He Caught Her Eye

He caught her eye and she couldn't take it back from him.

Every day in class, Tohru would look to her right, and there he would be. It was like Christmas all the time. She couldn't take her eyes off of him. Most of the time, he'd be looking at the door, or doodling, or just leaning back and scowling a bit.

He had appeared in class one day and never spoke up. The teacher addressed him as "Sohma", and she treasured that last name. Tohru was not the kind of girl who would scribble certain names, like "Mrs. Tohru Sohma" on her notebooks. She was as innocent and carefree as a dove, never concentrating on the future or what could be. She loved and lived for the present, but her love was forever.

Of course, the poor infatuated thing drove her friends crazy with talk of him.

After a couple of weeks, Arisa told her his name. She sat behind him, and could see it on his papers. "His given name is Kyo," she'd said with not half a thought.

Tohru gave it all of her thoughts. She sacrificed them there, on the altar of Kyo Sohma.

"Kyo," she'd say sometimes, at home, when she thought nobody was listening. Trying on the sound, and it was beautiful.

The first time he spoke to her should not have felt important. She just dropped her pencil, and as fate would have it, it rolled over to his feet. He leaned down and snatched it up deftly. It was rather like what had happened to her heart.

"Here," he said gruffly, holding it out to her.

Tohru thanked him profusely, hearing her voice quiver. She couldn't help it.

"It's not a big deal."

He was obviously embarrassed. Kyo was obviously embarrassed. But he had spoken to her, and she knew his name!

There are those that highlight love's pain within her arduous sentiment, but this pain is made possible by the sheer euphoria of the thing. She was positive that his eyes were warming her more than the sun ever could, and that his touch could kill her quicker than an army's worth of guns. Tohru was not philosophical, but she reflected, nay, ruminated on everything to do with him.

Slowly, but surely, his eyes would soften. His lips would part to speak her name, her given name, without any distancing honorifics. His arms would open, only to enclose her.

Yet that day had not yet come. For today, he simply looked past her, mistaking her love-gaze. To sum this all up in a word, Tohru Honda was smitten.

End Notes: Just a little ditty that refused to leave my mind, except by way of my typing fingers.