammered stating "W-Well i-it's just you ask t-too much question"

"Well of course it's been a long time since my daughter brought a friend at our house" She then chuckles and continued "Especially since it's a boy"

I blushed furiously and stammer "Oka-san!" I exclaimed. Since we became a more close to each other after the divorcing incident I can sometimes show them some of my attitude that is rarely or not even seen by others. I knew what my mother was implying and I stammered stating "H-He's just a friend!"

'Good thing Takafumi is at his friends house today' I thought to myself knowing that this very incident would be a long term topic.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when my I saw my mother's chuckle stop and a very wide grin crossed her face. This time she burst into laughter and stated "I-I didn't say anything" she then compose herself and continued "Well are you not interested in him? I'm sure after all the few friends I saw you with his the first boy"

"Well I-"

Before I could finish my father who was silent the whole time sighed and spoke.

"You should not be friends with him. I can see that he'll be a bad influence to you" he said in a straight serious voice.

I then process in my mind of what he just said. I then stammered and asked "W-Wait…what?"

"I told you he would be the one leading you to do bad things" right after he said that I look at him for I remembered what I was just thinking earlier.

I then got irritated at said "How can you say that when you just met him?"

"I can tell that he's an easygoing person considering the chat and the way he acts during his stay here"

"He's just like that but it doesn't mean he would be a bad influence"

"Oh then why don't you describe him" he stated looking at me straight in the eyes "Honestly"

I then look for a right word but only few words come into my mind. I then regretted what I stated next for I just blurt it out without thinking "Delinquent"

"See!" he stated in an angry voice "You yourself told that truth"

"Wait! Let me explain first" I stated and paused. Before my father could continue I spoke again "He's a delinquent yes but he's also a good guy who helps other people. Right now I'm helping him fixed his attitude and not having the other way around where he is the one influencing me"

"It doesn't matter" He stated and continued in a much softer voice "I'm just worried about you"

But what he stated doesn't help the irritation that I just got "If you're worried about me then you shouldn't be make little things a big deal like shoving my friends out for just an assumption you had!" I then stood up and get to the stairs. Right now I just needed sometime to think "I'm going to sleep"

I then go up and go straightly to my room.

…downstairs Tomoyo's house…

"That didn't end well" muttered Akane-san to herself. She then averted her gaze to her husband and narrowed her eyes "You didn't have to do that you know"

He then looked back and saw a hint of sadness was in her eyes "It's a must I'm just worried about our daughter"

Akene sighed and stated "Well you're wrong. Out of all the friends she had this was the one you shouldn't really be worried" she stood up and headed for the stairs. She heard her husband say "Why?"

Akane shook her head and stated "You let your quick judgments get the better of you again"

"I can't see the reason why I'm wrong"

Akane sighed and stated "Didn't you forget that our daughter had been in a hospital the last few months?"

"Yes she said that she got involve in a holdup and was almost shot" he then began thinking "Wait…you mean that it was the boy who saved her"


Takumi then retorted back "But that doesn't prove anything"

Akane stopped, look at her husband and narrowed her eyes "Really?" she paused for a while "Then think about it…A stranger looking at a crime scene what would he do?"
Before he can even reply Akane go up to their room not waiting for the reply of Takumi.

Takumi was left in the living room thinking

…The next day…


I woke up from my bed feeling slightly exhausted.

I put a hand at my forehead making sure that I have no fever. After a second I then remove it and good thing it's not hot well maybe its just the effect of the activities yesterday with the combination of feeling cold. Well I was soaking yesterday from the rain and so is Tomoyo.

My thoughts were then drifted to Tomoyo. It has just been a few weeks since we knew each other but for some reason I already feel that we've known each other for so long. Well not literally but I somewhat feel comfortable around her. When I observe her it seems she's the same for when I heard some other students how they describe her she is having a cold demeanor which is not true if you got to know her. Yes she's silent but when you get to have a proper conversation with her attitude is somewhat changing.

