Gerry did as he promised he would and left the office leaving Sandra there on her own with a bottle of wine. Unusually though she didn't drink anymore of it, she'd decided she'd already made some stupid decisions because of alcohol; more could just lead to it getting worse. It was nearly 11 o'clock when she decided finally to ring for a taxi; she sat in the office waiting, thinking things over. Nothing made sense to her anymore. Why did she kiss him back? Why did she feel a spark? Why did she lie about it? Mostly though why did she kick him out of the office? She was just confusing herself more the more she thought about it. She needed air.

Sandra walked out into the cold night and got into her taxi, which had just arrived. She told the driver where she wanted to go and sat back and tried to think of something that was completely unrelated to Gerry, but she couldn't do it. He was a huge part of her life, maybe this was why the spark scared her, if things went badly wrong she knew she would be even more lost and empty without him. The taxi slowly came to a close outside Gerry's house.

'What the hell.' She thought to herself, she'd subconsciously told the driver Gerry's address rather than her own. It was a bit late to be knocking on someone's door, but after that nights evens she knew he wouldn't be sleeping. It was probably best she sorted this out sooner rather than later. This was when she found herself knocking on the door.

'Sandra what the he..' She cut him off by kissing him like she meant it. He pulled her inside and pushed her up against the wall. He had his hands running through her hair and trying to pull her closer. While she was trying to unbutton his shirt. Suddenly he pulled back.

'Sure this is what ya want Sandra?'

'I think so.' She pushed her lips back on to his and they kissed for longer and better than before. Slowly she drew back and took hold of his hand, both Sandra's coat and bag and Gerry's shirt lay on the floor by the door but neither cared. Slowly Gerry led her up the stairs and into his room.

An hour later Sandra lay in his bed wrapped up in his arms listening to him breathing while he slept.

A couple of hours later she still found herself awake, she just couldn't sleep, thoughts were keeping awake mostly they were telling her she'd done the right thing. The ones stopping her from sleeping though were the ones that told her she'd just mucked everything up and she'd lost her best friend. Slowly she unwrapped Gerry's arms from around her naked body and found one of Gerry's shirts to wear. She walked down the stairs slowly in an attempt not to make any noise and wake Gerry up. When at the bottom of that stairs she had no idea what to do, she could leave but then that really would muck up her friendship, plus she wasn't dressed appropriately and she rather enjoyed being there. She couldn't turn the TV on for fear of waking Gerry up, instead she chose to go through to the kitchen and get herself a glass of water.

'What ya doing love?' Came the voice of a tired Gerry.

'Getting myself a glass of water.' Sandra retorted thinking it was blatantly obvious what she was doing also she was annoyed that all her efforts not to wake Gerry seem to have been in vain as he was awake.

'Why aren't you in bed asleep?'

'I just couldn't sleep. I feel like I've mucked everything up.'

'You haven't Sandra, things are better than ever.' Then he noticed what she was wearing 'loving the look Sandra.' He added cheekily. She felt a little better.

'Come back to bed Sandra and I'll stay awake with you until you're asleep.' It was the sweetest thing she'd ever heard so she nodded.

While she lay in bed she thought to herself 'How can I have thought I'd mucked things up, Gerry's right they're even better than ever.

The End

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