It was another late night in the UCOS office, as usually Sandra was there and strangely enough so was Gerry. He never usually stayed longer than necessary but for some reason tonight was an exception. Jack had shot of hours ago claiming he didn't feel so good and Brian always had to be home on time for tea. So it was just Gerry and Sandra there alone. She was sat in her own private office finishing off paper work from the case they had just completed and well she had no idea what Gerry was doing. She tried to sneak a peak out of her window, but she couldn't even see him. So being as curious as she was, she decided to walk out into the main office to try find out what he was up to.

'Busted.' She told him as she caught him at his secret stash of booze in the office.

'Okay, you've caught me. Want a glass?'

'Why not.' Sandra replied.

Not long later both were slightly tipsy but were still both fine, this is when he chose his moment. Both of them were sitting on the sofa in the main office, both of them were having a lot of fun laughing and giggling. Until Gerry put his arm around her and pulled her closer and kissed her. She kissed back. They pulled away at the same time and spent a couple of seconds studying each others face.

'I think you better leave.' Sandra told him.

'But I'd rather stay here, plus I'm over the legal driving limit.' Gerry argued.

'Call a taxi then.' Sandra told him bitterly. He really didn't want to leave but she didn't look like she was in the mood to argue.

'Sandra, why are you doing this?'

'For god sake! You're not stupid Gerry. You just kissed me.'

'Sandra. No I'm not stupid so don't tell me you didn't feel what I felt.'

'How the hell am I supposed to know what you felt?' she screamed at him.

'Do not tell me you didn't feel the electricity when I kissed you, the spark.'

'No I didn't.'

'Liar. I saw it in your eyes. You felt the same as me.'

'Shut the hell up and get lost Gerry. I'll see you tomorrow.' He didn't give up though.

'Okay, kiss me again. If you don't feel anything this time. I promise to forget all about it.'

'No Gerry.'

'Why are you scared you will feel the same as me and you won't be able to control yourself.'

'You wish Gerry.' But Sandra didn't like being called a coward and she didn't like feeling like one. So she kissed him, better than before.

'There you go. Nothing, now can you go home?'

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