After that my thoughts were then brought to the event yesterday. The dinner was fun but I would be lying if I didn't feel slightly uneasy. Her mother was cheerful but not the way like Akio-san and Sanae-san. As for her father I'm not really sure but I somewhat understand his stares for me. I'm not dense enough not to notice that he's doing that. I think it's because Tomoyo brought me with her at her house and I'm a boy and from what I had heard from Akane-san it's been a long time since she brought someone and well I'm a boy. I just hope next time I go there he's stares…wait why am I thinking of going there again it's not like I'm invited or anything. I let out a sigh but didn't deny myself of wanting to go at her place again. It was really enjoyable and the atmosphere was light.

I then stood up from my bed and when I open the curtains I quickly brought my hand up to the front of my eyes to block the sunlight. It seems I slept in much more today for the sun was already up and bright. I then averted my gaze to the clock and saw that the time. It was 10:20AM.

I then get myself ready to go out. I don't want to stay here any longer. I then wonder what I'm going to do today. It was Sunday there's no school and no things to do.

I just readied myself for the day maybe I'll just hang out at Sunohara's place

I was walking down the road and nearing the intersection when I heard someone shouted


I then saw a man at the intersection running towards me. Running after a man was a police and a black haired boy having blue eyes that is somewhat familiar who was on a using a crutch to move. Past the boy was a brown short haired lady having red eyes brown red eyes.

I was snapped out of my observation when the boy shouted "Oi Onii-san stop the man!"

'Great welcome for my Sunday morning' I thought to myself as I let out a sigh. I then step out of the way and I saw the boy widen his eyes. When the man was at a few inches at my front I brought my foot slightly up so it would be on his way. It worked for the man trips and fell face first. He fell with a loud thud which causes me to flinch. Maybe I overdid it a little. I then walk up to the man and pick up the bag which is most likely not his for he's a snatcher.

The boy and the police who was running after the man just stop and sweat dropped at the scene that had happened. I look at them and ask "What?'

"W-Well I thought you're going to run…" said the boy

"That was slightly harsh because the sound it made was loud" the police said. It was proven to be true for the man didn't move. 'Crap did I kill the guy with a concussion' I thought to myself. I let out a sigh of relief when the man move after the police grabs the hair of the man. But I can see his face was really a mess for his nose is bleeding and he has some missing teeth. Well the fall was really hard.

I then stood up and saw the lady walk up to us. Right this time the snatcher was already picked up by the police to be brought to the clinic before the precinct. I then said "Here's you're bag"

The lady smile and said "Thank you"

Right after that the boy then stated "Yeah thanks oni-san"

I just smiled and stated "You're welcome" I then walk pass them and then stated "Well see you later"

Right now I'm walking through the houses towards the dormitory of Sunohara. While walking I was stopped when someone said "You" I then turn around and saw a man with eyeglasses walk up to me and grab my arm suddenly.

"What?" I stated still surprised.

After a few moments of walking we arrived in front of a post and a blue car having a dent at the front. 'Great another incident' I thought to myself knowing what is most likely to happen.

"Look at this dent" The man stated pointing to the blue car which I may rightly guess that was his "A construction tool fell to this spot and cause the dent" He then brought up his hands and pointed at me and asked "Will you be my witness?"

"Witness?" I asked

Right after I said that another voice then came "It's not right to drag unrelated person to this incident" I then averted my gaze to the one who said it. I saw a man wearing a uniform for those who are fixing electronic things. He was wearing a white cap and having a blue grey hair.

I was snapped out of my observation when the one who dragged me spoke "Without a witness you'll just runaway right? Well think again"

"Like I've said it wasn't me and it wasn't my tools fault" the accused stated "And if I had I would I have admitted it honestly"

"How can I trust that?!" exclaimed the man with eye glasses.

I then averted my gaze to the accused man who spoke "If you want me to pay then I will"

The man then pointed a finger at the guy and said "See you even admitted it yourself"

The accused then adjusted his headgear and stated "No, I just wanted you to reflect on this incident because someday you would think…if what the electrician said was the truth or a lie" he then spoke the next lines with a louder voice "At a place where its most restful…" He then narrowed his eyes to the man and continued while giving an aura of dominance "…Next to a person you find most dear"

I just stared at the man in disbelief for he just started blurting out things. Its random for me but I don't think it's the same for him. Right after that the man with eyeglasses looks at me and asked "What's he saying?"

