Chapter 17: Returning Threat

Blu and Jewel arrived at their hollow in the sanctuary. Both of them were quite tired from their make-out session back in the forest. Jewel's cheeks were still slightly red and Blu had a dreamy expression on his face. The sun had set, and it was time for dinner.

"So, uh... I'll go get dinner..." Blu said, still groggy from all the kissing he had done.

"Go ahead, I'll wait for you," Jewel replied while giggling.

Blu flew out and returned shortly with a mango in each of his talons. "Here, you can have the sweeter one." He passed Jewel the mango on his left talon.

Jewel smiled warmly and thanked Blu.

The two macaws ate their dinner in silence, neither of them really felt like speaking to each other after what had happened that day.

Jewel was worried that Blu would run away again if she brought up the topic of children and mating. Blu, on the other hand, was just scared that Jewel might be mad at him for running away.

After finishing dinner, Jewel decided to speak up.

"So, Blu... what were you doing while you were running away from me?" she asked.

"Well, I went to Linda's hotel room first, but she eventually kicked me out. So I went and joined Paul in his little party crashing 'adventure'."

Jewel smiled. "And what exactly did you and Paul do?"

"We mostly threw fruits at marmosets and stuff like that. Well, Paul did most of the throwing, I tried a few times but only managed to give away our position," he said, recalling the series of events that had taken place.

"Well, you see... I was flying around looking for you... and I think I heard singing." Jewel narrowed her eyes playfully. "And I think I heard you singing."

Blu's blood rose up to his cheeks. "Oh... you heard that, huh..."

Jewel giggled. "Don't worry, you actually sounded kinda sexy," she teased and nudged Blu gently on his wing.

Blu chuckled and pulled Jewel closer to him. "I love you," he whispered.

Jewel rubbed her head against her chest. "I love you too."

They pulled each other into a deep, passionate kiss. Jewel fell onto her back, and Blu was on top of her for the first time.

When they broke for air, Jewel had completely forgotten about the previous night. She wasn't even bothered that she wouldn't be mating with Blu any time soon, either. Blu was just glad that things were back to normal and Jewel still loved him.

"You know, Blu, it's fine if you don't want to mate yet, just take as much time as you want. And if you ever feel like it..." Jewel ended her sentence by running a wing-tip seductively down Blu's chest.

Blu sighed and smiled. "Thanks for understanding."

"It's alright, I shouldn't have tried to force you, and I'm sorry," Jewel said as Blu rolled over and lay down next to her.

"Good night." Blu wrapped his wings around Jewel and cuddled with her for warmth.

"Good night, baby Blu."


Paul was sitting alone in his hollow, chewing on a peach.

"So, how'd it go?"

Paul already knew who the voice belonged to.

"How the heck am I supposed to know, I wasn't there, didn't you see?" he replied unpleasantly.

Alex was leaning on Paul's tree while standing on a branch that was next to the entrance to his hollow. "That was some pretty good singing you did back there." he chuckled.

"It better be good," Paul snapped back.

Alex smiled. "I'm glad those two are back together."

A short silence passed between the two most feared birds of the jungle.

"So, when do you think he's coming back?" Alex asked as if Paul knew exactly what he was talking about.

"Him? That ugly white mess of a cockatoo? I thought he was dead?" Paul replied, sounding annoyed that he wasn't aware of something.

"You're the one who screws around with the marmosets, I thought you'd know better." Alex pulled out a picture of Nigel with no feathers, covering himself with a tiny leaf. He grinned a little as he took a look at it. "I found this pinned onto one of the trees near King Mauro's place." he tossed the photo into the hollow.

Paul picked it up. "Mauro's not a king, he's a peasant. Wait, he's lower than that, he's a piece of poop from my butt. Anyway, so what if he's alive?"

Alex snorted. "You don't know how he ended up like that, do you?"


"Blu did that to him," Alex stated.

Paul snickered. "Reaaaally? So what?"

"Probably means he'll be taking revenge, right?"

"Dude, he's always taking revenge. Something about being ugly and being replaced or something." Paul rolled his eyes.

Alex shook his head in amusement. "Anyway, my point is that Blu will be in danger soon, and we've got to help him."

"Right. Whatever. Now get out of my house. Or my tree. I'm going to sleep." Paul shooed Alex away.

"Adeus, amigo." With that, Alex vanished from Paul's tree in the blink of an eye.

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