I then averted my gaze back to him and said "I have no idea"

We then both averted our gaze back to the man when he began speaking 'lines' "People's lives are repetitions of inflicting pain to each other. It's understandable not to trust in anyone. But by not having the ability to trust others is the same as not having to sense other people's love" He then narrowed his eyes to the man "Aren't you perhaps feeling lonely? Aren't you perhaps living slavishly? Are you able to be happy with an honest heart?"

The man stuttered and his eyes were looking elsewhere. After a moment of thinking he began to spoke but failed miserably "Uh…haha…I think so…"

"I see" the accused man replied "Then you must be loved" The man with eyeglasses gave a small frown. "Please keep on living so that the love doesn't leave"

'How can he say all those sickly lines without even flinching' I thought to myself. My interest was then piqued by the dent. I approach the dent and leave the two. As I observe the dent I noticed something "Hey"

I gained their attention so I continued "I think this was caused by a cat"

"Cat?" The two reply in unison. The man with eye glasses approach me and he then followed my action and observe the dent in the car. I then move slightly to the left and said "Look at this way in this angle" I paused for a moment and continued "See?"

The man widen his eyes and said "Uh y-you're right" he then frowned and I continued "I think a cat jump and landed here and created this dent" Right after that a big fat black cat came out at the bottom of the car and let out a small "Meow"

We both watch the cat go away and soon followed the man with eyeglasses hanging his head down.

"Thank you. You saved me" The accused man said to me.

"No I just saw it and told my idea"

"I'd like to give you proper thanks" the man then slipped his hand to his breast-pocket at his uniform and came out a card. "Give me a call if you have time" He then handed the card and I look at what's written on it.


…Sunohara's room…

"So what did he say?" Sunohara asked

My chin was rested at his table and I looked at him lazily. I then answered "Like aren't you living alone?" or "Why aren't you smiling?", and other lines and stuffs.

Then Sunohara looks at the card with wide eyes that showed mixed emotions…fear? Shocked? Nah I'm too tired to figure it out. He then said "H-He's the legendary MC…" He then raise his voice and said "He is the Yoshino Yusuke!"

I then straightened myself and asked "Do you know him?"

He looks at me in disbelief and said "Of course. He's a retired musician. He had many popular albums when he was on his career" he then handed the card back and he turn around to get something.

"You sure?"

"He was said to be missing but I didn't knew he would be around here" he began rummaging through his things "I have "The Best of" my little sister made for me" he then showed the tape and asked "Want to hear it?"

Another fact that he just said surprised me so I asked "What? You said you have a sister?"

"Yeah…why? Didn't you know?"

"Sunohara's sister…" I then began imagining things of what she's like. I then made a face at the cat that was with us and right in front of me. "I bet she looks like this!" the cat shrieked.

I was snapped out of my joke when Sunohara began to play the music. I then observe what kind of genre he used to play. I then picked up the card which I put at the table earlier and began thinking about the musician.


"Okzaki!" I think I just daze out. I was snapped out of my thoughts when Sunohara called to me. Did he just say something?

"Ah sorry what is it again?"

"I'm talking about Sakagami Tomoyo"

I frowned at him and asked "What? You got a new plan?"

"Yeah maybe he's really a guy"

"Eh he's positively a girl"

I was about to say my reasons for knowing like her parents but was cut off when he spoke "You can't be sure girls can't be possibly stronger than guys. He may just have a costume on" he then looked at me seriously and said "Tomorrow I'll prove to you that he's a guy"

I then grabbed the cat and pushed out the thoughts of informing him more. Reasons? One he won't believe or he'll be too stubborn to believe. Two I think this would be interesting. I then spoke "This time was the time when Sunohara Youhei took the path of a pervert"

"I can hear you speak you know"


…School lobby…

…Lunch time…

"Tomoya what's the meaning of this?" Tomoyo asked.

I sighed and said "Sorry but I can't sink into his mind that you're stronger than him"

"HEY! THIS IS NOT ABOUT THAT!" Sunohara shouted to me.

"Why can't he just understand? He'll just ended up hurt"

I shook my head and said "He's too stubborn"


"Okay wait for me Tomoya I'll make this quick" she said as I gave a nod. She then averted her gaze to Sunohara and asked "So what is it this time?"

Sunohara's tantrum quickly disappears and then smiled sweetly and said "I didn't really come to fight today. In fact I just wanted to have a little chat" Sunohara then began telling his life story.

"So I came to borrow some razor"

"Why do I have to lend you?"

With that Sunohara began to jump wildly and shouted "Yay! He fell for it!" he then looked at me and asked "You heard it right?"

I got the idea of what he's trying to do which caused me to frown. I then replied "Yeah but…"

"What is this about?" Tomoyo asked

He then smiled back to Tomoyo and pointed a finger before beginning to spoke "You just said 'Why do I have to lend you?' right? In other words you own a razor! Which only mea-" he was cut off when Tomoyo spoke

"I do not own one" she then narrowed her eyes to Sunohara and continued "When I said 'Why' It means 'Why do I have to let you borrow my possessions'" she then took a step forward, frowned and said "Besides"


Tomoyo quickly kicked Sunohara to the gut which sent him flying to the air. She then continued giving him a barrage of kicks and she said "It's rude to ask that thing to a lady!"

After a few seconds of punishment she then used her other foot to send Sunohara a good few meters away. "Well let's go eat"


Right now where walking at the school lobby going towards the roof top to eat lunch.

When we got there, there was no one and the breeze was good. We took a sit at the spot where there is a shade and to my surprise Tomoyo handed me a lunch box.

I looked at her and asked "What's this?"

She looks away and spoke "You said that the food yesterday was good so I decided to give you a bento"

-Little did Tomoya know that there was a slight shade of pink in Tomoyo's face when she said that-

I smiled and said "Well thanks" I then look at the bread and continued "Well I'll just have to save this for later"

We began eating and I can tell that the food was delicious and well made. The way the food was arranged was great and the scent it gives was good. Before I dig in I then said "Ittadakimasu" she followed my example.

I then started to eat and I get the first piece that I saw. It was an omelet. After I got it to my mouth and chewed it a little. I look at her and said "It's good"

She made a small smile and said "Well glad you like my cooking"

That took me by surprise and I said "Wow you really know how to cook if it tastes like this"

She looks down again at her food for some reason and muttered a small 'Thanks'. After that silence fell between us.

I then decided to break the uncomfortable feeling by starting up a conversation.

"So how was you're campaigns going on?"

She look at me and said "Well it's been going well I already got an impression to the student body which is good for it made my name known"

I smirked and said "Heh who wouldn't be popular when you send punks flying like nothing"

She poked me with a chopstick and said "Hey I didn't only have that as an impression. I work hard as a student you know"

"Ow!" I rubbed my forehead and continued "I'm just kidding I know you're a good student I already know it first hand. You're helping me with my studies right?"

She just smiled and continued eating.

I then asked "Well another question"


"It's about Nagisa. Do you have any news about the drama club"

"Sadly there are none"

"I see" I said after I swallowed a chunk of rice.

"Well, why not we see her this afternoon?"

"Good idea-" I was cut off when I felt a pair of hands at my body. I then look who it was doing it and frowned. It was the weird short green haired girl that I saw yesterday.

I then asked "What are you doing?"

She was startled and jump back a good few meters away and lifted her hands defensively. She then spoke "Searching for the knife"

"Knife?" asked Tomoyo.

"Eh?" I said. I then remembered what it's about. I then took out the knife I got from her yesterday and asked "This one?"

"Please give that back"

Tomoyo then look at me and asked "Did you steal that Tomoya?"

I look at her and frowned "Do you think I would steal? I just took it from her because she's injuring herself with it"

She chuckled nervously and said "I see"

I chuckled in my mind on how cute she reacted at that. I then averted my gaze to the girl and asked "Oi how's you're hand?"

"It's alright already" he brought it up and said "See it's already healed"

I then stood up, walks up to her and brought out my hand for a hand shake "Shake"

She complied and flinched in pain "Ugh…"

"It still hurts right?"

She denied but failed miserably "N-No…"

Tomoyo spoke this time "I think your hand still needs a rest"

I then brought my hand up and said "Okay give me a high five"

I sweat dropped when she started her routine "Dribble…Shoot"

She then jumped joyfully and said "It's in!"

I then brought my hand near her and she complied with a high five while we said 'Yay' in unison. Quickly after that she winced in pain again.

"See it still hurts"

She still keeps denying but still ending up failing miserably.

"I still recommend if you rest that hand of yours" Tomoyo said

I then began to think of an idea on what to do. An idea came up in my mind and I said "Well let's do boxing training then"

She then looked at me curiously and I continued "Well you'll be the trainer" I then pointed to myself with one hand and my other balled into fist and said "And I'll be the boxer" I then positioned her hand right in front of her face in a defensive position.

I then took a few steps away and readied a fighting stance. I then said "I'll do this" I punch in air which was a few inches away from her hands"

She was surprised which cause me to chuckle inwardly.

"T-Tomoya what are you doing" Tomoyo asked. I decided not to answer for I have my reasons.

"You say 'One two, one two, one two' okay?" I paused for a moment before continued "Ready?"

She then readied herself while gathering her courage even though fear was shown in her face "Y-Yeah"

"Okay" I said eagerly which caused her to close her eyes.

She then began speaking "ONE TWO ONE TWO ONE TWO" while her eyes our closed. I just smiled and put the knife in one of her hands.

I then asked "Oi how long are you going to do that?"

"On- huh?" she then look at her hand and saw the knife. Right after that the bell rang and I said "Well let's get going if we don't want to be late"

The girl then gets something from her pocket, walks up to me and said "This is for you" she said as she handed the thing she was carving yesterday.

"What's this?" I asked as I look at the start shaped wood carving she gave me. I never got a reply for she already left.

I then averted my gaze to Tomoyo and asked "This is a star right?"


Right now I'm in front of a sleeping Sunohara. I smirked when I thought of a prank to pull.


He didn't stir so I tried again "Sunohara"

He still didn't stir. I shake him and said "Oi Sunohara it's after school already"

This time he opens his eyes and looks at me. I then started my prank when he asked "Classes are over?"

I gave him a blank expression and said "Yeah it's about a hundred years ago"

"Hundred?" he asked and laughed then continued "Then you should be dead"

"Yeah I'm just a hologram" I stated still having the blank expression on my face.

"Seriously?" this time I was inwardly laughing and its taking me almost all my control not to even let out a snicker.

I then spoke "You have been sleeping for a hundred years after receiving a punishment from Tomoyo" I then moved a little and continued "This is now the world a hundred years after"

He then look at me seriously and asked "What? What happened to the world?"

"It ended"

He was shocked and backed away. He then asked "Seriously?!" he then began crying and started praying "Father. Mother. I'm sorry for being an idiot" I was still controlling myself not to burst out into laughter and kicked him.

"Wake up already idiot"

"Eh if you're a hologram how'd you kick me" it was then his face was like received a hit of reality "You're real!"

"No I'm a cyborg" I stated trying to buy myself out.

"Seriously?!" I face palmed in my mind. I can't believe he bought that. He then continued "Then when you said that the world has ended…" He then began praying again for being an idiot. I sighed at his sight of hopelessness and decided to drop the act. I then spoke "I can't believe you bought the act"

"EH!" his face again was hit like a stone and he said "You lied?"

I frowned this time and asked "You actually believe that?"

He then complained and said "HEY! I just woke up I don't have a clear mind yet"

I just ignored him and look out at the school yard. Something brown caught my attention.

Right now we are at the school yard. I then began searching the spot where I saw something brown moving.

"Did you lost something" Sunohara asked.

I then stopped searching when I felt something nuzzling at my foot. I look at the brown creature speaking "Puhi~ Puhi~"

The cute creature then began circling around my feet saying "Puhi~" again and again.

"Wow its way to cute" Sunohara said as he look at the brown creature which looks like a boar or a pig.

I couldn't help but agree with him "Y-Yeah. This one has the charm you can't see at a cat or a dog"

"So what kind of creature is that?"

"I don't know"

Sunohara then smiled and tried to get the creature. When he's about to approach the creature hid behind my feet and said "Puhi~" again and again which is likely saying 'Stay away'. Sunohara wasn't fazed and he picked up the poor creature who began crying in his arms.

"HEY!" we both heard another familiar voice which caused our heads to turn to the direction where it was.

After that a flying thick book came straight and hit the face of Sunohara which caused him to fall and let go of the creature.

It was Kyou. Kyou then run up and does a roundhouse kick at the face of Sunohara which sent him flying a good few meters.

Curiosity came up to my mind again so I approach Sunohara and asked "Oi Sunohara, which kick is stronger Kyou's or Tomoyo?"

He then complained "That's not what you should be asking!" he then started to straighten himself and said "I think I saw something blue"

-Little did the two know Kyou blushed for her somewhat new what it is-

Kyou was quickly at the front of Sunohara and she said "Erase what that memory of yours" She then kick Sunohara hard that sent him flying much further.

The brown creature then jumped into Kyou's arms. She sighed and narrowed her eyes to Sunohara "Geez what do you think you're doing to my baby"

I approach her and asked "Is that yours?"

She then averted her gaze at me and smiled "Yeah, an urinko"

'I see so the creature was an urinko' I thought to myself. She then continued "It's a baby boar. Some people call them uribou too"

"Puhi~?" the urinko asked as it looks at Kyou.

"Did it come to get you?" I asked.

"Well I think so. Her name is Botan"

"I see"

She smiled at her pet and said "It's a really pretty name isn't it?"

"Yeah sounds delectable"

She smiled at me which gives some chill down to my spine and asked "Did you said something"

I just continued to smile and said "Nope I think you heard the wind"

Right now I'm with Tomoyo and Nagisa and we are at an old library right now.

"Practice for the open house?"

"Yeah I think you need some practice facing people right Tomoyo?"

"Yeah while I already know how to handle it I can give you some information but its better if you get some from tips from textbooks"

We were snap out of our conversation when we heard someone "Welcome"

We averted our gaze to the speaker and saw a girl probably the same year as us if not higher.

It was a girl with blue eyes and light brown hair.

"Is there something I can help you with? Or would you like me to serve you anything?" the girl asked. It seems she's the librarian if she's asking those kinds of things.

I then spoke "Well I'll have coffee" well she said she'll serve us.

I got some complaints from the two girls with me but in the end we all were seated at the table drinking coffee which was served by the girl.

The girl introduced herself and we discovered that her name was Miyazawa Yukine. I felt something movement from Tomoyo but when I look at her it seems nothing had happened.

We all then introduced ourselves.

Right after we drink she gave us the books we needed and have a little chat with her. I think I could get use to this place. It's quiet and there was a free coffee.

After the event at the old library we then go visit the drama club room to help Nagisa a bit. We practiced her speech and I can tell that she is bad about it. Well at least she tried to answer.

After a few practice we then got home. When we got the hallway we look at the flier we posted the last time.

Before we could ask each other Miyazawa came up to us and said "If it's the flier you are finding. I saw a student council member remove it"

"Why?" I asked.

"Well I think you didn't get the permission"

I then look at Tomoyo and asked "Do you know anything about this?"

She shook her head and said "No even though I'm running I'm not part of the council yet"

Right after that there was an announcement "Furukawa Nagisa 3-B please report to the student council room now"

I look at her worriedly since I think she's in trouble

"Furukawa…" me and Tomoyo muttered at the same time.


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